Best Birthday Presents for a 5 Year Old

Every so often, I find myself 2 days away from a family member’s birthday with no gifts, nothing planned, and a mild episode of anxiety taking shape. And let’s face it, the more family one has, the worse these moments get and the frequency of them increases!

I found myself in this exact situation last week when Jett was turning 5 years old!

While it’s tempting to give everyone — mom, grandpa, even your S.O. — the same item (i.e. a practical and easy gourmet sausage basket), something tells me that going with something that aligns better with their interests will be worth so many more brownie points. Especially for a 5-year old. Give an epic gift at this age and be forever remembered as the greatest mom/aunt/uncle/grandparents/sibling in the world!

So I came to you, my trusty IG friends, and crowd-sourced the best birthday gifts for 5-year olds and put them all down below so you can be the rockstar parent I know you’re meant to be!


What you suggested and what I ended up picking for Jett were so different but seriously guys, you had the best ideas! I just know my boy and when he asks for little cheap gifts like a shark’s tooth and Pokemon cards, I’m just thankful I’m making it through another birthday without having to take out a second mortgage on my home!

My Top 5 Recommended Gifts

  • a shark’s tooth necklace – holy cow, this guy would not take this thing off and it was almost the size of his palm!
  • This kid has been into Pokemon cards for as long as I can remember! So we grabbed him some more cards this birthday and he’s been trading them with all of his friends.
  • You guys saw his bug catcher…the only thing holding that together was duct tape and bubblegum. So we replaced it!
  • We grabbed this shark’s head and let Jett dig up his own shark’s tooth!
  • The dino eggs are bound to keep him busy for hours. It combines two things he loves: digging & treasure!

Your Top 5 Recommended Gifts

  • BEYBLADES were by far the most suggested gift!
  • 2nd on this list is LEGOS – this creator set is a great place to start.
  • AIRFORT is about the coolest thing I’ve seen!
  • I know Jett would go to town in this RAZOR CRAZY CART.
  • STOMP ROCKETS are a blast and this one goes up 400 ft.

At the end of the day, I’m so glad we went low-key. He loved it as well and it just proves to me, once again, that kids are totally fine with simple birthdays and other gifting holidays. Don’t kill yourself trying to throw the craziest themed birthday bash or decorate absolutely insane! Just enjoy the moment.

The truth? Kids are simple.

Here are the rest of the super helpful suggestions you lot submitted:

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