Birthday Ideas: 7-10 year olds

I got SO many requests to put this blog post together – Jett is the kinda guy to tell me flat out what he wants for his birthday and I’m so grateful for that.. well, this year, he requested a surprise.. which is my worst nightmare! 😂😂 He is loving everything we grabbed, though!!

  1. Hover Soccer Balls – don’t worry.. they have a padded edge so they don’t do any damage!!
  2. Speks Fidget Toy – this is a bunch of magnets you can arrange in so many shapes.. it keeps him busy for so long..
  3. Locked Bank – not sure if we will give him the combo or not.. but a fun little way to start learning to save 🙂
  4. Aqua Dragons – I mean, these are sea monkeys of today’s kids.. my boys are both loving it!
  5. The Ultimate Fidget – this is the one I had in the car the other day.. we got him one for Christmas and he LOVES it so we got it in another color way!
  6. Fairy Lights – 33 ft and change colors! Jett has just plain white ones now, so these will be so fun.
  7. Gamer Headset – he wanted one to play with Dash!
  8. Minute to win it (kids) – this is a minute to win it style game with so many challenges.. Jett loves games like this!
  9. Shock-tato – this is HILARIOUS.. haha. The boys play this non-stop.. it’s like hot potato.. but it gives ya a little jolt.
  10. Chain – he’s been asking for this!
  11. Tumble Mat – we repurposed one that we had in storage and I’m sooo glad that we did.. He’s thrilled about this and uses it sooo much.
  12. Stacking Cups – We didn’t buy him a new set, but this is something the boys have both used every single day since Christmas last year.
  13. Table Topics Game – This wasn’t something he was initially excited about, but now that we are using it daily he loves it.. it gets us all chatting before or after dinner about whatever the card asks! It’s a fun way to learn about each other to be honest!
  14. Bike Lights – this was more for my sanity over his safety.. but he thinks they’re awesome.
  15. It’s in the bag game – again, Jett’s my little board game lover!!
  16. Pillow Case – not exciting, but he wanted a good pillow case.. hah!

Here’s the things we grabbed for Jett, so far – he’s obsessed with it all!! He’s the youngest, so naturally I feel like he likes stuff a little bit above his age… I asked you guys what your 7-10 year olds were currently loving and here are top responses!

  1. Balance Board – I was kind of surprised to see this on the list, but lots of you said you had it in your basement and they love to be on it watching a movie! I love the idea of still being active during screen time.
  2. Nano Bugs – I should have thought of these!! Jett loves stuff like this.
  3. Crazy Cart – this was mentioned soooo many times!
  4. Laser Tag – I mean, buy at your own risk.. I don’t know if I would fully trust my guys with this inside haha
  5. Gel Blasters – We’ve had these since the beginning of summer and they’re so fun!
  6. 3D Printer – lots of recommendations for this one in specific. I’ve been trying to decide on one potentially for Christmas for the boys so this was helpful!
  7. Zip Chip – I’m a little confused by this one, it looks like a mini frisbee?!?
  8. Science Kit – this comes with 100 different projects.. I’ll probably grab this for Christmas. Such a good idea for snowy, cold day activities.
  9. Pop Darts – my boys have these and love them!
  10. Ant Farm – we’ve done these a few times as well!
  11. Ninja Warrior Set Up – if you had room inside, this would convert your basement into the ultimate play space for this winter.. haha. If not, set it up outside. I bet my boys would spend hours on something like this!
  12. Nano Bug Track – if you don’t have the track already, it keeps those little guys contained!
  13. Hoverboard – I would agree, my boys love these.
  14. Drone Home – a game! I will be checking this one out for holidays!!
  15. Spin Balls – another one I need to look into for Jett and Dash
  16. Heelys – these are the exact ones I got the boys not long ago, they love them.. and I love that they’re not obnoxious looking.
  17. Rip Stick – another one that was mentioned a ton.. I bet the boys would like something like this for the driveway.
  18. Seat for Hoverboard – I need to grab one of these…
  19. Rocket Launcher – these are so fun! My boys have them.
  20. Snap Circuits – again, these came highly recommended. I have never heard of them!! They look super interesting though. I need to look more into these, too!
  21. Surf Swing – I guess this is what’s next after they outgrow the love for normal, safe swings… 😂