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Hair update: I’m now a ronde…or a bled.

Is either of those a thing?

I’ve officially ditched my full-on blonde and added drops of copper back into my hair. Not only are my fried ends thanking me, but the amount of products I use to keep them happy has decreased! But it’s almost spring and I’m trying out some new products and retraining my hair to behave.

If you’re like me, then you know the work that goes into figuring out how to style and care for your new cut and color!



Most of you know that I usually go 7-8 days in between washes but with the damage from my last few lightening rounds, I’ve had to up that to every 3-5 days. I kind of rely on that time in between washes and wanted to get back to that. And I don’t know about you, but switching products can be daunting! But I think I’ve found some winners:

Drying and styling my hair out of the gate is where I set a really good foundation for my hair to go the distance in between washes! Whether I’m wearing it curly or straight, I start with the product. With the breakage my hair has had over the past few months, getting as much moisture in from the start is my mission.

I was recently introduced to the entire DevaCurl line of products and if you are a girl with curly hair, you need this in your life! I’ve been using this mousse to keep moisture locked in, keep humidity at bay, and help build volume. Both Emery and I have been using it and instead of getting 1-2 days out of my curls, I am getting 3-4 out of them when I do a spray spritz refresher in the morning! We also really love the super coconut cream styler as well! Smells like coconut and totally locks moisture in and is perfect for curly or super curly hair!


• • •


The other thing that has helped with damage has been my hair dryer. Since cutting heat is only an option if I’m wearing my hair curly, I needed a good hair dryer. And this hair dryer is by far my favorite ever.

I use it for both defusing both Emery’s and my curls, and to give myself a quick blowout before I apply heat.

And don’t worry, I haven’t given up my favorite flat iron but I have switched up my tools so I’m not doing the same thing every day. I have also started using the curling iron from my favorite line of hair tools!


Getting my hair past those first 3 days is something I had to retrain my hair to do. Around the 3-4 day mark, I’ve started using this volume builder that helps restore body! It separates and lifts my curls so they last a few more days.

And I always touch up my curls with my Babyliss!

So if you’re refreshing your look this spring, check out some of these products – I promise it’s worth the shopping trip and the effort! Your hair will thank you!

If there’s something you’re using that you’re currently loving, tell me below!

Xx Tara

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