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Let me start this by saying that these bags are perfect for everyone – and I mean EVERYONE! I don’t care if you’re a mom, single with no kids, girl-on-the-go, or career woman. This bag may have been designed as a diaper bag but it’s hands down one of the best-designed bags I’ve come across just for life!

You know I love my large totes and what I love about this newly redesigned bag is that I feel like they took so many things into consideration and made some fantastic updates to an already amazing carry-all!

Here are just of a few of the reasons why I’m crushing hard on this update:

  • Grab handle which is hands-down the best new feature – grab this off the counter or floor as you’re running out the door!
  • The backpack straps are detachable and can easily be stored in any one of the 12 pockets!
  • Laptop back pocket – I work more and more on the go every single day and this feature, along with the fact that it’s protected when resting against my back is such a plus!
  • This can be worn as a backpack or cross-body/messenger bag. I’m loving the versatility.
  • A smaller back zipper pocket that can easily hold your phone or car keys – or any item really that you need in a safe place but can also easily remember (hello, mom-brain!)
  • A pocket that can hold my hulking 24oz water bottle – yep, I’m stuffing my Hydroflask right in there.

See? It’s easy to see why this bag is a good fit for even the busiest person and I’m giving you an EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNT of 15% OFF NOW THROUGH OCTOBER 13th!


As a busy mom, I am constantly lugging crap everywhere! You’ve seen me with 2-3 bags on my arm and it’s not uncommon for me to do this multiple times a day. With the option to wear this bag over one shoulder, cross-body, or as a backpack, I feel like it’s adjustable enough to accommodate how full my arms are and the changing style also fits my activity!

The backpack straps are easily removed and can be tucked into this back pocket and the crossbody strap can be removed altogether! You can also see the back zipper pocket here that is perfect for anything you need to tuck away!


The other thing I’m loving about this bag is the easy-to-clean inside! The inside can be pulled out for easy cleaning and just like the outside, the inside is made of fully wipeable faux leather.

With all the of the interior pockets, things stay so organized! I usually carry 3-4 zippered pouches like these in my purses and totes but with this purse I don’t need to cart all of those around!


There’s a total of 12 pockets: 6 outside, 6 inside including a zipper pocket. There is also a keychain hook on the inside so you don’t have to spend hours looking for your keys or you can hang your Airpods using this brand new silicon case I’m absolutely LOVING!


And it’s not just this bag that is great! They’ve got minis, fanny packs, totes, and this bag in 7 different colors and I’ve got an EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNT just for you! Use the code ‘TARA15′ in the next 3 weeks and get  15% off your entire order! Head over to FAWN DESIGN to check out all their new styles and to snap some of these gorgeous bags up and give them a nice home!


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