Gift Guide: Mother’s Day Picks

The weather is warming up, the Tulip Festival at Thanksgiving Point is in full swing, and the days are getting longer, which can only mean one thing: Mother’s Day is right around the corner.

If you haven’t highlighted, circled, and set yourself a calendar reminder for Sunday, May 12, I recommend doing that right now because it’s pretty much already here!


I know that shopping for Mom may not always be the easiest thing (I’ve been told it’s the MOST difficult!), but I’m here to help no matter what type of mother you may have in your life.


If she’s more jeans are dressy than black tie, I’ve got you covered.

Maybe she’s more garden roses than gardenias – One of my favorite perfumes might be the perfect pick!



More athlete than a lady who lunches? Problem solved. I’ve rounded up my favorite leggings (they’re back IN STOCK) that will give her Lulu’s a run for their money, the tumbler that every mom needs, my favorite budget and fashion-friendly Adidas, and more. These are the best gift ideas that are guaranteed to make this Mother’s Day her most memorable one yet!

And as a side note: If you don’t have the type of husband/partner/son/daughter – WHATEVER – that celebrates you on Mother’s Day, it’s time to treat yourself. I fully support this type of shopping and to be honest, I think it takes the pressure off of others! So sit back, grab a diet coke (or your beverage of choice) and start shopping.

Once it gets delivered:

  • wrap your gift
  • write yourself the sappiest note ever
  • block out 2-3 hours of “me” time
  • and let your family cook you dinner!

You’ll thank me on Mother’s Day!

Mother's Day Gift Guide
Leather Transport Tote
For on-the-go moms, the Transport Tote can hold all your daytime essentials, including a laptop and travel makeup bag. It's made from 100-percent Italian leather and comes in a bunch of different colors and two styles, which means it will become a classic wardrobe staple in no time. I carry mine with me most days!
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Succulent Trio
Lula's Garden
Giving flowers, while sweet and thoughtful, has been overdone. If you're looking for a new botanical way to impress your mom, or just want a plant that you are going to have to try really hard to kill, you need these succulents! The beauty of this succulent trio is that it comes in an adorable gift box to mark the occasion, and they'll last much longer than any bouquet! Plus they can be planted and kept as a chic home decor piece!
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Cloud Cotton Robe
I've finally admitted to myself that it's time to pack away my fuzzy moo-moo, because, with warmer days ahead, it's a good time to swap out bulky bathrobes for lighter ones. Though don't fret, the fuzzy one is linked down below and I am still fully obsessed with it. This 100-percent Turkish cotton one from Parachute comes in white, blush, and gray. It's light, gorgeous, and gets better with every wash!
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Makeup Organizer
Sonia Kashuk
Give Mama (yourself) an adorable new way to store your favorite beauty products. You can easily take this pouch to the beach or gym without losing lipsticks in the bottom of your purse. I have this in a few different prints and love the weave wrapped along the outside!
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Leopard Blanket
Barefoot Dreams
Have you ever wondered what it feels like in the womb? Wonder no more because I'm pretty sure being wrapped up in this blanket nearly replicates the feeling. Just ultimate warmth and snuggliness. This is my all time favorite blanket! It's huge, so soft, and just cozy! I love the leopard print, because, well it's leopard print, but if that's not your style there are plenty of options!
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Moonlight Pajamas
Raise your hand if you still wear your high school cheer shirt and hole-y flannel pajama pants you got for Christmas in '97 to bed every night. Listen, there's no shame in that game, but I'm telling you what, once you go soft, quality, pajama set, you don't go back! And while this is no black lacy chonies + pasties set, it's still a heckuva lot sexier than the alternative. These really last forever and are so dang comfy. You (or your mom) deserve better!
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Hydro FlasK
It's getting hot in hurrrrr. Or, rather, staying hot in here. We already know my deep love for Hydroflasks, but this one just takes it to the next level. Keeps hot drinks hot (duh) and as you can always see it within an arms reach of me, just know it is keeping my precious pebble ice water nice and pebbly all day long. Pair it with a straw lid (keep your eyes peeled for that post!) and you will be a very hydrated mama!
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Phone Case
Loopy Cases
Remember in high school when you would be like, "I totally liked that band before they were cool." That's basically how I feel about my love affair with Loopy Cases. I've been singing the Loopy's praises FOREVER - no more dropping my phone on my face while I casually scroll the 'gram. Any busy mom on the go needs this case! Use code TARA10 for 10% off one case or code TARA15 for 15% off two or more cases
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Modern Housedress
Nesting Olive
You may see me in these more than actual clothes - they are THAT GOOD! So comfy, wash up like a dream, perfect for a breastfeeding mama, and what I wear around the house all the time! You can use code 'Tara' for 10% off your purchase and FREE SHIPPING!
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Back and Neck Massager
I tend to carry all my stress in my neck and shoulders (like most moms!), leading to some painful knots and tight muscles. This massager totally works them out and feels so dang good while doing so! There are 3 different speeds, heat to warm up muscles, and kneads exactly where you need it to. Basically, a knight in shining armor for neck and back pain! You (and your mom) deserve this!
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Stacking Necklace Clasp
If you or your mom love layering necklaces, I can bet that you hate when your necklaces tangle! The Necklet is the most amazing invention since waterproof mascara and will keep your necklaces stacked, in place, and tangle-free! Use code "THUE10" for 10% off your order!
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Jewelry Organizer
Speaking of jewelry, this Jewelry Organizer is an accessory aficionado's DREAM! Equipped with necklace loops, a ring bar, earring holes, and about a million other handy compartments and slots, this pouch makes taking jewelry on the go stress-free and so easy! No matter how much my suitcase gets smashed, thrown or tossed about, all my accessories stay perfectly intact.
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Dakota Water Resistant Slipper
A slipper you can wear out of the house without embarrassing your kids... so, basically the ultimate staple piece for your mom wardrobe! These bad boys are so soft and warm! The bottom has some grip to make it sturdy enough to wear outside and the inside pretty much feels like your feet are wrapped in your favorite wool blanket. I think I might love these a little too much.
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Purse Organizer
This purse organizer is good enough to give Marie Kondo butterflies. Before I took the plunge and ordered this pretty thing, my purse was basically a black pit of despair. Mamas, I know you can relate! With a pocket for everything you need (and everything you don't!), this organizer can transform even the messiest of bags!
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Phone/Computer Battery
I mean, I guess you COULD live life on the edge and not buy a quick charge external battery for your COMPUTER, but that feels an awful lot like slashing your own tires - complete self-sabotage. I can't even tell you the number of times this thing has saved my booty for my phone and now I get to use it on my computer AND my phone. I swear my phone only dies when 1. I'm completely lost and need directions 2. I have a super important call to make. Never get caught with a dead phone or computer again! Quick to charge, and small enough to keep in your backpack.
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Glowy Lip Balm
There's nothing grosser than having to shove your finger inside something ooey, gooey, and slimy. Gahhh it just sounds so bad! Everybody's favorite lip gloss just got an upgrade! No more having to stick your finger in the tube and getting it all slimy! Easy application for the best gloss. I've tried every one of these and loved 'em all except the yellow! This is the perfect lip balm for the mom on the go!
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Beaded Layer Necklace
There are two things in life that are best when layered: cakes and jewelry. This is one of my favorite layering pieces that adds a bit of color! It pairs perfectly with longer or shorter necklaces... or both! The gems make it a little fun and the gold color is so good. Perfect for all mothers!
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14K Gold Plated "Hearts & Arrows" Diamond Ear Crawlers
Diamonds may be a girl's best friend, but cubic zirconia is a wallet's best friend! These are one of my favorite pairs of earrings that I get quite a few questions about. They're ear crawlers so they go up the ear lobe for a modern look! I love 'em, they dress up jeans and a tee or can be paired with a dress and heels for a more fancy shmancy occasion! Sneak these into your Mother's Day Wish list!
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prickly pear cactus
If you or your mom are not really into flowers because they have a short life span, it might be worth looking into getting a plant for Mother's Day! This Prickly Pear from Bloomscape is low-maintenance and practically indestructible, and it arrives at your doorstep pre-potted and living-room-ready, so all you have to do is unpack it and find a perfect spot for it. I love live plants indoors!
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Stackable Ring
AU Rate
These gorgeous 14K gold rings are so delicate and feminine. They're perfect for adding a subtle accent to your current stack or to wear alone. Sized to fit any finger both low down and above the knuckle, you can play it as minimal or maximal as you like.
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Oh Kindle.. how I love thee. Choose from the 8GB or the 32GB. Either one will hold THOUSANDS of books. I am holding the Oasis but I think the Paperwhite is just as good. Both are totally waterproof, sync with Audible so you can switch from listening to reading, glare free so you can read it in the sun and small enough you can take it with you wherever you go.
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Hooded Zip Robe
We both know the Real MVP in the above picture was my robe. THIS IS WHAT YOUR MOM'S DREAMS ARE MADE OF! Zippered so you don't have to fuss with the ties, long sleeves, the cushiest material and it has a hood. If wearing this is wrong, I don't want to be right. This is sure to put you in the running for favorite daughter.
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