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Who knew a sweatshirt I bought last year for Jett during Halloween would be one of his most asked for pieces of clothing? And the kid wears it everywhere! It’s covered in bats, pumpkins, bats, ghosts…and it is one of his most darling sweatshirts!

And let’s face it, not every kid is a costume kid. It’s all fine and roses until they actually have to wear the costume you spent big bucks on. Then they won’t want to dress up and instead want to walk around in sweats getting candy.

At the end of the day, who cares if your kid wears a costume! Here are my picks for partaking in the Halloween spirit without getting all dressed up!

Newborn to 5 Years Old

What I love about these options is that most of them could double as a costume. No need to change for bedtime either because they’re also sweats or pajamas. The majority of these do double duty! And that’s exactly what you want when out and about with small children!

• • •

2-10 Years

Some of these sweatsuits here are so darling and I love the dress options they have as well. If your kid is a leggings and t-shirt wearer, there are a ton of options that really could be worn multiple times. I think that’s the thing I love most about clothing over costumes – they can be worn so much more than a costume! Like this mummy sweatsuit and this cat dress!

10 Years – 14+

Now we’re getting into the ages where they’re almost too cool to wear a costume and even themed clothing is a stretch. So these picks are a little bit edgier, more tongue in cheek. Lots of cute skirts, fun hoodies, and t-shirts for the crowd that is too cool for school! even the coolest kid would love this skeleton sweatshirt or this Ghostbusters hoodie!

• • •

Disney Themed

In case your Halloween includes a trip to Disneyland (I’m super jealous) these picks will totally get you through!

• • •

Just For You

And because it’s only fitting that you get something if your kids get new duds, these picks are for you! They’re super cute, could be worn year-round, and are chic enough to make people wonder if you’re totally into Halloween or just a little edgy!


And just in case you need nothing more than a cute beanie for the frigid cold on Halloween night or a fun pair of tights, I’ve got you covered!

I hope you love these as much as I do and have a wonderful Halloween!

Xx Tara

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1 Comment

One Comment

  1. This is kind of an odd question but are any of those kids shirts glow in the dark?
    I have randomly found a couple glow in the dark holiday shirts but they are always the BIGGEST hit with my kids and they ask for PJs that glow in the dark.


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