Christmas Gift Guide For Men

We love spoiling our favorite man of the house! Men, no matter their particular interests and hobbies, are generally a pain in the butt to shop for. But there’s a skill to choosing gifts for men that’ll help you select something the guy in your life might actually like—and that he hasn’t already gone out and bought for himself. Braun is the type who buys what he needs as it comes to him so he tends to be difficult to surprise!

It’s no mystery that I love giving gifts that are useful and will be loved for years down the road. But this list is more about variety and has a little bit of something for every type of guy on it. So choose your “WOW” gift and then supplement it with some of the smaller, everyday items!

Plus, there are also some items that would be perfect for his stocking.

I used to never know what to get for Braun’s stocking but over the years I’ve learned a thing or two. Tweezers are the type of gift you can give every year. Either they go missing, get bent, or take some other type of beating!  I like to pair them with a nice set of nail clippers (toe and finger), or a mini Maglite (perfect for keeping in the glovebox – so handy!).

And make sure you wrap them! It makes the gift opening last a lot longer and let’s be honest, stockings are the best part of Christmas.

Even if you feel like your guys has everything he could possibly want, you can’t show up empty-handed on Christmas morning — even if he swears he doesn’t want anything this year (yeah, right). So picking something on the rare, experiential, or super thoughtful side is the way to go for a truly good gift for him.

However daunting the task might seem as we head into the holiday season, believe me, it can be done. Seriously. Whether you’re searching for a great gift idea for a husband, a dad, a boyfriend, or any other man who’d appreciate something unique and thoughtful. These are some of the best gifts to get your guy, from sneakers and earbuds to obsess over when he finds them under the Christmas tree!

Portable Computer Charger
This portable computer charger has saved both Braun and I's booty multiple times. We use them every single day and it holds so much power and charges quick! If your husband uses a laptop, he will use this. Promise!
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You'll want a case to hold the computer charger.. this is the one we have!
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Small External Hard Drive
I bought this for myself and Braun totally copied me and got his own. It is an external hard drive that fits in the palm of your hand. It is a single state hard drive so there are no moving parts inside of it which means its less likely to break and lose 14,598,745 pictures and that's always a good thing.
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Again, all things need cases. Here is the one we have!
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Braun just took this bag to Thailand and literally every single day when he used it, he would look over at me and tell me how much he loved it. So great for travelling and adventures! Fits a lot too!
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Cord Clips for Nightstand
I hate cords all over the place and Braun does too. These have sticky backs and you can stick them to the back of your nightstand and it always holds your cords in place. Luckily this is a 16 pack so you can benefit from his Christmas gift too.
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I got a pair of these for Braun about 6 years ago and he still has the same pair! He loves these comfy slippers and they clearly last forever.
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Indestructible Speaker
I have probably linked you to this speaker no less than 40 times over the course of my blog. IT IS AWESOME. It is basically an indestructible speaker... it can get totally wet, filled with sand, fall out of a car... etc etc. It withstands it all and is SO LOUD. Fits inside cup holders so I find myself snatching it for our park outings and goes along with us in the RZR too!
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Classic Nintendo
Take him back to the '80s with a retro-inspired NES system that comes loaded with only the best video games: Donkey Kong, Super Mario Bros., Zelda, and more. If you're my age (35) then chances are you and/or your husband grew up on these games. And sometimes it's nice to take a walk down memory lane and prove that you still know all the tricks in Mario Brothers.
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Braun's ALL TIME favorite shoes. I love them too. They match with everything and are super comfy! No break in period either.
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City Storm Down Parka
This is the jacket that will keep your guy insulated from the frigid-cold winds of deep winter that does double duty as a heavy-duty waterproof down coat. It comes with plenty of pockets to stash his belongings and protect his hands, too. Plus, it's slim enough that he can wear it to work and not look like he's hiking the frigid tundra!
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Roadie 20 Cooler
The ultimate in coolers, the YETI Roadie will be you (and your husband's) newest adventure accessory. It keeps your ice icy thanks to up to 3 inches of PermaFrost Insulation. It's certified Bear-Resistant - armored to the core and virtually indestructible so wherever you decide to take it, this portable cooler can take a beating!
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Once upon a time, Braun and I went to Nordstrom and he proceeded to spray and spray about 40 different colognes onto those little annoying papers and then proceeded to weed out his least favorites until he settled on THIS. It smells SO GOOD. I know you and your husband will love it.
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Travel Pillow
Just the best travel neck pillow out there! Really though, we just got off a 26 hour flight and you bet we both had one of these! They hold your neck perfecty upright (yet comfy), you won't even have a chance of waking up on your neighbors shoulder!
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Latex Pillow
Just the greatest pillow of all time. I recommend the high loft plush. This pillow never gets flat.. it always stays bouncy and is so cool. You'll never want another. Also, if bringing this around Thailand for 2 weeks doesn't tell you how much I love this thing, I don't know what will... i'ts THAT good!
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Finally a store that has the new AirPods in stock! Braun may be waking up Christmas morning to these and I am so excited to give them to him! He tested out his friends in Thailand and apparently the noise cancelling portion is a game changer.
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Ankle Socks
What do you say about socks?! Well, they are super popular around this household and they're on sale. They don't fall down into your shoes and they squeeze ya in all the right places. Or you can give the ultimate gift and go the subscription route! Choose socks or underwear for your guy and decide how often new ones get shipped to him: monthly or quarterly. Stance will get to know your guy and his preferences OR he can take control and pick his own pairs! That way every time a new pair arrives, it will feel like Christmas for him all over again!
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Qumi Projector
Delta Electronics Inc
This has got to be one of our favorites because it has come in handy so many places! The kids have their Cinemood but Braun and I use this and it's awesome! It can be plugged in anywhere and your apple tv or Firestick can also be attached. Perfect for when you want to project on a wall or a sheet when camping! It also has a built-in speaker or you can purchase the one above and create your own outdoor theater!
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Braun uses these as a beard trimmer and I use them to cut my boys hair. They give the sharpest cut and I can't recommend them enough!!
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Walkie Talkies
We take these along on all road trips, RZR rides, cruises, etc. They are so great and the quality is awesome!
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Portable Car Charger
This is one of those gifts that you don't know how often you will use it but when you need it, you are so grateful that you have it! Love the small size of this too!
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Just the best, handiest tweezers of all time.
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Ohhh the shirt, You guys have purchased over 15,000 of Braun's favorite shirt. You just cant beat a $5 shirt!
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Cordless Headphones
We have had these same headphones for years and they are so great for traveling! The noise cancelling level can be adjusted based on your preference and they are comfy as can be. Comes in Black or Silver!
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The best anniversary gift of all time. Never thought I would be saying that about a bike but it has been such a fun gift!
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Braun's favorite shoes again... I have nothing new to say about them other than they are super comfy & he can't recommend them enough!
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This right here is something both Braun and I use everyday. It tracks all sorts of things. It can even make calls, text, has Siri, set alarms and SO much more!
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Nail Clipper Set
Every man needs a good pair of clippers.
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They also need a good knife!!
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This fell off the top of our car and didn't get a single dent. I was amazed. Braun loves taking this golfing.. apparently it fits in the golf cart so he has a second one for his golf bag!
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The gift that will be his favorite. Lube!! This is my favorite lube and its actually GOOD for you! I prefer the oil based as I feel like it lasts longer but both are great! Use code "TARA15" for 15% off your entire order.
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Meat Thermometer
This is a cordless meat thermometer. I love how no fuss it is! Plus, its got bluetooth so there should be no reason to burn your meat.
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I just got the womens version of these but the mens are on sale!! I love the color of these and they are so comfortable. They have a bounce to them that regular workout shoes just don't have!
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Electronics Stand
This sits in our closet and is SO convenient! It's just nice to always have a place for something!
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Slider Belt
Braun has worn these types of belts for years. You can make them the exact size you need them to be, they're lightweight and the color of this one is awesome.
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I cannot believe how much I love these! I want them for myself.. that color is just so good! Again, once you try Ultraboosts for the gym, you'll never want to wear another shoe again!
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