My September Amazon Purchases

After looking over last month’s Amazon purchases, I’ve decided that when I go out, I need to document it more. Seriously. With the amount of stuff I purchased in September, you’d think I never leave the house!

Have you guys forgotten my love of french fries? Rest assured that even if it looks like I’m becoming a hermit, that there are french fries somewhere, calling my name, and I will never give up.

Here are my September Amazon Purchases:


1) POKEMON TRADING CARDS: I don’t quite get the draw but it’s not uncommon to find my boys and their friends huddled around their card-trading books and swapping them out.

2) BUG CATCHER: The last one we got for Jett is literally being held together with duct tape. This new one was WAY overdue.

3) SHARK TOOTH NECKLACE: All this kid has been talking about is sharks and it made this birthday super simple!

4) SHARK BOOK: This is the book that gets dragged everywhere: roadtrips, church, outdoors…never leaves his side.

5) DIG A DINO EGG KIT: These are similar to the geodes we purchase on Amazon for the kids to break open and the dinosaur fit right into his obsession with sharp teeth and prehistoric animals!


• • •

6) POKEMON BINDER: If you buy the cards, I suggest buying the binder.

7) BILIPO PLASTIC BUBBLE KIT: Remember that bubble stuff you’d squeeze out of the tube, stick on the end of a small straw and blow to make bubbles? Yep, it’s still around and I grabbed some for the kids!

8) SHARK TOOTH DIG KIT: one more thing to keep this kid busy and he loved digging out the giant shark tooth!

9) SWITCH CARRYING CASE: If you’re sick of your kid’s expensive tech just lying around, this is the case you need! Plus they can pack everything up for roadtrips and other travel!

Check out the other recommendations you guys made regarding gifts for 5 year olds HERE.


You know something is taking over your life when you find it everywhere…in the carpet, the car, your shoes…everywhere! Emery and Anisten have been super busy with their new business and we have had non-stop supply deliveries!

1) ALPHABET LETTER BEADS: This is a great kit if you’re needing the full alphabet for your lanyards or bracelets.

2) ELASTIC CORD: Depending on what you’re making, you’re going to need string or cord. I like using the elastic cord for lanyards and bracelets!

3) PLASTIC HEART BEADS: These are super cute and lightweight! We also picked up these STARS in the same material and colors.

4) INDIVIDUAL LETTER BEADS: When you’re doing as many projects and pieces as my girls, it’s the vowels that you run out of super fast! We found that we could buy packs of individual letters like ‘A‘ and ‘E‘.

5) SPECIAL BEAD KITS: We found bead kits that either had specific colorways or finishes on the beads. Here are some of the ones we picked up: Irridescent | Earth Tones | Frosted Pastels


• • •

6) GOLD STARS: these are super fun and are a great addition to dress up any lanyard! We also picked up the GOLD HEARTS as well.

7) COLORFUL HEART LETTER BEADS: These are 10 times more fun than the plain black and white!

8) BEAD CEMENT: Keep your beads and crimpers in place with this simple cement!

9) CYLINDRICAL GLASS PONY BEADS: These are a little bit bigger at 7mm and are colorful and fun to work with.

10) RAINBOW PONY BEAD KIT: This kit has all your basic colors as well as some fun metallics!

11) LANYARD CLIPS: We bought these in GOLD and SILVER to match whatever beads we were putting on. These attach your lanyard to your mask!


Another thing to consider (if you plan on going into business for yourself) is shopping supplies! We picked up a new label printer because ours died and some new cute labels.

1) THANK YOU LABELS: something super cute to stick on the outside of packages.

2) LABEL PRINTER: You’ll never have to put ink in this printer!

3) BROWN PAPER MAILERS: This is what we started out with and you can do some fun stuff on the outside!

4) BLANK LABELS: We use these to print fun labels that say the name of Emery and Anisten’s business.

5) LABEL ROLL HOLDER: instead of letting your labels roll all over, use this label holder to keep them organized!

6) SHERBET BUBBLE MAILERS: Sending out a fun colored mailers helps people recognize your packages and look forward to receiving them!


I had a scary experience a few weeks back that had me questioning my personal safety and how I could defend myself if found in a scary position! So many of you came through with such great suggestions and these two below are the ones I picked up for myself!

1) BLUNT FORCE KEYRING: I love this one because it’s easily carried in one hand, in between fingers, and can be used to gauge and stab.

2) PEPPER SPRAY: I love the idea of carrying pepper spray and this has a safety on it as well as a setting to test.


It was time to update some of the stuff we use for the dogs. Toothbrushes and leashes are always on rotation! Plus these droppers are the best if you’ve got to give your dog medicine or put anything in their ears.

1) TOOTHPASTE: Trying some new stuff for the dogs!

2) TOOTHBRUSHES: My least favorite job – got these because of how many surfaces they clean at once!

3) DROPPERS: Great to give medicine or clean out ears

4) LEASH: We love these leashes


• • •


These are all the one-offs and extras we picked up this month – super random but we loved everything we got!

1) BIRKENSTOCK SANDALS: You can grab Birkenstocks in silicone and under $40 and they’re perfect for outdoor play and water!

2) ANKER BATTERY: I stocked up (and apparently so did you guys) when these were on major sale last month!

3) UTTER NONSENSE FAMILY GAME: We picked up this new game to play with the family and we’re all hooked

4) MENS $7 T-SHIRT: Braun loves these t-shirts and at this price, we can afford to stock up!

5) USB-C SD CARD READER: This is what I use to transfer the pictures from my camera to my computer!

6) PEN SCISSORS: These scissored fold up like a pen and are perfect to keep in the car or in your purse

7) BAT DECALS: Guys – I decorated!

8) SILICON PAN SCRAPERS: These are awesome to get gunk off your pan!

9) ZOK PRESSURE RELIEVER: Headaches and migraines aren’t loved in this household (is it appreciate anywhere) so we got one of these to help!

10) MIX & MASH WAND: My favorite to use for hamburger meat!

11: BLUE LIGHT BLOCKERS: These are the new peach-colored glasses you’ve all gone nuts over!

12) USB PHONE CORDS: You can never have too many

• • •


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