Our Place 2023 Spring Sale

Partnership with Our Place + Collective Voice

Our Place is having their annual spring sale and there is no better time to stock up or grab gifts for loved ones. You can get up to 25% off select products now through May 21st! I use their kitchen items every single day. The quality of Always Pan 2.0 and Perfect Pot is unmatched and did I mention the Always Pan 2.0 is on sale for $115 during the Spring Sale?! You’ll find a recipe for the Chicken Rice Broccoli Casserole adapted from The Food Nanny at the end of the post!

Bowls | Ovenware Set | Oven Pan

I’ve had these bowls for quite some time and what I love about them is that they stack well and look so pretty on the open shelving that we have. The Ovenware Set is awesome because it comes with 3 casserole dishes + the oven pan. If you are needing a good wedding gift for someone, this is an awesome one. Not to mention it comes in so many cute colors. On sale for $156 right now.

Daily Board

Regularly $40, now on sale for $32. The daily boards are so great for daily use. Plus, they’re BPA free, double-sided, and super slim for storage. They also have a walnut cutting board that I use for charcuterie boards and cutting, just requires a bit more aftercare compared to the daily board.

Always Pan 2.0 | Trivet

The Always Pan 2.0 recently came out with some updated features from the original pan. I love that it comes with a steamer basket and the wooden spatula. You can also get a whole bunch of other add-ons like a spruce steamer, grill press, egg poacher, + so much more. The trivet is so dang cute! They use a color glaze with dimensional variation, so no two are exactly alike which is so fun.

Always Pan 2.0

A closer look at the pan and the BEAUTIFUL lid. I leave this out on my stove instead of storing it away because it looks so good.

Cast Iron Always Pan | Always Pan 2.0

I think my all time favorite Our Place product is the Cast Iron Always Pan! It has all the amazing functions of the regular pan, but in with cast iron. So durable and just as pretty as the other ones. The lid it comes with is a modular glass lid and is designed to lock in steam when you need it or release it when you don’t. They have truly thought of everything.

Ovenware Set | Oven Pan

The oven pan is such a versatile kitchen tool! Not only can you use it for baking and roasting, but it doubles as a stovetop griddle. Ummm, YES. That cute checker thing underneath the biscuits? That’s a reusable nonstick oven mat.


Here’s the recipe! My family LOVED it.