Sephora Beauty Insider Spring Bonus Event

It’s HERE! I’m so excited because I’m taking you Beauty Insiders shopping with me during the Sephora Beauty Insider Spring Bonus Event! Starting today and going until May 6th, 2019! You don’t want to miss out on this great excuse to splurge, restock your current favorites, or try something new!


And just in time for Mother’s Day!

The best part of this event? You can get up to 20% off your favorite products and SO MUCH is up for grabs!

So how does it work?

First, you need to be a member of Sephora’s Beauty Insider loyalty program. As a reminder, the program features three tiers based on your yearly Sephora spending — Beauty Insider, which is free, VIB if you spend at least $350, and Rouge if you spend $1,000 or more — with varying perks.


If you’re not already a Sephora Beauty Insider member, take a quick second and check out the perks and sign up here (totally worth it and also totally free!)

I wanted to show you guys what I stocked up on and a few more of my favorites!

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Your Code to Redeem Online and In Stores

Rouge get 20% off purchases in-store and online. Use code HEYROUGE

VIB get 15% off purchases in-store and online. Use code HEYVIB

Beauty Insiders get 10% off. Use code HEYINSIDER

This is the event where I pick up most of the goodies and want to show you some of my other favorites below!


I have used this hair oil for about 6 years now. Once you try it, you will know why I love it.  This stuff detangles my hair,  speeds up blow-drying time, and boosts shine while infusing my hair with antioxidant-rich argan oil and vitamin-rich linseed (flax) seed extract to help strengthen it and keep it healthy! Plus it smells reallllly good. A lot of times, this is all Emery will put in her curls too! It is super lightweight. A must for coarse or curly hair. 



I have talked about this little POWERHOUSE TANNING MACHINE again and again. It is super compact but gets the job done (with ease, I might add)… I pack it up into a shower cap and it comes with me on every vacation and since I know I’ll get asked, and YES I spray myself! It is not near as hard as you think. You will love this thing!


There are always a few colors that I don’t wear whenever I buy an eyeshadow palette. I don’t have that issue with this one. Every single rosey pink shade is so good,  I wear this every day! PETAL METAL is the one that I have and I love GOLDEN HOUR one too.


I’m sure you have seen this stuff around. I swipe a chunky line near the base of my eyelid to really make my eyeshadow pop! My favorite color is Rose Gold Retro. 


You guys sold out this chunky lip balm before, here it is again! It is a plumping and hydrating lip balm that blooms to your custom shade by reacting with the pH level of your lips.



Alright, I have gotten both my mom and mother in law THIS EXACT GIFT over the years and I just bought the most recent one for myself which you’ll see in an upcoming post BUT this gift is PERFECT for any lady in your life. Let me tell you why… You buy the set and it has NINE deluxe perfume samples inside. They made the best purse perfumes and are awesome to travel with. You get to test them all out to find your favorite… give some to a friend or sister.. but wait, it gets better. It comes with a gift certificate inside the box that you take back into Sephora and once you decide on your favorite, you exchange that certificate for a full size perfume! No more buying your mom a scent she won’t like, get her this and she is sure to find a favorite or two!



Ok, one last one before I let you loose on my entire list. My next pick would definitely be my favorite lip mask + the new lip balms from Laneige!!!

If you have chapped lips, struggle with keeping them moisturized, or just want you lips to be super smooth – you’ve got to grab one of these. If you’ve followed me long, you’ve heard me mention this lip mask more than I’ve mentioned my own children! (kidding, but seriously)

If sticking your finger in a tub of stuff isn’t your thing, these new lip balms are for you!

Everybody’s favorite lip gloss just got an upgrade! No more having to stick your finger in the tube and getting it all slimy! Easy application for the best gloss. I’ve tried every one of these and loved ’em all except the yellow! Funny thing is, the yellow was totally out of stock at Sephora when I went so maybe others love it! Have you tried them? 

The rest of my list I’m leaving below and I’m telling you now, don’t drag your feet! You may have an awesome discount but these products may not stay in stock! So make sure you know what level you are and start shopping!

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