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Does anyone else dread Black Friday? Seriously, I only need to read one of those stories of two parents duking it out while shopping for Christmas before I vow never to leave my house again. I did make it to Walmart and picked up the one thing that Jett’s been going bonkers over but other than that…I stayed indoors.

So maybe you decided to skip out on Black Friday this year- I get it. But, if there is one shopping day you don’t skip out on, it should be Small Business Saturday (SBS).


Supporting Small Businesses Builds Communities

Held annually the Saturday after Thanksgiving since 2010, SBS is an awesome way to support small businesses. Not just in your community, but all over the United States. Aside from helping communities create jobs, you’re helping budding entrepreneurs, family-run businesses, and many sustainable practices grow, hire within their community, and the upside is that you’re typically getting really well-made, handcrafted product.

But that isn’t the only reason to shop small. As an owner of Poppy & Dot and my other small business, Car Litter Bags, I can’t begin to express to you the difficulties of striking out on your own. It takes courage, gumption, money, and so much more to start a side-hustle, grow it, and turn it into the main gig.

When you shop small, you’re not just supporting someone else’s big dreams, but a family as well. As a business owner myself, I can’t even express my level of gratitude adequately for the many women who have support Layla and me over the years and shopped Poppy & Dot.

So I wanted to give back this year and tell you about 10 of my favorite small businesses that are stretched across the US. They make killer product, change lives, create things my family uses daily or lives in (like these dresses), and really do things differently.

So check out my list below as I introduce you to 10 of my favorite small businesses.



Shop & Support Small Businesses
Dresses, Rompers, Jewelry - Oh My!
Little Statements
Lindsey and Brittney, Sisters and Owners of Little Statements, started their business over 11 years ago in a little townhome with tiny toddlers running around. Both are super moms doing it all while making dresses, rompers, bows...everything little (and big) girls love. Everything they make is available in sizes ranging from 3m to 10/12, they have something for everyone. Emery and Anisten both love these dresses and as you can see, wear them everywhere! They also make jewelry which my girls refuse to take off. Shop their sale now and use the discount code below to get more than 30% off your order! And make sure you grab some of their velvet options! So great for the holidays and keeping little bodies warm in the cold! SBS DISCOUNT: 'TARASS30' for 30% off your entire order
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High-end Apple Watch Bands, Women's Clothing, Baby Socks
Copper Robin
Bryn, Owner of Copper Robin, describes herself as a mother to 3 boys, wife to an amazing man, and tragically born without a serious bone - I love her and the items she stocks in her shop. Her apple watch bands are my pick for their high-end jewelry look and there are so many options! Just Check out the pictures above for a better look! Bryn also stocks other gorgeous inexpensive modern jewelry pieces as well as clothes for you, scarves, and socks that help you give back! Bryn spent time frequently visiting the NICU when her baby boy was admitted with some complications. Every time she'd go to visit and she'd see that his little socks had been kicked off once again, she decided that she was going to do something about those cold baby toes. Bryn started designing and contacting manufacturers to make infant knee high socks. Her husband and she felt so indebted to the doctors and nurses of PCH who helped save their little guy's life and felt that they could give back in a big way by gifting socks to their NICU and other NICUs across the country. Each time you purchase a pair of socks from Copper Robin, they donate a pair in your name! SBS DISCOUNT: 'TARA25' for 25% off your entire order + buy one get another for 50% OFF through Monday!
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Customizable, Interchangeable Prime Swords for Ultimate Creative Play
Formidable Toys
Ok, this is the one toy my boys haven't put down in a month! Tyler and Katie are the best and run Formidable Toys as a team with their 6 kids often helping behind the scenes. It's definitely a full family business! Tyler got the idea for Prime Swords by drawing sword pictures for their little boy, Ben, who loved swords, to help keep him quiet during church. The funny thing was, Tyler was a career wildlife scientist and did a complete 180 from that to learning about product design and development, and even patenting his concept. Each sword comes in 3 parts - a blade, cross-guard, and handle. All the parts from every design are interchangeable, so kids can take them apart, trade out pieces, and put together their own unique combinations. And don't worry, we've discovered that the girls love these as much as the boys do! SBS DISCOUNT: 'TARA25' for 25% off your entire order
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Nesting Olive
You guys have seen me at my worst, admittedly. But you've also seen me looking pretty glam in my NESTING OLIVE housedresses, courtesy of Alexis! After having her little boy, she struggled to find a housedress that didn’t look like her grandma’s (amen) or wasn’t a one size fits all. She started this company last spring with the intention to help women feel beautiful and comfortable in their own skin. Nesting Olive is more than a company, it is a community of women helping families in need. And she's got a HUGE heart! A portion of the proceeds help refugees get their basic needs met and start to build a new life. In her own words: "I am grateful every day for the amazing women I have been connected with through this venture. I have grown in more ways than I can count as I have pushed myself out of my comfort zone and taken risks." I love these dresses and I love the message and passion behind them even more. Time to #treatyoself SBS DISCOUNT: 'TARA20' for 20% off your entire order
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Gosh, I don't know if there is anything cuter and heart-melting than Jett and Dash dressed up like their dad. Having the opportunity to match Braun has them running for their ties at the mention! These ties are Frank & Buck, a small business, family operated tie shop. They have over 200 styles for men and over 100 styles for boys. They also have pocket squares, bandanas and ponytail/bun wraps for girls. But they serve so many other purposes as well! Use them for napkins, bibs, pets, necks, and wrists! Making them perfect for weddings, dances, church, family photos, and more. They have such fun prints and something for every single occasion!!! SBS DISCOUNT: Use code 'SBSTARA' for BUY ONE GET ONE FREE ON ALL ITEMS!
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Best Makeup Ever
Shine Cosmetics
They might seem like a giant powerhouse but Shine Cosmetics was started by a friend of mine and I'm in awe of the incredible things they've accomplished since launching a few years ago. Co-founders Hope and Chandler realized they wanted to change the way women feel about themselves. After reading the names of colors on their favorite popular cosmetics, they realized their daughters would be reading these same names, and they didn't want their daughters associating beauty with disrespectful and degrading names. Instead, they made their own names with empowering names like "honor", "timeless", and "strength". You guys know how much I love this company and these cosmetics but most of all, I love to support their mission! SBS DISCOUNT: Use 'TARA10' to get 10% off your entire order
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The Best Brush EVER
$5. 'nuff said. Oh, and it gets out every freaking tangle without making me or my kids cry (this is big) for $5 you can keep these in your car, your bathroom (every single one), in your purse, in your pantry (I don't know where you keep things and I'm trying to be inclusive). Allie is the founder of this awesome local company and she knows the way to a girl's heart is through a painless brush out. And since starting, she's come out with amazing gator clips, my favorite telephone-cord hair bands, and last but not least, my new favorite - the round brush! So many of you ask how my hair gets so straight and stays that way for 7-8 days and this brush does the trick! This prices this low, it feels like there is a discount running every single day! SBS DISCOUNT: Buy 5 for $13.50 each (10% off!) Buy 10 for $12.75 each (15% off!) Buy 15 for $12.00 each (20% off!)
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Coloring Pages, Rad Mail, Coloring books, Classes
Rad & Happy
Tara is totally Rad & Happy. The name of her store is so fitting! (plus her name is awesome!) Haha. But truly, Tara is a one-stop-shop for all things creative. You have seen me coloring her digital coloring pages a million times on my Instagram stories. Her talents and work have brought me so much zen! I'm telling you, her work is AMAZING! And she's got a few things going on right now that seriously rock my coloring world. You can shop her exclusive holiday collection with and get 40% off your entire order! Or you can shop her own site and pick up a Rad Mail subscription or a Coloring Pages Subscription - it's up to you!
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Trash Cans For Your Car
Car Litter Bags
I started this business on my own OVER 10 years ago. Can you believe it? But I started it with the goal to solve my car-disaster problems. You know that person who has EVERYTHING?? Well, this right here is perfect for that person. It is time to have a place to corral the mess that accumulates in your car. I give these to everyone that I know and they always come back and thank me again and again for them! Hang them on your headrest, around your gear shift and if you're a van owner, make sure you have one in every row. SBS DISCOUNT: Use code 'SHOPSMALL' for 20% off your entire order!
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Women's Clothing & Pajamas
Poppy & Dot
Guys - what can I say? One of my biggest passions has been building Poppy & Dot with Layla. It's been a huge passion project and has allowed me to grow as a business owner and entrepreneur. Over the years, we have made empowering women our focus. We want you guys to DO GOOD. CHOOSE HAPPY. BE A ROCKSTAR. AND LIVE POPPY & DOT. So we are launching our second pajama line that was designed with you in mind! These are exclusively for your you and they will go fast!
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Phone Case
Loopy Cases
I don’t want to admit how many Loopy cases I’s a LOT! But let’s be honest. Can you really have too many? Especially with their new marble ones that JUST came out! I need them all. And it’s the best deal I’ve ever seen! With a phone breaking in the US every 2 seconds and the average price to fix it $200, Loopy is saving phones everywhere! SBS DISCOUNT: Use code “tara20” for 20% off of 1 case Use code “tara25” for 25% off of 2 cases Use code “tara30” for 30% off of 3+ cases Code Expires Monday at 11:59PM
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