Spring Wardrobe: Sandals

Spring means a lot of things: Spring Break (hopefully at a beach), driving with the windows down, snow cones (we are getting one EVERY DAY while in Kauai) — but finding the right footwear that’s comfy AND doesn’t look orthopedic is tough. Luckily there are several cute and comfy shoes on the market these days, hitting the perfect balance between fashion and practicality. After all, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice style just to make your feet happy. Below I’m giving you my picks for this spring’s must-have sandals!


When it comes to sandals, it’s actually easier for me to break it down by brand than by style! Dolce Vita is a favorite of mine and this year they’ve done such a good job! They’ve actually carried the same pattern/fabric choices through a bunch of different styles. It’s awesome because I already love the print and can now wear it 10 different ways!


Birkenstock is another favorite! Their sandals are notoriously comfortable. And they’ve got options: thong, clog, no in-between-toes, etc. I love the Arizona style and have it in the saddle leather shown above as well as white, gold metallic, and just about every color of the silicon ones that have the great Target dupe ($12.99)!

I’ve also spent a good amount of time looking for cute hiking sandals – which seems like an oxymoron but I was assured they existed. I did find a few pairs of Tevas last year that really are some of the most comfortable sandals I’ve found. And I went looking for closed-toed sandals this year for Hawaii and decided to go with these Keens which are not cute. They’re just not. BUT they are the best purchase I made for this trip! I wasn’t worried about getting my ‘cute’ shoes dirty or scuffed and it actually made the experience really fun!

And just when I thought that hiking sandal = ugly, Chaco came out with these:

And they come in a million colors! If you don’t find what you’re looking for HERE you can also check the Chaco website!

My everyday shoes (the 9 or 10 I have on repeat) range in brand and price. You can check them out below:


But what I really want to share with you guys are all the amazing budget-friendly picks I’ve recently found! And just like clothing, Target isn’t delivering this year like they normally do. But Walmart has totally stepped up their game – especially now that they’ve partnered with so many great brands!

Great Dupes at Target

As always, the shoes that are the real winners are the ones that are budget-friendly dupes of some of my favorites! From the Birkenstock dupes I mentioned above to these super cute Hermés-inspired slides, the few I did find are worth a trip to Target!

Walmart Has Stepped Up Its Game!

Like I said above, Walmart is the big winner here. When it comes to budget-friendly finds, I was SHOCKED to see so many I loved! They’ve got their own Birkenstock dupe and it comes in 10 colors!

And they even have a really cute Hermés dupe as well that we got for Emery! Take a look below – I think you’re going to be pleasantly surprised by the options:

See? Super cute! I’ll keep you guys posted as I come across more great finds! It’s warm weather season – I’m bound to find a few more!

Xx Tara

P.S. If you end up purchasing any – let me know!


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