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I kind of take the whole stocking thing seriously. There is an art to crafting the perfect stocking – it’s the one thing that everyone goes back to throughout the whole present-opening process.

There’s a science behind putting together something that has enough sweets, unique small presents, and something that really fits the recipient of the said stocking.

So I’ve broken it down for you – you’ve got 4 DAYS to get your stockings into shape and lucky for you, I found all these goodies on Amazon (minus a few that I confirmed could get here on time!)

Crafting The Perfect Stocking

Keep in mind, I don’t expect you to get the WHOLE list of stuff. Stockings shouldn’t break the bank and you shouldn’t take them too seriously. They’re meant to be fun. I want to include small trinkets that are super fun, a little silly (those things you talk yourself out of buying because they’re not “practical”), and I like to include things that get them off phones, away from computers and interacting with one another.

So with that in mind, here are my picks:

Girl Stockings

I could have made this list forever – there are sooo many cute things! But I want to give you some that I thought really stand out!

FACE MASKS: My girls love beauty and so in their stockings this year I’m definitely going to be including some inexpensive face masks like these from Sephora. They’re $5 and I can toss a few in there.

PHONE ACCESSORIES: Phone cords are coveted in any household so I love the idea of being able to decorate them with protective little trinkets to claim them. These super fun animals and beads make it fun!

SOCKS & SLIPPERS: Cute socks and house slippers (no shoes indoors in this house) are always an inexpensive fun stocking stuffer!

LIPGLOSS/BALM: Classic LipSmackers are always fun or you could do something like this Rose Balm salve that is awesome!

POCKET GAME: I want my kids to take a break from tech so including a handheld pocket game like these puzzles or miniature games make that happen. They’re also car-friendly and keep kids and teens entertained.


Boy Stockings

Kids are just easy to shop for – stockings included and honestly? Boys are the easiest to please. Here are some of the things I’ll be including in Jett’s and Dash’s stockings this year:

LEGOS: They have these super cute creator Reindeer right now that can be put together in 30 minutes and are fun for the boys to build. You can actually buy any number of small lego sets that are bagged so they easily fit like Ninjago, Marvel Characters, and  Star Wars!

GAG GIFT: My boys are at the age where practical jokes are funny and they love making people laugh. I think an age appropriate joke book, some fake janky teeth, or even this small fart noise maker are pretty fun. If you don’t laugh at farts, you go through life miserable with the same amount of farts.

MAGNETIC CAR GAMES: Like the girl’s games, these are pocket-sized games that are magnetized so your kids don’t lose the small parts. No bump in the car is going to upset this game of memory, hangman, or tic tac toe!

NERF GUN: These will forever be a hit (with boys of all ages – yes I got Braun one) and they are fantastic!

OUTDOOR PLAY: My boys are more prone to play in the snow than my girls – they want to be outside ALL the time so some nice boot socks or reusable hand warmers are awesome for their stockings!


Men Stockings

These stockings are a lot simpler than most think – here are a few things I’ll be sticking in Braun’s stocking this year:

GADGETS: all the things. From a Swiss Army Knife to a Bullet Pen (Hello! This thing writes on all surfaces, underwater, upside down, and looks good), to mini Maglite (perfect car flashlight) every guy loves a good gadget.

SNACKS: Like gadgets, every guy likes a snack. I like to slip in a few Epic jerky or some RX Nut Butters (these things are sooo good).

CHARGERS: We don’t go anywhere without a few of these bad boys and they’re never a bad idea.

COLOGNE: Most colognes give me a headache but this one is my absolute favorite and doesn’t make me sick!

TRAVEL ESSENTIALS: I love sticking things in his stocking that help him get places – Chums are a must to keep sunglasses secure, a visor clip to hold his sunglasses or even a wallet that holds everything tight is key!


Women Stockings

I think I’m the easiest to shop for. Seriously, I always talk about what I love so if my family doesn’t know by now…they may be getting coal for Christmas – haha!

SKINCARE: I love my TULA skincare and I rave about it all the time. Small travel kits are fun to slip inside a stocking – works for teens as well!

LIP BALM/LIPSTICKS: I love the Agave lip balm from Bite, the lip gloss from Shine in the color Strive, and the Laneige Lip Mask!

ZIPPER POUCH: I love a good zipper pouch/clutch – I use this one from Truffle all the time and these larger ones for cosmetics.

JEWELRY: This is a tough one but there are a few brands I LOVE: Madewell is a favorite and pieces like these earrings (I’ve got these ones and love them!) and this necklace (have this one too and wear it a TON) are always good bets!

CANDY/SNACKS: I have a pretty healthy sweet tooth and stashing a bag of Sourpatch Watermelon or Sour Chewy Nerds is never a bad idea! Make sure your family knows your favorite snacks so they can grab them for you!


And if you’re looking for additional gifts, you can check out my holiday gift guides below:


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