Summer Beauty Essentials

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My list of summer plans is short: Hang with the fam, go swimming, and pack as many date nights with Braun in as I can. As you know Braun is gone a good majority of the summer and if I don’t want my house torn to shreds, the kids and I will be soaking up the summer sun outside!

We had planned to do an inflatable water slide and had to cancel last minute because it was so dang cold on Friday and Saturday! We just need Utah to get its act together! This yo-yo weather is driving us all a little nuts.

But Sunday was super warm so we broke out the plastic sheeting and the kids hit the slip and slide for a few hours! Haha

Kids are easy, right? Wipe them down with sunscreen and send them on their way. But for myself? I’ve gotta take a few more precautions with my skin!

Last week I went over my skincare essentials that help my skin thrive during these hotter, drier months. But I promised an overview of some of my favorite makeup essentials. And I’m telling you about the 5 things I use in the summer that help me keep it simple so I spend more time with my kids than on my face!


My Summer Beauty Essential Tips

1) Keep It Light

One thing that helps me keep things really light during the summer is keeping a go-bag with travel-sized essentials. This is a bag I can throw in my purse, keep in the car – it’s always with me. And I don’t carry everything that I would wear on a full-face makeup day. Just the 4-5 basics that I need to feel presentable!


2) Sunscreen Everywhere

Good skin care starts with owning sunscreen with a minimum of 30+ SPF and I always make sure to pack more sunscreen than I plan to use. It’s way better to be overprepared than underprepared. I also stash it everywhere: the car, my purse, the house. I’m prepared. If you’ve ever been sunburned or had sunburned kiddos, you know. I use a combo of a powder sunscreen (for my full-face makeup days), but I’ve also been trying out this SPF 45 sunscreen stick! It’s super convenient, easy to apply, and protects against UVA and UVB rays! Plus, I can reapply as necessary over my makeup all throughout the day!


3) Wet Hair Recovery

My hair has a total mind of its own! It’s coarse, curly, colored, and straight out of a pool…well, let’s just say it does better with a little taming. I’ve been using a haircare line I love for the past few months but I’ve got 2 hair essentials that work in a pinch and come in convenient travel sizes! The first thing I do after rinsing pool water out of my hair is put some mousse in it – it helps tame the frizz and definitely helps in a pinch if we’re going somewhere after! Once dried, a small can of hair spray is a girl’s best friend. These two things can easily be stashed in your go-bag and can save you when you go from the pool to a night out!

4) Waterproof Basics

I don’t want to be the girl by the pool wearing a full face of makeup and checking it every 5 minutes. I want a “set it and forget it” makeup routine and that’s why I carry the basics only. And they’ve got to be waterproof! You know I’m a diehard fan of IT Cosmetics and their CC Cream! It’s oil-free, matte, and packed with SPF 40 for an added layer of protection. Sometimes I’ll top it off with a bit of their bronzer and it’s also got SPF 50. Both of these come with one of their makeup brushes which are sometimes more than the makeup by themselves! I love putting on my makeup with a brush so I don’t wipe any of my sunscreen off!

5) Eyebrows

I am not normally one to do a lot on my brows but if I need to touch them up and don’t have time, I use the next best thing! I love this brow gel from IT Cosmetics. It’s totally waterproof and available in 5 colors. This, along with my flawless CC cream skin, helps me look done without looking done-done, ya know? That, “I wake up like this” look that doesn’t look like I spent all day in the bathroom. This eyebrow gel also comes with its own angled brush and spoolie!

I can put brows on and not worry about them the rest of the day!

If you want to build your own beauty go-bag or need to add a few items to yours, you can shop beauty essentials at So stay safe, stay slathered in SPF, and have a fun summer!

Xx Tara



  1. Love this post! Thank you!
    I recently started using Fenty Beauty foundation and it’s my new RIDE OR DIE! You have to try it!


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