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March, for the Thueson household, was insane. It never felt like we truly settled into a routine. We missed a LOT of homework, had very long days, and made a lot of adjustments to our new way of living.

But in April, it was our first month of truly being home-bound and it was tough! We really missed our friends and family. Honestly? I’ve never been more excited to see a delivery person in my life! But the biggest change I noticed, especially after looking at all the purchases from this month, is that our shopping habits definitely changed!

We were no longer stocking up on toilet paper and hand sanitizer. Gone were the wrap-around lines at Costco. And we traded jeans for comfy clothes. But this slower pace had us playing together more often and delving deeper into our assortment of hobbies.

In hindsight, this time together has been a huge blessing. Yes, I did cry when school was officially canceled for the rest of the academic year but we’re getting through it. Any of you moms feel the same? It seems so silly but I cherish those few hours I would have to run an errand or do something for myself. But that too has changed and if anything, it’s made Braun and I more aware of how we can help each other and step in when the other needs a break.

What I really loved seeing in April is that many of you were doing the same things we were and your purchases reflected this. We really are in this together and even though we’re far apart, I have felt closer to this community than I ever have before. Funny how that happens, right?

So without further ado, here are your favorite things that I shared in the month of April!



Not even a little bit surprised by this one. These shoes are the best! They’re easy for your kids to put on. They’re waterproof. And when they’re on sale, there really isn’t a better shoe. DSW is no longer running their sale but I found them on sale HERE.

2) G-Safe Jean Shorts (it’s a g thang)

Lame, I know. haha. But I had to! It’s so hard to find cute jean shorts that are long enough and cute enough to be seen in out in public. Of course, I have a few short pairs I love for when I go to the beach or pool but the majority of my shorts are long. These were one of my favorite purchases in April!


If you’re on the lookout for cute jean shorts that are a bit more on the modest side, I put together this collage as well of some of my favorites (I own quite a few of these) and some I found during my search!

• • •

3) You’re Serious About Perfecting Your Faux Glow

I don’t know about you but I truly believe I am a better person when I am tan. It’s science…I’m fairly sure. But for real tho – this purchase didn’t surprise me one bit. After a month of sitting at our houses, we needed something to perk us up! And you know these are my favorite drops for my face and I’m in love with the tanning butter. I was also surprised to learn that they made it exclusively for QVC!

And you won’t get it cheaper anywhere else! This set could easily cost upwards of $90! For $55, it’s a steal! And the tanning butter is amazing – I think it’s up there with the Tan Luxe Tanning Butter that is $90 for the same size BOTTLE! I do have a few other tanning favorites that will also save you money. You can read about them here!

4) The tent to beat all other tents

The moment I saw this puppy back in stock I knew it was going to make the list!

It’s the most magical tent – complete with super high ceilings, enough room to fit a few queen blow-up mattresses, and twinkle lights. When I posted this tent last year it sold out in like 1 hour – no joke and every time they restocked you guys would rush and snag them. I’m so glad they brought it back this year because it really is fantastic!


• • •

5) The dress you’ll live in all summer

These are honestly my new wardrobe and I’m glad you guys loved these dresses as much as I do! It comes in 10 different colors (they just added a few more) and if you plan to get one for yourself, size down! They are meant to fit oversize but I found that the XS was just a better fit for me. If you need a bit more room in the sleeve then I would go with your standard size.

DRESS | SLIDES (similar) | SANDALS (a top purchase from last month!)

6) The $9 razor you all need

3rd time’s the charm? Billie is the best $9 I’ve spent in a long time. You choose your color, the frequency of your replacement blades, and they have a bunch of fun add-ons. And you only pay when your replacement blades come (you get 4 at a time). And I’m a HUGE fan of their Wonder Wipes! The texture is fantastic, and come loaded with hyaluronic acid and a vitamin C serum!


7) The 2nd Pair of shorts you need

Apparently you guys are as ready for summer as I am because you cleaned house with my short picks! These are from Abercrombie and THEY ARE FANTASTIC! They are long, but not too long. Stretchy, but not too stretchy. And they come in a few colors – love options. I bought them in the classic blue and black and will be living in them on the days I have to wash my dresses.

8) Thank Goodness it’s warm enough to swim

Over 700 of you purchase this swimsuit and I get it. Obviously, because I bought one, too! And then it was promptly stolen by Emery and I may never see it again.

It’s available in all sizes and long as well for those of you who are longer in the body. I’ve found some other really good swimsuits for this year and I promise to do a round-up soon! Coral Reef Swim also has a sale going on right now and you can get 15% off your swimsuit separates when you use code TARA!

9) Old man slippers for your old man

Stealing your husband’s shirts for bed is cute, but have you tried stealing their shoes?! Now THAT is living. These are Braun’s much loved “house shoes” and after slipping my feet in them recently, I’m completely sold – these are the best, and 673 of you agree! Not furry inside like a slipper but still so cozy. The perfect slipper/shoe hybrid for staying indoors…which seems to be everyone’s new favorite hobby. They’re still 55% off so you can grab them for your guy for Father’s Day!

10) One Of my favorite pair of athletic shoes

I love my Senseboost and so do you! They went on major sale last month and good news – they still are! You can grab some pairs for as low as $64 and they will be the best running shoe you own. They’re super comfy and have great ankle and arch support. Similar to my favorite Ultraboosts, these are shoes you need to grab!

• • •


And just in case April totally got away from you, here are some posts I think you’re absolutely going to love:

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• • •

Hopefully you’re doing something fun this month!

Xx Tara

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