Valentine’s Day Gift & Date Ideas for Women

In case you haven’t noticed, Valentine’s Day is in two days. TWO DAYS!

I hadn’t even planned on doing a gift guide for women this year but when Braun started getting texts from his friends wondering where the ideas were, I promised to put a list together that would save the butts of husbands everywhere.

That means I’ve got a few small-but-special-somethings that you can present over a candlelit dinner, gift ideas that don’t fall under the category of a stuffed toy, all the must-have accessories for Netflix and chill, and love tokens that don’t look like they were purchased at a national drugstore chain. I’m giving you gifts that feel unique, thoughtful, and heartfelt. And I’ve even gone the extra mile and given you dates/scenarios for each one.

You guys can thank me later.

11 Valentine's Day Date/Gift Ideas
A Relaxing Way to Relax..
Eye Massager
Ridiculous, you say? Unsightly and embarrassing? Well, there are a few hundred people who went on record to disagree with you, singing the praises of this virtual reality-like but thoroughly amazing eye massager through reviews left on Amazon. So strange and sooooooo needed for a mom whose mission in life is to make your's easier. It's got 3 heat settings, will play soothing music or her favorite podcast and will massage the crap out of her eyeballs and face - so you don't have to. Seriously, amazing. Just buy it already. The only thing that would complete this gift is my favorite Barefoot Dreams blanket!
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Netflix & Chill Date Night
Personal Popcorn Popper
You know you are going to Netflix and chill with this person for the rest of your days — and Valentine's Day is as good excuse as any to schedule some YOU time — so why not gift your woman with a new movie, a night in just the two of you, and with the perfect snack-making equipment for your couchbound quality time? This lil’ popcorn popper will cook kernels up in the microwave for a quick, no-mess snack to get you through that Friday-night Cheer binge. (You're gonna watch what she wants to watch but don't worry, you're gonna love Jerry and by the end, you'll be cheering for your favorites to make mat.)
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Sexy Time
There’s obviously no better time for a sexy gift than February 14th — the real challenge is figuring out just what bedroom accessory is going to do the trick. Because I don’t know your specific tastes or what makes your unique freak flag fly, I'm recommending a crowd-pleaser: lube — all-natural, organic, and guaranteed to please — is a sex-cessory that can enhance intimacy for any copulating couple. Plus I'm just a big fan.
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Her Smell On Steroids
You Perfume
OK, I know this seems like a present in line with socks or underwear, but hear me out. People — all people — rave about Glossier’s You fragrance. It’s formulated to adjust to the body’s unique chemistry, making it a perfect unisex option that smells a little different on everyone. And isn’t that what you love about your boo — their special “you”-ness? I recently discovered this and it's quickly become a favorite. It's the one perfume I PROMISE you can't go wrong with. + it pairs nicely with Netflix & Chill above.
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Spa Night at Home
Maude Burn No. 1
Spearhead your very own at-home couples massage with this hand-poured blend of amber, cedar leaf, lemongrass, tonka bean, Medjool dates, jojoba, and soybean oil that's ready to be melted down and used as your own personal massage oil (yes, you're the one giving the massage). I have yet to meet a person who would turn down a massage from their significant other and this candle provides ambiance AND means to get the job done!
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Petite Gummy Hearts
Jelly Belly
If your significant other is anything like me, she appreciates the small things. And sometimes that's just noticing that I like something and going out of your way to buy me a pound of it. Like these hearts. Every time I tell you guys about them they sell out. So take a minute, observe, and then get your woman a treat she loves. And put a card with it. And write something like, "its the sweet, small things you do that make me fall in love with you more every day." Hallmark should put me on speed dial.
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Long Distance Love Tap
Long Distance Touch Bracelet Set
I debated whether or not to include this gift but I've been there. Braun used to travel and be gone for entire summers at a time and there were days and moments when I would have completely welcomed something like this. If you're dealing with a long-distance SO, allow this sentimental-tech gift to bridge that Valentine's Day gap — these bracelets are paired to send lit-up vibrations to each other when touched. It's quick, it's easy, and just when your wifey or gf might be feeling alone, they feel your tap through the bracelet on her arm. Needed? No. Will it totally make her heart melt every time you touch the bracelet to let her know you're thinking about her? YES! I think this gift is amazing!
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Take Her Someplace She Can Show Off
Take your lady out because now she has heart-shaped jewelry she'll actually wear! This may sound silly but there are very few heart-shaped jewelry pieces that your babe will actually wear. 99% of heart-shaped jewelry comes from men because it's literally the most literal form of "here is my heart." Unfortunately, it's the women who suffer every time they wear said piece of tacky heart-shaped jewelry because you "love to see it on her." Vomit. Buy her something she'll actually wear! Like these fun studs that won't hurt her ears, go with any outfit, and are inexpensive enough to pick your daughters up some matching pairs. And, make sure you use the code Tara10 at checkout. What can I say? I'm a giver.
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A Date Escape
Airbnb Gift Card
Surprise your hunnie with the ultimate date escape: a blank choose-their-own adventure card from Airbnb. (And hope she brings you with her. After all, you did leave her Valentine's gift until the last minute.) Take it a step further and give her a few options with to-dos planned for each one. It says "I want to take you where you want to go but I'm not leaving all the heavy lifting up to you!" Plus, you can grab these online and you'll still look like a rockstar. Put it in a nice card. And play Dave Matthews "You & Me" on a loud speaker and while she opens it. I promise that this one is a home run.
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Chocolate Tasting
This is local in my area and already sold out on 2 of the 3 nights they're offering it for V-Day, but this is for everybody. You're taking your sweet date to the sweetest night out - rounds and rounds of chocolate tasting, stories, interesting facts, and I promise, you'll walk away with your sweet tooth satisfied and a new appreciation for things that go in your mouth. Book through the link below or look up something similar in your area - tastings (chocolate, wine, cheese, mini menus - they all work). Or do your own tasting at home! Head to your local chocolate store (every city has at least one) and tell them what your person loves and to suggest 10-20 pieces around her tastes that would be fun to give her a really well-rounded experience. Also, if your chocolate store is super bougie, ask them what foods would pair well with the chocolates to bring out the different notes. This is for you if your SO is a total foodie!
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A Date Night In (if you're calling it a "date" there has to be a meal)
Date Night In: More than 120 Recipes to Nourish Your Relationship
Why plan one special meal when you can gift an entire book full of them? This cookbook is chalked full of delicious recipes specially designed for two - and you can gift your person this along with the promise that YOU'LL do all the cooking. Pour your ids some cereal, set the table for two and then break out a list of questions that will keep the conversation going even after dinner is done. There is almost nothing better than a man in the kitchen.
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Shiatsu Cordless Back and Neck Massager
I love this thing. I have an older bulky one but have gifted this to a few people who always send me raving reviews after. It's perfect for your neck, back and I'll even put it under my hamstrings and calves after a long run.. Neither of you will be disappointed in this gift!
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Cozy Cheetah Blanket
Listen, I know this blanket is a splurge. But I can promise you, you will not regret this purchase after you've slept with it all night. It is the perfect size, weight, stretch... I can't say enough good things about it!
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