Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Men

Even if you’re not into the manufactured holiday that is Valentine’s Day, it’s always nice to scoop up a little something for your S.O. and kids (if you’ve got ’em). And since time’s kind of ticking away here, I figured I’d help you out before February 14 hits you empty-handed.

Let’s be honest, no two relationships are the same. And that means that your gift is only as good as how well you know your partner!

And before we get too deep, let me just say that Valentine’s Day to me should not be Christmas 2.0. This holiday, more than anything, is about showing your significant other your love.


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According to The Five Love Languages, for some of you, that means giving the biggest and best gift (I’ve totally got you covered). For others, that will mean planning a weekend away, booking a massage, writing a letter, or cleaning out their car.

So instead of giving you a selection of socks and teddy bears, I wanted to give you my “Won’t Return” gift list. I’ve got ideas for the more adventurous gift-givers (or those who know their other half really, really well) as well as those who are newly paired up, and everyone in between.


First on my list this year is definitely Andar! I can’t tell you how many times I have given something from Andar to people as gifts. Everything is so well made and incredibly useful – they aren’t gifts that sit in a drawer or a shelf. It’s kinda cool to watch your gift get pulled out anytime someone grabs for their phone, wallet, or you see it on their wrist.

Braun has also given his team members gifts from Andar at Christmas and for hitting their sales goals. And their goods aren’t just pretty to look at! They are so smartly designed! They’ve got wallets that have a small pull tab to make your credit cards handy. And ones that can hold a passport as well. They have over 15 wallet designs/styles, AirPod cases, laptop cases, cord burritos, and tons of other accessories. Plus, you don’t have to spend a fortune. You can check out their entire selection HERE and make sure you use the code “TARA15” for 15% off your entire order!


But don’t worry, that isn’t all I have in mind for you! Unless your plan is to pull a John Cusack and hold up a radio blasting Peter Gabrielle’s “In Your Eyes” outside your partner’s window or go all Love Actually on your mate and hold up note cards professing your love while “Silent Night” quietly plays in the background, you are in need of some ideas that are going to knock their socks off!

So take a look at this list – I promise, I’ve got a little something for everyone! And make this Valentine’s Day one to remember.

Xx Tara

Valentine's Gift Ideas For Men
Customized Silicon Ring
This is kind of one of my favorites on the list 1. Because it's so incredibly thoughtful, and 2. It is inexpensive. I don't know about your husband, but Braun would rather wear a silicon ring as opposed to a metal one. They're more comfortable, no one loses their shiz if it gets lost, and I don't worry about him ripping a finger off if he gets it caught on something. But with these rings, you have the ability to customize them and get a personal message on the ring. You could do your wedding date, nicknames, an inside joke, a meaningful word...the sky's the limit. Well, the character count allowed is the real limit but you know what I mean! haha I truly love this idea and you have just enough time to order and get one for your main squeeze!
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30 Oz Tumbler
I know, I know. I'm cheating on Hydro Flask. But if I'm honest, I just think your guy is going to be happier with something he can throw in the dishwasher. Plus this tumbler even looks more manly than mine! Everyone who has one says that they're amazing at keeping ice cold and Braun absolutely loves his. They come in a bajillion colors AND you can switch out the lid for like 7 or 8 different options depending on your guy's drinking preference!
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Lid w/Straw
If you know me at all, you know I love a good straw lid. While this isn't as amazing as the bendable straw from Hydro Flask, I still think a straw (no matter the material) is a better option above all other types of tumbler lids!
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Deep Tissue Percussion Massager
You guys know how much I love a good massage and Braun is no different. I got him a Hypervolt a few months ago and he literally uses it every single day. Another one of my friends got a Theragun for her husband and she said she totally won Christmas. It's basically a drill-shaped device that pulses to massage wherever you place it. It's got 4 different head attachments that do different things. This specific one is the Opove. It's got over 3,000 5-star reviews and is LESS THAN HALF of the price of either of the two above! Plus, this is a two-fer gift! You can use it or you can use it on your spouse! Seriously. Totally worth the investment!
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Upshaw Slipper
You know I'm a big fan of slippers and Ugg are my go-to brand! I think the major issue with slippers is that they can make your feet so hot - especially for guys! Braun loves these ones because they aren't full of shearling like their other styles + the back can be bent down so your guy can wear them as slides, should he choose!
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Noise Cancelling Wireless Bluetooth Headphones 700, with Alexa Voice Control
Your husband will totally dig these Noise-Cancelling headphones and this newest design was just highlighted at CES in Vegas! Your hubby can speak to Alexa and get everything from the weather or he can order groceries. They also have 11 levels of noise-canceling and they give over 20 hours of play! Braun and I wear ours on every single plane – cuts out engine noise and crying babies!
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Santal 33
Le Labo
I love my perfumes and I've been on a mission to find scents for Braun that don't give me a headache. We landed on Prada a few years ago and it smells so amazing and doesn't hurt my head, but recently, we discovered another scent and I seriously can't get enough! Le Labo are some of my favorite perfumes and I was so excited to learn that their scents are unisex. This scent is so grounded and sexy - and I love it on Braun! If you're looking for a new scent for you guy, this is one that both of you will love!
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Fire TV Stick 4K
With Alexa, Amazon has done more than any other company to integrate voice commands into the ways we consume media. With all of the devices in our home that work with Alexa, the Fire TV Stick 4K is so easily integrated. I love this as a gift for your person because it requires so little! It can be plugged into the HDMI of any TV and has come in handy so many times! Plus, if your guy travels as much as Braun does, this is something under $40 that he can pack in his backpack and plug in to any hotel TV to watch a few of his favorite shows before hitting the sack! And he can access Netflix, Prime, HBO, Hulu...basically all the apps!
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I love this for a guy - especially if they've got a few things to haul around during the day but not enough to fill a backpack. It holds papers, cards, mints/gum, phone, a pen...seriously - it's like a mini-office on the go! It's also awesome for carry-on travel so your guy doesn't have to have a massive bag at his feet!
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Car Wash Kit
Chemical Guys
I know for an absolute fact that the way to a man's heart is to love what he loves. And this is another two-fer gift. He'll use it to keep his car looking brand new and hopefully yours as well! It comes with everything your guy needs to get a good detail on his car, without dropping $300+ every single time! He'll have rags, sponges, wash, leather treatments and so much more. For $80, it's an investment that will give a return every time!
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Fleece Pullover
If your guy is anything like Braun, he gets hotter a lot quicker than I do! That means that while I'm bundled up in 18,948 layers in the winter, he'd rather throw on a pullover or light jacket than get all bundled up for date night. I love my Patagonia pull-over so much and this one is perfect for the guy who wants a layer but doesn't want to overheat! It can be dressed up or down and comes in quite a few colors!
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Lip Balm
Malin + Goetz
This one may seem silly but let me impress upon you how much you man will love you by giving him the gift of soft, hydrated lips. I love this because no guy wants to wear his wife's fruity or smelly, tinted lip balm. No way. This lip balm is unscented, clear, and will give him super kissable lips. What is more appropriate for Valentine's Day than that? Pair it with a cheeky card and tell him to meet you in the bedroom later! ;)
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Waterproof Speaker
Ultimate Ears
I have probably linked you to this speaker no less than 40 times over the course of my blog. IT IS AWESOME. It is basically an indestructible speaker... it can get totally wet, filled with sand, fall out of a car...etc. It withstands it all and is SO LOUD. Fits inside cup holders so I find myself snatching it for our park outings and goes along with us in the RZR too!
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Portable Chair
I recently got an email from this company telling me about their chairs and I've been a huge fan ever since! They're are the ultimate convenient camping/recreational chair. They are super lightweight, come in a bunch of colors, and fold up smaller than a water bottle!! What?!? They are so stinking portable and you can actually buy 6 and carry them like a 6 pack. They fold up so small and are such high quality! This would make an awesome gift for the outdoorsman (or soccer dad) in your life!
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Our Q&A a Day
3-Year Journal for 2 People
Journaling for most just seems like an extra task to do at the end of a long day but over the years, I've come to really appreciate these types of journals. They do the heavy lifting and provide prompts for you and your partner to answer. These daily queries are meant to spark thought and help you record something significant in your journal for the day. And after 3 years, you can go back through and have a history of those 3 years, right in the palm of your hand!
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