What’s In My Church Bag?

I just wanna know how we as women and mothers got stuck with purses. How is it that the dads didn’t get stuck with the big bags to lug around?

Listen, I’m not complaining – I have some pretty awesome purses!

Plus, I can pretty much sooth any tears, solve boredom, and keep my kids entertained for hours with what I haul to church.


Our Go-To Snacks

If we’re headed to church the first thing I have packed is snacks. I have young kids and anyone with young kids knows that food is like a magic wand when it comes to keeping our kids occupied and quiet! Braun and I will even sneak some if we’re having a hard time staying away or just need a little something! haha


I use the BlenderBottle GoStak Twist n’ Lock Storage Jars. They come in a set of 4. But because the bottoms have threads on them, you can combine them to make taller stacks or stack all of one size. I will usually load these with:

I also use these bags called Stasher bags which are reusable ziplocks but they’re not cheap. I found an alternative brand that comes with 7 bags and has over 150 5-star reviews that I’m excited to try out!

Keeping Kids Busy

There are a few things in my bag that will keep my kids busy for over an hour – hallelujah. These I Spy activity bags are sometimes called sensory bags or busy bags. They range from $10-$12 and you can find them on Etsy. You can easily make your own with these beads and they sell small collections of items on Amazon that you can stick in there like this small trinket collection or this rainbow collection. Just make a list of everything you toss in (or take a picture if you’re going fancy) and then have fun and switch them up so your kid always has something new to work with! I love the idea of just tossing these in a ziplock and letting them discover them!


• • •


Yes, we pack an iPad to church. I have an app that provides my scriptures so I can follow along in church. We are also able to keep the PDF coloring sheets we have from Colorly Love and they’re awesome because they follow along with the church lessons and the kids can color, stay occupied, and still be learning along with what’s being taught.


More Coloring

I also carry extra provisions in case more kids want to color. These 2 coloring books never leave my bag so they’re here each week and I love this 72 PENCIL CARRIER. It carries all of our colored pencils and I don’t have to clean up marker or worry that my kid is going to eat a crayon! If you’re stuck and aren’t sure what coloring books to purchase, check out Johanna Basford on Amazon – tons of fun options and the pages will take them ages to color in!

Non-Putty Putty

This putty only comes out at church. We have enough slime in our home to last a lifetime so there is no need to add to it. But this putty is a bit different. Since the kids can’t spread out as they would normally, it keeps this activity very contained. They can play with this putty on top of a hymn book or coloring book and it isn’t going to damage anything, leave any residue, or create a mess. And it also changes color the more you work it! Super fun for the kids and it allows them to play quietly and keep their ears open to listen to the lesson or speaker.

Wet Wipes

And, I’ve got wet wipes to erase any evidence that my kids were there in the first place. They are probably the handiest thing in this bag! And take care of sticky hands, runny noses, and many types of accidents. They even help with bed head when we run out of the house too quickly. I love these clean wipes and I keep them in an old case of Jett’s but you can easily pick one up here.

Keeping It Interesting

Of course, I do switch things up from time to time! I have to keep these kids interested and somewhat respectable! But church truly is our reset each week. This bag sometimes goes untouched (which is happening more and more as my kids get older but when they were younger, this bag was my saving grace!)  Here are some more fun ideas we have loved over the years!


Hopefully my bag of tricks has inspired you to update yours! And if there’s something you think I’m missing, let me know!

Xx Tara

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