Women’s Holiday Gift Guide

Not gonna lie, shopping for yourself or a girlfriend, mom, sister, etc is always super fun! You can start by shopping some of the super cute items I have already purchased like this sweatshirt, slippers, two-piece jammie set, or maybe you’d like a cardigan that is so cozy, you’ll never want to take it off!

The trick to gift giving is to just get them what you want! Haha

But this year’s list is also some of the top items that have been asked about this year on Instagram!

From pajamas I can’t live without to my camera gear, these are items that I’ve recently purchased or have had for some time that I use daily!

So check out my list below and be sure to check back! I’m going to be adding to this list all the way up until Christmas (or at least until Amazon refuses to deliver)!

Gift List
iPhone Crossbody Phone Case
Ditch the purse and any other bulky bags and grab a bandolier phone case. They come with an over-the-shoulder or cross-body strap that allows you to carry your phone like a purse - win. They come in a million looks and finishes and have a place for your cards and cash that sits against your body. It's the closest that us girls can come to truly being hands-free!
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Hydro flask
Big hit in our house. HUGE - Hydroflasks have pretty much replaced every other on-the-go cup/water bottle that we own. Super durable and handy, this tumbler will keep your cold drinks cold and the hot ones hot. You can buy a few different lids that allow you to use it with a straw or sip from the edge. And if pink isn't your thing, they have a bazillion more colors.
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22 Oz. Tumbler Straw Lid
Hydro Flask
I know what you were thinking. Tara works out now so of course she wants weights..." Not so fast. Haha - this is the LID I mentioned above. The one you should definitely get for your tumbler! It's going to provide additional insulating capabilities while reducing the potential for spills at the same time. This straw lid is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning, and is BPA, Phthalate, and Toxin-free for your ultimate safety.
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Water Flask
Hydro Flask
Along with my multiple bags and my computer, this is probably the one thing I have with me at ALL times. It’s hard to stay hydrated but this big guy makes it super easy. Also, a bunch of lids are available for this one as well!
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Pro Tanning Machine
St. Tropez
I’m just a better person with a tan. Aren’t we all? I’ve had the super finicky spray tan machines, along with all the patchy stripes that come with them and this is hands-down the best machine I’ve ever owned. This thing also has over 30,000 reviews saying the exact same thing! It basically does the work for you!
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Natural Tanning Spray
Ok, yes, you can just purchase the St. Tropez mixture but I MUCH prefer this brand. It’s natural, gets me a super pretty brown (not orange), and goes on so much smoother than any other brand I’ve tried.
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Sheepskin Slippers
Not only are these the coziest things to wear around the house, but they’re also on sale! I have a few pairs of slippers and because we don’t wear shoes inside our house, these are the second best thing to slip on and wear - especially on hard surfaces.
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I love the Kindle for reading. Yes, we have iPads but for the price and functionality, this really is the best. You can read it just like a book with great visibility in bright sunlight and also at night, in the dark. It holds all my book purchases and is a lot less expensive to replace should it break.
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Ultra Boost
Adidas X Stella McCartney
On sale 40%.. amazing for running and these are cute for day to day too. And if you’re super lucky, you’ll still be able to find the ones with the leopard print soles!
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MZ Wallace
MZ Wallace
Everything good about these bags: the size, the price, how comfortable they are to carry! This is a little bit of a splurge item but it’s one that will be used forever and so many ways. And these come in a few size so it can double as an overnight bag, great airplane bag, or just when you need to tote your computer and necessities around.
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Dagne Dover
Dagne Dover bags are some of my favorite. They’re made from neoprene making them super light and durable. They comes in a ton of colors (I picked up the medium sized grey one earlier this year). They have this backpack as well as duffles, toiletry bags, and hip sacks!
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Moonlight Pajamas
These are the number one pajamas from nordstrom and the ones that always sell out any time you guys ask about them on IG. They’re incredibly soft, wash up the same way, and I love that it’s a two piece set.
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Same as the cardigans that we sold out crazy fast at the Nordstrom sale. These probably won’t last long so you might want to grab one of these first! I promise, you won't wanna take it off.
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Sony A7Rii Mirrorless Camera
Sony A7 is one of my favorite things. This camera is sooooo good.  It always gives me the best images and with the option of different lenses, this camera makes me feel like Annie Leibovitz. There are 3 things I really love about this camera. The first is the recall custom setting buttons. There are four of them on the back of the camera that when pressed and held, will apply settings that you've programmed them to recall so you don't have to flip through the menu when you're in the middle of shooting! The next is the lowlight shooting capabilities - it's insane(this camera's ISO goes up to 102400)!
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24-70 F2.8 Lens
I love this lens. It's silent, accurate and has a really fast autofocus. You're still going to get sharp photos even wide open at F2.8 that allows for really beautiful coloring. If you have good natural light, these are the types of photos that require little to no adjustments for color and lighting! This is the go-to lens I took to Paris. I love the size (it is a bit heavy) but the focal length is pretty perfect for almost all situations.
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The Canon G7X is the smaller camera and is my choice if I don't want to lug around the Sony. Both of these cameras make even the least talented photographer or vlogger/videographer look like they know what they're doing. The Canon is one of the best cameras in the $500 - $1,000 price range. In my opinion, it is one of the most versatile cameras and is perfectly adequate for the budding photographer. Plus, it's fun flip screen allows me to take better selfies than my iPhone and it is PERFECT for vlogging! It lets you shoot in RAW which is really great when it comes to editing/post-production too.
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Marble Butter Keeper
I never thought I'd be THAT girl who got excited for housewares as gifts when I got older but I totally am! Especially when they're useful and make life easier. This butter crock keeps butter on your counter soft and spreadable all the time. Plus, it extends the freshness of your butter. Just trust me. You need this.
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Loopy Phone Case
Use code 'tara10' for 10% off of 1 case or 'tara15' for 15% off of 2 or more! I LOVE these phone cases. On my phone, and all of my family's phones because it keeps the phone really secure in your hand with the strap on the back. They have a TON of different options and you can switch out the loop on the back for different colors and finishes.
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Car Litter Bag
You know that person who has EVERYTHING?? Well this right here is perfect for that person. It is time to have a place to corral the mess that accumulates in your car. I give these to everyone that I know and they always come back and thank me again and again for them! Hang them on your headrest, around your gear shift and if you're a van owner, make sure you have one in every row.
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Portable Phone Charger
I do not leave the house without at least one (or two when we are traveling!) of these phone chargers. They charge your phone 5-7 times before you need to recharge them too. Buy one for your parents and husband too! They'll love you forever for it.
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