10 Luxury Items Worth The Splurge!

I mean, I guess if I were a celebrity or minor millionaire, I wouldn’t think twice about the money I spend but with a mortgage and 4 kids, this mom isn’t whooping it up at Barney’s!

I don’t know about you but for me, spending money on expensive things is on both ends of the spectrum. Either I have to think about it FOREVER or I am a total impulse buyer. There is no in-between!

But there is the odd occasion where I’ll use an expensive gift as a reward for accomplishing a big goal. Whatever the reason, I’ve been able to invest in some pieces that I’ve really grown to love!

These are pieces that are more than I usually like to spend but they are pieces I feel are totally worth the investment. So whether you’ve been saving up and want to treat yourself, or you have a big goal that you’re close to accomplishing, here are 10 luxury items I think are totally worth investing in!


I’m going to tell you a secret that is not so secret…I have an addiction to all things organizational. If they’re cute, they easily go up 5,439 points and it’s inevitable that they soon end up in my closet or my purse or my pantry. But my favorite of these items?


You’ve heard me mention them a bazillion times and it’s because I’m always finding one cuter or more resourceful than the last! And it helps that you guys are always asking because then I get to use the excuse that “it’s for research!” It was inevitable that a wallet would end up on this list.

My newest obsession and possibly life-long love? This wallet by CLHEI (pronounced k-lay) is by far the best wallet I’ve ever purchased! 30% off for Thanksgiving weekend using code “BlackFriday”!!

I love that this wallet unzips completely and doesn’t have an accordion middle part preventing it from lying flat when open. It holds so many cards, all of my receipts, and my passport. It can be used on its own when I don’t want to be hauling a million things around or I can easily toss it in a purse!

At $230, I think it’s a fairly reasonable price to pay for something I’ll use for 10+ years!

2) Malouf Pillow

3 years ago I discovered this pillow and talked about it on Instagram. I didn’t realize what a hit it was going to be when I offered to pick up a few extras for my friends and family – anyone who wanted one…

…a month later 3 large semi-trucks pulled up to my house and dumped their contents in my garage. I had so many Malouf pillows that I think it took me a good 2 months to get them out to everyone!

Fast forward 3 years and Instagram has allowed me to “Swipe Up” so people can order their own and I can share about this pillow without additional semi-trucks appearing in my driveway.

I consider $99 to be a lot to pay for a pillow! But it’s mildew proof and dust mite resistant and has 4 different options depending on your preferred level of support!

3) BareFoot Dreams Blanket

I had seen this delicious, buttery leopard blanket everywhere from the Kardashians to some of my favorite influencers and everyone kept talking about how amazing it is and how they don’t travel without it! It has 5-star reviews across multiple sites and I totally agree with all of them!

I wanted one blanket that was my own. One without kid stuff on it – no boogers, no dried food, no mystery stuff. Just mine. I don’t know why but that has become so important as I get older. I think I’m so used to sharing everything at this point that it’s nice to have something all my own!

This banket is soft and perfect for cuddling but also chic enough to take on a flight.

If a traditional leopard isn’t your thing, they have a ton of other options:

Plus they also make my favorite robe ON SALE for Thanksgiving weekend at Nordstrom with a ton of other BAREFOOT DREAMS products!!  It is normally on the spendy side but once you’ve spent the length of a movie cuddled up on the couch in this thing, you’ll see why it’s worth the investment!

4) Polarized Ray Ban Sunglasses

There are a few reasons Ray-Bans are on my list as one of my top 10! Not only do they make high-quality frames, protective lenses, and fit really well, but they come in a ton of styles. They’re one of the things I get asked about the most!

A few months ago I noticed that I had developed a bump on my inner eye and after looking it up, discovered that I have a possible pterygium or ‘surfer’s eye’ which is primarily caused by ultraviolet rays! And while I’ve always loved my sunnies, I have become fairly religious about wearing my sunglasses since then.

Ray-Ban Hexagonal Flat Gold Sunglasses, Polarized Green Lenses (ON SALE!)

Ray-Ban 51mm Aviator Sunglasses


5) Large MZ Wallace Travel Bag

You guys know how much I love these bags! I’ve got them in a few sizes but I especially love the large (pictured here) and the duffel.

As a mom and woman who strives to juggle it all, my schedule always seems to be jam-packed. And on days when I’m running from OTF to Poppy & Dot to school pickup to date night, I’m always in need of a versatile bag that can keep up! Enter the Large Metro Tote by MZ Wallace. While I love a good clutch or small crossbody, the practicality of this bigger bag that can haul everything from my laptop and gym clothes to makeup and snacks for my kids cannot be denied. It’s just a super great bag.

Sunglasses ON SALE 


If you want something a little more colorful, Nordstrom has a TON of options! These bags are really versatile, have a lot of great styles, and are really durable! Plus they come with a few zippered detachable pockets which we all know how happy those kinds of things make me.


I don’t believe that the “It” bag exists anymore, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t one particular style that continues to pop up again and again on influencers, on the street, and on the body of celebs. If the Metro Tote is your carryall, the Crosby is the purse that I carry almost every day as my go-to bag! It’s the perfect size bag.


I am just a big believer that no other accessory can complete your outfit like the perfect handbag. The cute carryall you sling over your shoulder or hold in the crook of your arm can say a lot about your style and personality. And the crossbody is the perfect marriage between a cute handbag and a hands-free catchall!

And a quick note about MZ Wallace: The bags last forever. FOR-EV-ER (think Sandlot). Truly. Their prices range from the low $100s to the mid $400s – making them kind of in the mid-tier price range as far as high-end purses are concerned. They make them to last for life and the material they use holds up really well. It’s also great because I can wipe it clean with a damp rag!


I was skeptical. I had been looking at Golden Goose for a couple of years but those $400+ price tags were keeping me from pulling the trigger. But I snagged a pair a few months ago and since then I’ve purchased a few more because I really love them! They’ve got an invisible lift inside them, so in addition to feeling super comfortable, they also make your legs appear a little longer and leaner, versus a traditional flat sneaker. And my 5’4 frame needs all the help it can get!

Superstar distressed leather and suede sneakers

Superstar distressed leopard-print calf hair, leather and suede sneakers

Slide Sneaker in Black Leather Studs

The other thing I love about Golden Goose is that you can tell they’re made really well and the leather is incredibly soft! They also look as though they’ve already lived a good life, full of adventure, and you don’t need to be super precious with them. My kids are constantly stepping all over my feet but in these, I don’t mind. It just adds to their look!

Golden Goose prices start in the mid $400s and I’ve seen them go all the way up to $1,800. But keep an eye out for sales at retailers like Shopbop.com and Intermixonline.com. And if you’re looking for a style that not many people will have, make sure you check out those retailers plus Net-a-porter.com and Nordstrom.com for styles exclusive to them!

8) Apple Airpods

I think these have been on every single gift list I’ve done over the past year and they will probably be on them this year as well. These were pretty unique when they first launched but since then, many wireless headphones have launched making these ones some of the more affordable sets!

But what I love about the Airpods, especially because I’m an iPhone user, is how seamlessly they fit with all of my tech! These pair easily with my phone and I can control them just by talking to Siri.

I love to slip these in and listen to podcasts while I clean house or talk a walk outside. They also come in handy to talk hands-free when I’ve got better things to do with my hands!

At $159 ($144 at Costco), these are a steal compared to other models on the market!

9) A Good Camera

Easily the most expensive thing on this list, but also my favorite. First, because it captures memories. Second, because it connects us. I have found so much joy and love through photography. It allows me to see my loved ones in a whole new way and I know that I am going to look back on these photos and cherish them. Everyone should have a decent camera aside from their phones.

The Canon M50 is a smaller camera I own and is my choice if I don’t want to tote around my Sony A9. Both of these cameras make even the least talented photographer or vlogger/videographer look like they know what they’re doing. The Canon is one of the best cameras in the $500 – $1,000 price range. In my opinion, it is one of the most versatile cameras and is perfectly adequate for the budding photographer. Plus, it’s fun flip screen allows me to take better selfies than my iPhone and it is PERFECT for vlogging! We vlogged through Thailand and the pictures are SO good! It lets you shoot in RAW which is really great when it comes to editing/post production too.

Let’s talk about the cost though. OUCH (but I will say, it has been so worth it for me!) I really wanted to go mirrorless (they are smaller cameras than your run of the mill DSLR) and I truly believe it is the way that photography is going. I have talked to both budding newbies and seasoned professionals and they all seem to agree with me on that too. My friend Annie has a great instagram highlight on it if you want to check it out too! She goes more in-depth and is great at explaining the differences. Anyway, I started out with a Sony A9. A little after I got it, the A9 came out and I really wanted that touch screen focus so I called the shop that I got it from and they agreed to swap it out for the new one! I did really love the Sony A9 though and if you want to go a little more budget-friendly, that is an awesome option. They just came out with the Sony A9 too that looks incredible. The built-in wifi on cameras now is a GAME CHANGER! I love being able to send myself pictures on the go & edit them from my phone if I need to! If you want to learn more about my camera equipment, you can read about it HERE!

10) A Comfy Cardigan

Last but not least, #10 on my list has to be the one thing I wear almost daily: a cardigan. I love my cardigans from Barefoot Dreams and wear them almost exclusively all through winter.

They’ve got so many good options but my favorite by far is the Coastal Hooded Cardigan. While not quite as expensive as the blankets, these cardigans are still priced from $49 – $250.  But they’re really comfy, chic, and the best thing to pair with the cold! I also have THIS one, THIS one and THIS one. I love them all so much!

I honestly hate to spend big chunks of change but these 10 are things I really enjoy having! If you end up purchasing or already own one, tell me in the comments below!

Xx Tara

10 Luxury Items Worth The Splurge
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