Hair Essentials

If you guys have been here awhile you know I have been on lonngggg hair journey! I’m talking years. I used to have so much breakage, especially with my front pieces, but I think it’s finally at a really good spot and it’s GROWING. I also had a bunch of hair loss due to covid and I feel like it’s full and thick again. Here are my fave hair products that I use consistently and LOVE.

In Shower Products

Shampoo – I use K18! Did you know that I was a cosmetologist back in the day? With that being said, I’m super picky about what products I use. I switched from Olaplex about a year ago when my hair was breaking off.. I think its good to switch up your products every now and then and people RAVE about this stuff. I switched and now I rave too.

Leave in Treatment – This is what I use for conditioner when it’s hair wash day. It is UNREAL amazing. It does take some getting used to. You don’t use it in the shower, you use it out of the shower and leave it in. 3 pumps for your whole head. Then you brush it through and then magic happens!! My hair is so soft when I get done styling it! Also.. I fulllllly believe this made my breakage stop. Read about it.. its incredible.

Scalp Massager – If you guys haven’t tried one of these, you’re missing out. First off, it feels so dang. good. PLUS, it stimulates hair growth and really gets your scalp squeaky clean.

Hair Mask – I feel like I have struck gold by finding this hair mask. It has left my hair so shiny. It’s called MONEY for a reason. Use it every 3 washes and your hair will be silky and shiny. It says it makes your hair expensive looking. Yes, I want that for all of us.

Shower Cap – In between hair wash days this is a saving grace. Keeps my hair frizz free and totally dry in the shower. Plus this one is great if you’ve got a big head like me. 😉

Kitsch Hair Towel – I’ve shared about this guy for YEARS. It is the best way to dry your hair. I have thick, course (pube like, not joking), frizzy hair and this helps to lessen the frizz way better than a towel. I even travel with it! They also have a satin option that seems really nice. Code TARA will always save ya money!

After Shower Product, Accessories, + Hair Tools

Color Wow Anti Frizz Treatment – Speaking of frizz… this has changed the game in hair smoothness for me. You apply a generous amount (like spray it EVERYWHERE..) and then it’s heat activated so blow dry it in there. It has helped SO MUCH with frizz and shine. They also have a curly hair version that I got for Emery! That one needs no heat..

Unite Hair Oil – This is my favorite hair oil! If you struggle with dryness, this helps hydrate. I use this after I style my hair to smooth AND I put it in generously every few nights before bed.

Moroccan Oil – Another great hair oil option! Smells like a dream.

Living Proof Dry shampoo – I’ve tried a lot of dry shampoos, but always come back to this one! It works so well + smells so good!

Amika Dry Conditioner – Have you ever heard of a dry conditioner? I do prefer my hair oils over this one but if you have fine hair, you would love this. Not messy or greasy.. just adds shine and softness.

Glow Hair Brush – If you’ve been needing a good brush, look no further. It gives an incredible head scratch as the bristles are steel but it’s also a salon quality brush that works for dry and wet hair. It’s magical. Code TARA works for 10% off too! Bought it for both of my girls for Christmas and they both love it too!


Kitsch Hair Ties – The best hair ties I’ve found! Code TARA will work for you! No creasing and they come with a ton. Soft too!

Kitsch Telephone Cord Hair Ties – I love these! They hold your hair well without creasing! They also make your pony tail look really full.  Code TARA will save you!

Gimme Beauty Elastics – There are a lot of clear elastics on the market, but these are my fave because they come in a tube!

Andi Hair Accessories  – There are so many cute options from scrunchies, headbands, and clips! They’ve got it all for you and your girls! Code TARA always works there.

Crocodile Clips – I use these to hold my sectioned hair up while styling it! They are super durable and stay in place! Plus the hinges on them help them to hold a lot of hair.

Comb – I know combs aren’t for everyone, but to part hair.. I love this one! It’s super durable plus a great price! These used to be my favorite combs to cut hair with.

Dyson Air Wrap – It’s worth they hype. I’ve had mine for 6 years and love it so much. The brush attachments are unbeatable and are what I use before I curl or straighten it! I really like the Shark Wand Styler and would recommend it if you are looking for a more affordable option!

Dyson Case – Traveling with the Dyson can be quite the task if you want to bring all the attachments, this is my saving grace! It fits everything perfectly.

Bio Ionic Curling Iron – I’ve been ranting and raving about this curling on for awhile now. I bought the 1 inch for Anisten for Christmas and we both love it! I finally bit the bullet and got myself the 1 inch and 1.25 inch! If you are only getting one I would recommend the 1 inch for short hair and the 1.25 inch for longer (past shoulder length) hair. Both are amazing though!

Cozy Confidence Curl Band – If you aren’t a fan of putting heat on your hair the best way I’ve found to do heatless curls is with this band! The curls turn out so pretty + it’s comfortable to wear at night. The material is different than any other curl bands you’ll find. Code TARA10 gets you 10% off!


There are 2 products that I take religiously that have helped with hair growth and healthiness!

Nutrafol – These are specific for hair growth. You have to take them consistently for 3-6 months in order to see improvement, but it works! My hair and nails have grown so quick!

Modere – This one is a collagen supplement so it helps with all the things, hair, skin, + nails. Speaking on hair though, I feel that it helps with growth, but also helps my hair with shine and just grow stronger all around!

Need some help with curly hair reccs? I’ve got a blog post on those too!