Mother’s Day Gift Guide – 2024

One of my favorite gift guides I put out every year is this one (I put out over 50 a year.. so you know it’s a good one!). Sharing all my new and tried and true favorites!

Loopy Phone Case – I’ve been using loopy cases since 2014 I think.. I have never cracked a phone screen using this case, and I really never drop my phone haha. The loop comes in handy. Code TARA10 will save you 10% on one case or TARA15 will save 15% on 2 or more!

Krewe Sunglasses – It took me awhile to bit the bullet on these, but I’ve LOVED them. They’re so cute and the quality is amazing. Plus, they’ll send you a new pair if yours break.

Tanning Mist – Do self tanning and easy typically get mentioned in the same sentence? No. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE to self tan but if I can get a glow with ease, I’m all about it! I spray this on at night after putting my moisturizer on and wake up with the prettiest glow.

Hulken Bag – This bag is a dream. I use it all the time at the post office, but it’d be amazing for trips, kids sports games. Seriously, it’s massive and on wheels!! Code TARA will save you 5%.

Moji – A wickless way to keep your house smelling amazing! I have these set up all over my house to keep it smelling fresh. Plus, the scents are so good.

Therabody Mask – I just got this and it’s been amazing! It has several different lights to target specific problems. It helps tighten skin and reduce wrinkles.

Storyworth – This is gift that you and your loved one will both cherish. When you gift storyworth, it will email a prompt to the person you gifted it to and once they complete that prompt it sends another. It’s a great way to get written record of their life! Questions include, “What was it like growing up?” or “What was your first job and what did you do?” It’s things I would never think to ask! Once they’re through with the prompts, a book is sent with all what they wrote. It’s AWESOME.

Birkenstocks – I’ve been wearing these on repeat! I love the big buckle and the single strap makes them a bit different than the 2 strap ones we all know and love.

Pickleball Paddle – Our family LOVES to play pickleball together. It’s so fun! These paddles are so dang cute, they have tons of designs.

Pocket Osmo Action Camera – This is on my wishlist. It’s a stabilizing camera that would be awesome to use our hikes + biking trails!

Couch Caddy – Bought this for myself a few months ago thinking that Braun would make fun of me, well he STOLE it from me and told me to order a new one! haha It’s so great for holding all the things that I carry around the house. I put chargers, snacks, lip balm, etc in it and then have it all in once place.

Mirror – Okay this mirror is a great size! I use and love it every single day. It has different light settings and can be adjusted.

Air Fryer – I have gone through a lot of air fryers in my day and this is the one I always come back to. It has a griddle on the inside so it crisps things up perfectly!

Hatch Restore – I’ve been using this for quite some time now and LOVE it. It has a lot of functions, but my favorite is the sound machine and the light alarm. It gradually gets brighter and brighter to wake you up slowly.

Skylight Calendar – A great way to keep the fam organized! It hooks up to your google calendar so that everyone can see what’s going on. I’m surprised at how much my kids love it too. I can add chores in for them on it as well, which I love.

Kobo E-reader – Okay, this is awesome! Love that you can highlight/ draw on it.

Puzzle Board – I grabbed this last December because over winter break we do a lot of puzzles. This one has a nonslip canvas material, which is what sold me because I don’t like the felt ones! It also has the capability of tilting which is nice. We use it all the time.

Eye Massager – I’ve had the old version of this for years and wanted to try this one out! If you get headaches, it helps a ton… even if you don’t it still feels dang good.

Bose Earbuds – I’ve been so impressed by these! Don’t get me wrong, I’m an Apple girl through and through, but the AirPods made my ears hurt after a while and I wanted something that was more comfortable. These clip onto your ear and stay in place so well. I like that I can hear what’s going on around me (don’t worry no one can hear what you’re listening to).

Charm Necklace – A personalized necklace is such a cute gift for a loved one! This necklace makes it easy to change them out too, I wear mine all of the time.

Salty Tub Co – This is such an easy gift to give. It’s a whole bath kit and they have tons of different ones to choose from. They’re incredible. Code TARA saves you 20%!

Makeup Bag – I tried out a bunch of makeup bags this past month and this one was the winner out of all of them! When you unzip it, it lays flat so you don’t have to dig for your products.

Dior Lip Oil – If you are wanting a HIGH GLOSS look this lip oil will achieve that! A ton of color options too, all are super subtle. My favorite is Rosewood!

Lola Blankets – The softest blanket I’ve ever used. Seriously I love it so much, so does everyone in my family. Code TARA saves you!

Mirror – I have this in my bathroom! Has different light settings and a magnifying side.

Chirp Wheels – Bought these for myself as a gift and I’ve used them every day since. Gives your back such an amazing stretch and pop. Seriously, I don’t think that I could live without them anymore. haha

Kindle – I’m all about making life easier and my Kindle does that. It’s better than reading on a phone or tablet because there isn’t a glare.

BRNG Bag – This was a new to me company and I’ve been obsessed. I use their bags every day. So durable, a great size, and the cutest prints. Use code TARA at checkout!

Teva Slippers – I got a few pair of slippers this year to try out and couldn’t believe how much I loved these ones! They aren’t fuzzy on the inside, but still keep your feet warm, plus they have great arch support.

Theragun – This really helps to loosen up those muscles and knots. We both like the mini one too because it’s compact enough to bring along anywhere.

Ninja Creami – We use this almost every single night to make ice cream. IT’S SO GOOD and way fun. If you’ve got a bigger family I would recommend getting the XL size!

Sleep Crown – I’ll promote this till the end of time. A pillow that goes over your head and blocks out sounds and light. It has changed mine and Braun’s sleeping game. If you’ve got someone who works nights + sleeps during the day, they’ll love this! Another product I don’t think I could live without!

AG1 – This has been a game changer for my overall health! It has soooo many foundational nutrition ingredients and I can tell a difference when I don’t drink it. This link gets you 5 free travel packs + the D3K2 drops!

Red Aspen – Not only do they have fun seasonal designs out right now, but tons of other cute options too. $12-$15 for a two week manicure? SIGN ME UP!

OSEA Malibu – A holy grail product for me is their body oil! They came out with 2 awesome sets for Mother’s Day that would make any mom happy. Code CODE HERE saves you 10% (on top of the already discounted sets!).

Dyson Airwrap – I know it’s a lot of money, and you’ve heard about it a million times, but… If I could only buy one hair tool ever, it would be this one. It replaces so many of them! This new limited edition color is SO CUTE.

Byredo Perfume – This is one of my top worn perfumes. Love it so much!

Scout Pants – Love that these can be dressed up or down. I own them in like 3 colors, they’re so cute!

Dior Cuticle Cream – When I think about my holy grail beauty items, this is pretty close to the top of the list. One jar will last you years. It hydrates your cuticles so well.

Dorsey Necklace – Braun bought this for me a few years ago and I love the timeless look of it!

Car Litter Bags – A great gift to keep all the small trash out of your side door and in a cute bag.

Fold Down Toiletry Bag – I was SHOCKED when I saw how much this can hold. It’s so nice because you can fit full size products in it!

Oura Ring – Don’t get me wrong, I loved my apple watch for a long time and it was so cool that it could track my sleep, but being able to just wear a ring instead of a watch is far better. The oura ring will also track activity + heart rate during the day. Technology is so cool!

Label Printer – If you’ve got someone in your life that does a ton of returns like I do, this will change their life! So easy to use and a game changer for labels.

Baggu Cargo Bag – My girls have loved Baggu products for a long time, and when I saw this one I knew I had to give it a try! It hold a ton, I put my iPad + kindle in it with no problem! Love the front pockets too.

Hokas – These have been my comfiest tennis shoe for a longgg time and I love this style that they came out with this year!

Cordless Tanning Machine – My old tanning machine crapped out on me earlier this year and I was on the hunt for an even better machine and I found one in this. LOVE that it’s cordless and it sprays vertically + horizontally. It’s amazing! Grab this tanning wall while you’re add it to save your shower walls.

ColorWow Dream Coat – This has helped my hair become so shiny and smooth!

Clarins Face Roller – This was out of stock for a while after I first shared it, but it’s back! It’s been the best for an at home face massage. It’s also meant to decongest, so it’s perfect if you’re sick.

Bio Ionic Curling Iron – The best curling iron I’ve ever used. The curls are so pretty and last!