Anker Chargers I Love

I always get questions on which chargers I use… 9 times out of 10 they are Anker chargers. the other 10% isn’t Anker because Braun hid all the good ones from the kids! 😂

Here are some of my fave Anker products at the moment!

Multi-port charger – I have this at home next to the bed and if I’m traveling with the kids… I pack this and they can all charge their crap in one place at night without fighting over chargers 😂

Wireless Charger + Stand – Okay this is so cool. I love the stand. It’s sooo convenient. The charging part comes out and slaps on the back of your phone so that you can charge it while going about your day AND having your phone with you! So cool! Use code TARAXANKER1 to save 25% on this one!

Wireless Charger + Stand

Wall Block – I love this block! It charges multiple things at once, and has a normal USB port also. It’s 65W, so it’s fast!

Wall Block

Portable Power Bank – I’m pretty sure this is what got us hooked on Anker products. We have these everywhere, they are the best. 3 USB ports so you can charge everything. It charges phones 6x faster than a normal charger and 2x faster for a tablet!

Small Portable Charger – This is the holy grail, tiny but mighty, always dependable charger. Charges USB-C (same as iPads/laptops). I’ve purchased so many chargers that are similar to this and all of them don’t work anymore. Do yourself a favor and order this one.

Small Portable Charger

Small Wireless Charger – The collapsible stand on this one is genius. The charger is a lot thinner than their other models. If your phone is constantly dying this may be the charger for you. Code TARAXANKER2 will save ya 20% on this product.

Large Power Bank – This one is a must if you’re only getting one charger in all. It charges an iPhone TEN times and my laptop about 1.5 times. I don’t carry it around with me day-to-day because the small one is always in my purse, but this is in my carry on without fail, every single time I travel.

Magnetic Charging Station – I just got this one and it’s awesome! I believe it’s one of their newer products. It’s so nice to have by the computer/ work station. The outlets on the back are so helpful. Code TARAXANKER1 gives you 25% off!

Magnetic Charging Station