Self Tanning Essentials

If you see me, chances are I’m rocking a spray tan. I tried and tested so many solutions. Here’s a few of my must haves!

St. Tropez Mousse – This ones gives a really nice glow. I like doing mousse self tanners because they are easier to apply! Another favorite mousse is this one from Loving Tan! It gives a very pretty olive color.

Isle of Paradise Drops – These are awesome to use on your face. I typically get the dark ones and then add as little or as many as I want. The more you add, the darker your tan will be.

Coco and Eve Face Mist – This has become a FAVE of mine. It’s so dang easy to use and gives the prettiest glow. Just spray and go and it develops over the day/ night. Love that you don’t have to touch your face. Code TARA15 will save you 15% on it!

Red Aspen Tanning Mousse – This is a really dark mousse. You can leave it on for up to 8 hours so it’s a good one to sleep in. If you don’t want it as dark, just leave it on for less time.

Tanning Prep + Tools – Prepping is the most important part of the whole tanning process. The better you prep, the better your tan will look. Red Aspen has an entire bundle to help make it easy. First, use the exfoliating mitt in the shower to slough off all the dead skin, after that I shave for a smooth surface. Once I’m out of the shower and all dry I use the mitt to do most of my body, the back applicator is nice because it gets those hard to reach places, and then I use the brush to smooth out all the tough areas (hands, ankles, elbows).

Red Aspen Body Cream + Tanning Drops – The tanning drops are a medium color and work great for your face. Mix them both together and you’ve got the dream team.

+Lux Unfiltered Gradual Tanning Lotion – This is probably my most used tanning lotion. I LOVE the way it smells, I get the SANTAL scent. It’s pretty forgiving too so if you’re a beginner I would recommend starting with this. It is a gradual lotion so it isn’t too dark but its buildable!

+Lux Unfiltered Lotion – This lotion is my current fave to use on my hands, feet, ankles and knee caps as a barrier. It helps make it a little more forgiving because these spots are generally more dry and attract more of the color. The Orange and Santal scents are AMAZING!! It has the best texture as well. Ooh the orange smells so good. I bet you would love it!

Angled Body Brush – I really like this brush to get into all the cracks and crevices.

Face Brush – Have you seen those videos of people contouring their faces with self tanner?! It’s amazing and looks so good. This is a great brush to use for that.

Hair Cap – Self explanatory but this is to protect that hair when tanning! Especially if you’re using a sprayer.

Dolce Glow Solution – This is the solution I have been using recently and I’m obsessed. It’s sold out, but I’ll keep my eye out for when it restocks! Here’s a little before and after I took when I applied! I bought all 3 colors and like the 9.5 best on me but read about them and figure out what you like best.

Solutions you guys recommended:

Norvell Venetian – This was the most recommended by far! People also suggested the one hour one!

Sjolie – This one was recommend a few times probably second most, someone mentioned they liked the violet one!

MineTan Violet Solution – Recommended by a few as well!

Tanning Machine – I was in need of a new sprayer (mine was 7 years old and needed to be replaced). When I saw that this one was cordless I immediately added to my cart. It’s so nice! It sprays vertically and horizontally which is a game changer. Em’s friends came over the night before prom and I was able to spray 3.5 girls before it died.

Tanning Tent – This is so nice if you don’t want to get your shower all dirty! It folds up small too. THIS is the one that I have though.. I do feel like its easier to fold up and I just keep THESE HOOKS on the shower wall to hang it up when I use it.

Feet Pads – If you are spraying yourself or others.. these are really nice so you aren’t stepping in solution that has landed on the floor. Keeps the bottom of your feet from getting orange!

Callus Remover – You’ll want your feet to be smooth as butter before tanning so it doesn’t look weird. This helps get rid of dead skin + calluses easily. Plus, if you screw up your feet or have dark spots on your heels, this will remove it.

Tanning Sleep Sack – I typically sleep with my tanner on and don’t want my sheets to be orange when I wake up in the morning. I bought this sack to sleep in so it doesn’t transfer onto my sheets. I’ve had mine for years and it washes up super well.