Holiday Gift Guide for the Beauty Lover – 2022

Give me all the skincare and makeup! I love beauty products and these are my faves.

  1. Shine Lip Gloss – I use this lip gloss every single day. I created my own shade with Shine a few years ago and it’s a go to. Honestly though, all the shades are so good. Code TARA saves you 10% site wide!
  2. Isle of Paradise Drops – These give such a nice glow, I love that I can add more or less drops depending on how dark I want my tan to be.
  3. Sly Beauty Makeup Case – This bag can hold. it. all. I love that you can fit full products in it with no problem!
  4. Soon Eye Patches – These are so hydrating, makes me feel so refreshed. The blueberry flavored ones are great too!
  5. Tarte AWAKE – Love this lip mask! It looks like a gloss so I can wear it throughout the day, keeps my lips from drying out.
  6. Tarte Juicy Lips – This is a super hydrating gloss. Love the shade options!
  7. Clear Bags – $11.99 for these clear bags! I have these in my purse and when I travel to be able to see what I’m working with and not have to dig around to find something.
  8. Weleda – It’s called “skin food” for a reason. This lotion absorbs and moisturizes so well.
  9. Glossier Perfume – A perfume that smells a bit different on everyone? Sounds pretty cool to me! Overall this is a very clean and refreshing scent.
  10. Dyson Airwrap – You’ve heard so many people hype this puppy up, but I promise it’s worth the hype. It has so many attachments and is the perfect all in one tool.
  11. Cuticle Oil – A saving grace for my nails in the dry, cold winter months. This Dior one is the best that I have found on the market.
  12. Mac Paint Pot Eyeshadow – I love how creamy this eyeshadow is, it applies so well. There are amazing color options.
  13. Lumineux – Whitening Strips that won’t make your teeth sensitive and ACTUALLY whiten. All natural ingredients too!
  14. Geometry Washcloths – The best towels on the market. I use them for everything, so great to wash your face with. Code TARA save 15% site wide!
  15. Makeup Mirror – This mirror does it all. Tons of light options and even an attachment to that your phone clips to if you need to film or take a selfie!
  16. Elemis Creams – If you are looking for a high quality moisturizer that will help to fight wrinkles these will be your best friend. I have used both the night cream and the marine cream and loveeee them.
  17. Billie Razor – A razor subscription is something I never knew I needed! haha. Not only does Billie deliver right to your door on a consistent basis, but their razors are the best I’ve tried.
  18. Tubing Mascara – I have used tubing mascara for years and have tried what feels like every freakin’ brand on the market… this is by far the best stuff!
  19. Face razors – If you haven’t started to shave your face you’re missing out. These razors get so much hair and dead skin off, it’s insane! It has helped my make up and skincare to go on smoother.
  20. Wax strips & wax – Emery has a love hate relationship with waxing 😂. I don’t blame her.. this is what we use at our house!
  21. Tweezers – You need at least one good pair of tweezers and these are them. Super fine tip to get those pesky chin hairs! If you don’t know what I’m talking about, then I envy you. 😂
  22. Nail Clippers – A basic necessity. A great stocking stuffer for your kids leaving the house in the next couple of months.
  23. Airwrap Travel Case – This is awesome for traveling with the air wrap! I love that it can hang if ya need it to.
  24. Cuticle Clippers – I love to use these before putting my nail dashes on. Makes me feel like I’m getting a real manicure done.
  25. Lip Oil – If you are wanting a HIGH GLOSS look this lip oil will achieve that! A ton of color options too.


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  1. Lash & Brow Boost – I have super sensitive eyes and every growth serum I’ve tried has given me a reaction… EXCEPT DIME!
  2. Dan Les Boris – This sells out all the time, it’s my go to perfume.
  3. Zit Patches – I swear this is some sort of crazy magic. It pulls allllll the nasty stuff from zits and makes them go away so fast.
  4. Whipped Exfoliating Mask – A gentle exfoliating cream that leaves skin feeling so smooth. It’s not harsh on your skin either, like other exfoliants!


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  1. Tula Under Eye Kit – The “Eye Balm Extravaganza” is the perfect name for this trio. Comes with a glow and go cooling balm, rose glow and go cooling balm, and the day and night treatment balm.
  2. Tula Exfoliators – I love to use these to get my spray tan off! The holiday scents are sooo good.
  3. Tula Facewash – This is a great size bottle. Gentle and doesn’t dry out my face.


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  1. Bow Scrunchies – These are so cute to dress up a pony tail! (Especially if you don’t want to full on do your hair for a holiday party. hahah)
  2. Hair Towels – I use this every time I wash my hair. The microfiber cloth helps with frizz and it’s not bulky like having a big old towel on top of your head is.
  3. Pillow Case – There are so many benefits to having a silk pillow case. Help with hair breakage, helps with breakouts, and helps prevent wrinkles!
  4. Travel Bottle Set – Meet TSA requirement with this 11 piece travel set. I love the variety of bottles and bags!


  1. Nail Dashes – A 2 week manicure for under $20 is a perfect gift in my book. There are soooo many designs and colors that you’re bound to find the perfect one for anyone on your list!
  2. Tanning Set – The essentials kit is the way to go. Everything you need from the mousse, a big and small mitt, an exfoliating mitt, back applicator, AND brush.
  3. Eye Shadow – Red Aspen doesn’t just do nails right, their makeup is amazing. I love the eye shadow palettes!