Holiday Gift Guide for the Pre-Teen Girls – 2022

  1. Art Easel – If you have an artistic little one this is perfect, the storage underneath is what sold me.
  2. Stanley Ice Flow – I love the 30 oz ones, but the 20 oz ones are great too! Perfect for school, sports, and travel. TARA20 works for 20% off all drinkware except the Quenchers.
  3. Gabb Watch – I love these for my boys. Perfect for a kid who isn’t quite old (or responsible) enough for a phone. My code TARA gets you a free watch when you sign up for a 2 year plan!
  4. Smiley Face Slippers – My girls love these slippers. Warm and trendy!
  5. Photo Printer – The polaroid camera’s are all the rage, but I swear it’s always forgotten so it never gets used! This photo printer is awesome because you can take the pictures straight off your phone and print them! My girls love to put these pictures up in their rooms. The backs of the prints are sticky so they can be used as stickers too.
  6. Bath Bombs – Scented and colorful. They make a great stocking stuffer!
  7. Brixley Bag – There are so many different ways to wear this bag. Cross body, fanny pack, backpack, purse. It has card slots and can fit the essentials. Perfect for a teen or preteen.
  8. Sherpa Jacket – This jacket is THICK. Cute patterns too!
  9. Blue Light Blockers – Schools are soooo much more focused on working on computers now.. eye health is so important!
  10. Soft Socks – The perfect stocking stuffer.
  11. Beading Kit – The hours of entertainment that these have given my girls is astounding. Heck, they even made a business out of it! We love this kit.
  12. Comfy PJs – These are a great price and really stretchy and soft. I’ve purchased them for all of my kids.
  13. Coloring Book – My girls love these! I like to color in them too. A little bit more challenging designs that take minute to work on. Why is coloring so relaxing?
  14. Cat Card Game – We are now cat lovers in our household, this family game is purrrfect for us. 😉 If you have a cat lover this would be a fun one.
  15. Beaded Necklace – From mask straps to necklaces, my girls have you covered. They have so much fun making these together and with their friends. The patterns they come up with are fun.
  16. Hair Tinsel – I remember when this was cool about 10-12 years ago, I’m glad it’s making a comeback. It’s so fun to put in hair without damaging it with dye and what not.
  17. Apron – If your little one is venturing into the baking world, it may be a win for you in the future (hello chocolate chips cookies). This kids size apron great for them to make messes and not worry about ruining clothes.
  18. Cookbook for Kids – A perfect place to start if your kids are interested in cooking and baking!
  19. Beddy’s – The perfect bedding, there is no excuse to leave the bed unmade! Also, the greatest invention for bunk beds! Code TARA saves you 20%!
  20. Platform Converse – My girls go to shoes. They go with everything and the platform is go fun!
  21. Bloom + Bliss Affirmation Cards – Okay, these are seriously so cute and the PERFECT stocking stuffer. I’ve shared them before and love them for all of my kids. Code TARA will save you 20%!
  22. Doodle Board – We take these on roadtrips and to church and it keeps the kids QUIETLY entertained… most of the time.
  23. The Comfy – It’s like wearing a blanket. So soft and warm. I love mine when my house is freezing.
  24. Gel Crayons – These are so great for posters, but can be used for so many other crafts! I also love these paint markers. No mess, but still the looks like paint
  25. Bucket Hat – These have been all the rage for quite a while now. My girls love this one.
  26. Butterfly Clips – Remember when these were cool in the 90s?! I feel old that they are coming back, but I’m also happy about it! All these colors are so fun! Shop Andi always has the cutest options for clips and hair accessories. Code TARA15 for 15% off.
  27. Erasable Marker Pens – These have a .7 mm fine point tip so they write super thin, and with the added bonus of being able to erase? Perfect!
  28. Checkered Vans – Everyone in my family has these. They are so nice to be able to slip on and go. There are always cute colors and patterns available. I am loving the light purple checker.
  29. Goosebumps Blanket – My girls love these. They are the go to blanket for them. So many cute patterns and different sizes! Code TARA saves 15%!
  30. Inflatable Tumble Track -The girls practice their tumbling on this and the boys practice their parkour. Gives me peace of mind that it’s safer than doing it on the hard ground! Can be used inside and outside.
  31. Curling Wand – This is perfect if your girls are just learning to curl their hair!
  32. Sunset Projector Light – This is so cool, my girls always say it’s a vibe.. So I definitely think this lamp fits their “vibe”.
  33. Quip Toothbrush – An electric toothbrush for $20.. It suctions to the mirror and comes with a travel case!
  34. Clip On Speaker – My kids love this speaker, it clips onto backpacks which is convenient!
  35. Jewelry Case – The case is such a great size and l love the color and look of this one!
  36. Slippers – These ones have hard soles which is nice! The sherpa is so cute.
  37. Book – Some of Emery and Anisten’s faves were.. The Princess in Black | The Never Girls
  38. Twinkle lights – Remote controlled string lights that would look so cute in a bedroom!
  39. Red Aspen Nails – There are small sizes available for little girls and regular sizes for older girls (or you). A manicure under $20 that will last 2 weeks.