Holiday Gift Guide for Teen Boys – 2023

I’m not in the teen boy stage yet, CLOSE, but not quite yet.. However, I have teen boy nephews and got a few ideas from Em + Anisten’s friends! If you’re looking for TEEN GIRL stuff, click that link (it’s one of our most popular gift guides)!

Hammock – My girls love heading to the mountains with their friends to hammock. This one has held up great for us. Don’t forget to buy the straps too!

Purple Pillow – I have this on the men’s gift guide too! Braun and the girls love them. It’s made from the same material as Purple mattresses and is self cooling. Add THIS pillowcase for a nights rest of their dreams. It’s silky + stretchy.

Nike Socks – If they have them, I’m sure they could always use more. If they don’t have them, well they’ll love them!

Nintendo Switch – For all the video loving boys out there, my boys love their switches so much.

Airpod Max – You know my love for Apple… These are the best headphones, Em + Anisten agree!

Manscaper – You know, you’re just gonna have to read the reviews on this one.. may not be the most exciting gift, but they’ll love it.

Portable Hammock – Who says you need to trees to hammock? This bad boy will let you hammock anywhere! Fold up fairly small too.

Shoe Keychain – Not only do they need super cool shoes, the keys gotta match right?

Golf Net – I think this would be preferable for outside / garage use, but could also work inside to help them practice their swing + shot!

Vooray Duffle – If you’ve got a kid in sports, these duffles are awesome! Em + Anisten use them for cheer and we love them. Code TARA25 saves you 25%!

Crocs – Besides Nikes, these are the shoes I see kids in the most. I guess comfort is more important than style in some cases. 😜 Kidding!

Grooming Kit – Hopefully this will get put to use, comes with all the essentials. If you have a boy going to college soon, this is an awesome set.

Airplay Device for the Car – So nifty to be able to bluetooth your phone if the car doesn’t have that capability!

Anker Charger – Each person in our fam has their own color of charger because Braun was sick of his going missing. These are the 6 ft ones and come with a cord clip too. They’re the best.

Shark Watch – Dash + Jett’s most used Christmas present from last year. They LOVE them. They’ve recently come out with a lot of great colorways too. Code TARA10 saves you 10%.

Xbox – Another great options if you’ve got kids who love games, could also work as a family gift!

Mini iPad – The perfect spot to item their fave shows. Obviously there’s so much more you can do with an iPad, like homework, play games, ya know.

64 oz Stanley – We call this the community water bottle because there’s enough for everyone in our fam haha. BUT, it works perfect for sports games/tournaments too. I love that it has a clip on the side so it can hang on fences. Code TARA20 works for 20% off select items.

Gold Chain – I think these are here to stay! This one has great reviews.

Beanie – I don’t know what it is, but I see kids wearing beanies in the middle of July.. if you’ve got a kid like that then here’s a year round option! haha If not, still a cute hat for the winter!

Switch Remotes – The more that can play, the merrier! You’ll definitely want to connect it to the tv for more than 2 people though.

Gift Card Holder – You can put the gift card in a little slot, you don’t have to do the maze to get it! But it’s fun because you can still play the maze game. My boys would love this.

A few gift card ideas:

-Gas Gift Card


Game Stop

-Movie theatre

-Fast food restaurants they love

Car Kit – This was one of Emery’s gifts last year. Comes with all the car essentials.. Jumper cables, gloves, etc.

Hookey – Better then darts putting holes in your wall…. Same concept as darts though!

How to Win Friends and Influence People  – Braun made it a requirement that all of our kids have to read this book before they can get their license. It’s a good one that teaches so many life skills.

Soccer Net – Great to for practice in the yard.

Speed Gun – I just know your boys would have a blast with this… just make sure that they are being smart and NOT speeding their cars!

Airpods + Case – Some people like the Airpod Max’s and some like the regular airpods! These are definitely a less expensive option! Can’t forget about a good case either. Love that this one has a clip.

Tee Toss – We played this in a sports store in Hawaii for about an hour, it’s so addicting! the ball is connected to a string and the goal is to swing it and try and get it on the tee.

Anker Lighting Charger – I’ve been using this since July and LOVE them! It makes it so easy to get a quick charge on my phone. Perfect to throw in a backpack or purse.

Jesus Sandals – I see boys wearing these or crocs a majority of the time! Especially after soccer, baseball, and football games. Easy to slide on and clean.

Millennium Falcon Lego Set – For all the Star Wars lovers, this set is super cool + will take a few days to build!

Goosebumps Blanket – This blanket has been a Thueson must have for YEARS. The perfect adult swaddle blanket. Code TARA for 15% off!

Thread Wallet – My girls’ fave wallet. They have tons of color options and hold quite a few cards.

Pickleball Paddle – Don’t knock it until you try it, I was skeptical that I would like Pickleball, but I LOVE it. It’s so fun!!