Holiday Gift Guide for the Homebody – 2023

I love to travel so much, but I’m definitely a homebody through and through. After a long trip, I crave being home in my bed. Here’s my faves for those who feel the same! I have a few kitchen faves on here, but more over on the FOODIE gift guide.

Chirp Wheels – This was the best gift I got myself last year haha. I use them every single day and it pops and stretches in the best way.

Anker Lighting Charger – I’ve been using this since July and LOVE them! It makes it so easy to get a quick charge on my phone. Perfect to throw in a backpack or purse.

Geometry Towels – I’ve used these towels for YEARS. They’re mega absorbent, have the cutest prints, wash up so well, and fold nicely. They’re known for their tea towels, but we also love their beach/bath towels! Code TARA saves you 35% off for a limited time!!

Neck Stretcher – Like the chirp wheels for your neck, relieves so much tension.

Kindle – I love the paperwhite kindle, it’s my fave! But, if you want a cheaper option the Oasis is awesome too.

Kindle Holder – This one is for the lazy + efficient. You can clip it to your nightstand, bed, really anywhere so you don’t have to hold your kindle while you read.

Hatch Sound Machine – I actually take this one with me when I travel, but if you love white noise this is awesome. Has 12 different sound options, brown noise is my fave.

Lola Blankets – The softest blankets EVER. Seriously, all my kids use to steal mine and I ended up getting them all their own. It’s the cats fave too. Code TARA will save you!

Salty Tub Co – If you’re looking for a tranquil bath, these are the best kits on the planet. Packed with so much goodness and they have soooo many different options to fit your needs. Code TARA saves ya 20%.

Comfy – My girls love these! Basically like wearing a blanket.

OSEA Malibu – From exfoliators to body oils these have become a holy grail product for me. IT’S SO GOOD. Code TARAHOLIDAY saves you 10%!

Oil Diffuser – I’ve been using these in a few areas of my house, they have luxurious scents that I love! My favorite is Love Affair, it smells like the Baccarat Rouge perfume.

Candle Warmer – Speaking of having a great smelling house, a candle warmer is a great option! No flame, but you still get that smell you want. The candles last a lot longer too.

Eye Massager – You guys sold this out years ago, it’s seriously the best thing ever. I love it when I have migraines and to relax.

Spanx Set – Quite literally the best set I’ve ever put on my body. It’s so dang soft! Ugh, I want to be in it right now. The half zip hits at the perfect spot + the wide leg pants make you feel like you’re wearing nothing at all.

Embroidery Kit – How cute is this? My girls love doing these, such a fun skill to have. Here’s a few more kits I like.. 3 PACK FLORAL PLANTS | 3 PACK WARM FLORALS | 4 PACK BRIGHT FLORALS

Stanley Snack Tray – Say hello to the ultimate hydration + snack station. Hear me out, it’s kind of a weird product, but I use it for movie nights and it’s the best!

Always Pan – A product I use every single day. I love the new cast iron one too! Tons of benefits including being nontoxic and nonstick!

Sleep Crown – I’ll promote this till the end of time. A pillow that goes over your head and blocks out sounds and light. It has changed mine and Braun’s sleeping game. If you’ve got someone who works nights + sleeps during the day, they’ll love this!

Tommy John Pajamas – My favorite pajamas EVER. The second skin fabric is top notch. Their bras and underwear are the best too!

Fire stick – This makes any TV a smart TV, I keep one in my travel bag, but it’s awesome if you don’t have a smart TV!

Digital Frame – I really love this for people who don’t live close. You can download and app and send pics to the frame so it constantly updates.

Uggs – Mega trendy right now and so cute! Love that their platform.

Pill Case – Is it weird to get excited about a pill case? Because I am! This one is BEAUTIFUL and will make you excited to take those vitamins + meds. haha

Knee Pillow – You know your old when… you’d be excited to get a knee pillow as a gift! haha In all seriousness this is a necessity for us side sleepers to help keep everything aligned.

Kindle Remote – Grab the kindle holder + this remote and you’re set for a cozy night of reading in your bed! You’ll be able to turn the pages with the remote.

Neck Massager – If you carry stress in your shoulder this helps a tonnnn. It’s heated and rolls out all the knots and tension.

Skylight Calendar – This was a recent purchase of mine and not only do I love it, but my kids love it! It lays out everyone’s calendars with ease. I have it in my kitchen so that everyone can see what their day, week, and month look like.

Kindle – I’m all about making life easier and my Kindle does that. It’s better than reading on an phone or tablet because their isn’t a glare. If you are wanting to spend a bit less this one is great too!

Salt Lamp – I have this in my bedroom and love it! Just don’t let your cats get ahold of it cause it can be toxic!

Ninja Creami – I’ve gotta get my hands on one of these, they are SO COOL. It’ll make any kind of ice cream that you want, there’s tons of recipes online to look up.

Weighted Heating Pad – The weight of this makes it next level. Seriously, I love this thing! Code TARA saves you 10%.

Hatch Restore – I’ve been using this for quite some time now and LOVE it. It has a lot of functions, but my favorite is the sound machine and the light alarm. It gradually gets brighter and brighter to wake you up gradually.

Purple Pillow – This is made with the same stuff that their mattresses are, the honeycomb latex! It’s cooling and never falls flat either! We also just discovered THESE pillowcases and are obsessed with them. Stretchy and silky!

Electric Kettle – Not only this is stunning to look at, it’ll boil water so fast!

StanByMe TV – I want this so bad but just don’t know how to justify it quite yet! haha It’s a rolling TV/ tablet and so dang cool. Imagine being able to have your fave show on while you’re in the bath. A DREAM.

64 oz Stanley Tumbler – You know what they say the bigger the better! This will definitely keep you hydrated. Perfect for around the house because it doesn’t fit in a car cup holder.

Moji – I swore to myself that I would never be the house that smells like dogs and cats, these are my saving grace. They technically aren’t called Moji anymore, they go by the name The Happy Co. but it’s still the same product we know and love!

Red Aspen Nails – Nobody has time to go to the nail salon anymore, a 2 week manicure for under $20 is the way to go. I love that I can change mine whenever I please.

Frame TV – I know you’ve heard about these, it’s a TV but when it’s on standby it looks like a picture! Since it’s digital you can change the picture to whatever you want!

Butterfly Puzzle – Such a cute one! We love doing these during the holiday break when everyone is home.

Body Love Basics Robe – The coziest robe! Comes in cute colors and is size inclusive. Code TARA saves you 10%.

Goosebumps Blanket – A Thueson staple. Every person in our family has one (or multiple) of these. They are adult swaddles and the best things ever. They fold up great and are perfect for traveling… or staying home ;). Code TARA saves 15%.