Valentine’s Gift Guide for Women – 2024

I rounded up a few things that would make the perfect Valentine’s Gift for the women in your life.. or yourself!

Ninja Creami – We use this almost every single night to make ice cream. IT’S SO GOOD and way fun. If you’ve got a bigger family I would recommend getting the XL size!

Red Aspen – Not only do they have fun Valentine’s designs out right now, but tons of other cute options too. $12-$15 for a two week manicure? SIGN ME UP!

Teva Slippers – I buy a pair of slippers for myself every year and if I were to line them all up and have to pick one, it would be these. They’re SO comfortable and have killer arch support. They also have hard bottoms which I love!

Spanx Half Zip + Wide Leg Sweats – The comfiest sweat set to grace by body. I’ve yet to try something from Spanx that I haven’t been obsessed with. Follow their size guide, it’s spot on! Use code TARAXSPANX for 10% off your order and free shipping!

Oura Ring – Don’t get me wrong, I loved my apple watch for a long time and it was so cool that it could track my sleep, but being able to just wear a ring instead of a watch is far better. The oura ring will also track activity + heart rate during the day. Technology is so cool!

Byredo Perfume – This is the perfume I reach for the most. Definitely one of my signature scents!

Overnight Lip Mask – I put this on at night and wake up to it’s still on working it’s magic. This is the only mask I’ve found that lasts that long. It’s pretty sticky so I definitely would recommend just using it at night, but it works so dang well.

Vibrator – Uh yeah, we’re at the level of closeness now right? Think of this as a gift to yourself! haha It’s a favorite of mine.

Heart Earrings – I thought these were so cute. Not totally Valentines-y and you could definitely wear them after the holiday!

Baccarat Rouge Perfume Travel Set – This comes with 5 travel vials and an atomizer! This is another perfume I wear constantly. The website says it has notes of jasmine, saffron, cedarwood, ambergris.

Coconu – Merry Christmas to your significant other! If you’ve been searching for a lube, look no further. You’re husband will love you for this one. I prefer the oil based, but the water and hemp based are amazing too! Code TARA will save you.

Shine Cosmetics – I’ve been using Shine for years and they’ve never failed me! Goals is my fave lip gloss (I helped create it!) , I can’t live without their BB Cream, love their bronzer/ highlighter sticks, AND they just launched new makeup brushes that are amazinggggg. Code TARA saves you 10%!

Biossance Ectoin Overnight Cream – Another night cream that I LOVE. So hydrating and repairs your skin too.

Geometry Towels – While they have the cutest v-day prints right now, they also have amazing everyday prints! They’re the most absorbent towels. Code TARA saves you 15%!

Epilator – You will definitely curse my name when you first use this, but you’ll love it when you don’t have to shave! It pulls the hair out at the root so it grows back in soft and I can go a month in between uses.

Dior Lip Oil – If you are wanting a HIGH GLOSS look this lip oil will achieve that! A ton of color options too, all are super subtle. My favorite is Rosewood!

Krewe Sunglasses – I picked these up a couple months ago and LOVE them. Fun and unique. I had been eyeing them for a long time and am so glad I got them.

MZ Wallace Crossbody – Okay, I have the bigger version of this bag, but they just launched this smaller one that I love so much more! Still a great size, with lots of pockets. Plus, it’s sooo cute.

Tommy John Pajamas – My favorite pajamas EVER. The second skin fabric is top notch. Their bras and underwear are the best too!

OSEA Malibu – I first got hooked on their body oil and body balm, I use both every day! They recently launched a Collagen Dream Night Cream and it’s just as good as their other products. I also love the exfoliating scrub sooo much! Use code TARADREAM to get 10% off your order.

Mirror – This is the mirror I use to do my makeup every day. It has great light settings and a 10x mirror on the other side.

Dior Cuticle Cream – When I think about my holy grail beauty items, this is pretty close to the top of the list. One jar will last you years. It hydrates your cuticles so well.

Clarins Face Roller – This was out of stock for a while after I first shared it, but it’s back! It’s been the best for an at home face massage. It’s also meant to decongest, so it’s perfect if you’re sick.

Makeup Brush Holder – This was a recent amazon find and I’m loving having a place for my brushes so my makeup bag doesn’t get all dirty. It has a magnetic flap that stays closed, which if my favorite part.

Makeup Bag – I asked you guys for recommendations on a new makeup bag and this one was suggested a lot. I’ve really like it so far!

At Home Laser Hair Removal Device – I was definitely skeptical of this, but when I saw the amazon reviews, I figured we’d give it a shot and WOW have I been impressed! Emery has loved using it too.

Makeup Bag – If you have a lot of makeup up (or know someone who does) this is such a great one and the quality is amazing!

Loopy Phone Case – I’ve been using loopy cases since 2014 I think.. I have never cracked a phone screen using this case, and I really never drop my phone haha. The loop comes in handy. Code TARA10 will save you 10% on one case or TARA15 will save 15% on 2 or more!

MZ Wallace Woven Bag – I gasped when I saw this! SOOO pretty. 😍

Stanley – Is it even a Tara Thueson gift guide without one of these on here? You guys know by now this is my ride or die cup!

Lola Blankets – The softest blanket I’ve ever used. Seriously I love it so much, so does everyone in my family. Code TARA45 saves you 45%!

Hatch Restore – I’ve been using this for quite some time now and LOVE it. It has a lot of functions, but my favorite is the sound machine and the light alarm. It gradually gets brighter and brighter to wake you up slowly.

Neck Massager – If you carry stress in your shoulder this helps a tonnnn. It’s heated and rolls out all the knots and tension. We have one and I loveeeee it!

Bio Ionic Curling Iron – The best curling iron I’ve ever used. The curls are so pretty and last!