Valentine’s Gift Guide for Men – 2024

Phillips Trimmer – One of the top sellers of 2022 + 2023.. and for good reason! This bad boy is amazing at getting all the neck + back hair and a crisp, clean line. I also use it to cute my boys’ hair, there’s tons of attachments that come with it.

Sunglasses Holder – Organization.. it’s the way to Braun’s heart and this keeps all his sunglasses organized!

iPad – Great for work or to just chill out and watch something on! I use mine all the time.

Coconu – Nothing says I love you like all natural lube right? If you’ve been searching for an amazing, all natural lube, look no further. You’re husband will love you for this one. I prefer the oil based, but the water and hemp based are amazing too! Code TARA will save you 15%.

&Collar Shirt – Have you guys seen these? They are WILD. Super stretchy dress shirts that repel water + food spills like it’s magic. Braun and the boys love them! Code TARA15 will save you!

Theragun – This really helps to loosen up those muscles and knots. We both like the mini one too because it’s compact enough to bring along anywhere.

Bracelet – Braun loves his and has the matching chain!

Groove Life Belt – We got there belts a few months ago and Braun loves them. They’re magnetic so you adjust them once and that’s it. Tons of you guys have loved them too! The quality is amazing and super durable. They also have some really cool wallets. Code GLTARA will get you free shipping!

Tommy John Pajamas – The only pajamas Braun and I wear. So soft and comfy. He likes the second skin ones best because they keep him cool with him being a hot sleeper!

Top 1 Percenter Journal – I’m super proud of Braun.. He created this journal! It’s super great to keep organized and help accomplish goals!

Andar Wallet – I’ve gifted these to all the men in our family, they are the best wallets and have the coolest features! Code TARA for free shipping on orders over $59.

Airpod Max Headphones – I’m an apple product lover through and through, and got Braun hooked on these headphones. Super comfortable to wear and great sound. 

Airpod Max Case – If your buying the headphones, ya need a good case! This is the one we love.

Couch Caddy – I bought this for myself to have a little station wherever I went and Braun stole it! haha it’s so convenient for snacks, your phone, really whatever you want!

On Cloud Shoes – Okay, these are super comfortable. Braun wears his all the time!

Knife Sharpener – We bought this 3 years ago and still use it all the time. Helps get those knives mega sharp, it’s easy to use too.

Foot Peel Mask – Okay this is honestly DISGUSTING but it works so well and leaves your feet baby soft… takes a couple of days to peel and while gross it’s really satisfying.

Watch Organizer – I shared this on stories and got tons of questions on it! It not only will store watches, but winds them too. It’s durable and super sleek.

Travis Matthews T-shirt – Braun owns A LOT of these shirts. It’s his favorite t-ever. Super soft and holds up extremely well.

Yurman Silver Chain – Braun bought this a few months back and loves the quality. He got the 20’’ and wishes he would have gotten the 22’’.

Bike Phone Mount – Braun tried soooo many of these bike mounts for your phone before landing on this one! It’s got a super strong magnet and you’re able to put your phone vertical or horizontal.

Tumi Toiletry Bag – Braun’s favorite toiletry bag!

Anker Charger – We swear by Anker chargers, the best quality we’ve been able to find. This one is MASSIVE and will charge your laptop, phone, etc.

Car Phone Mount – This works amazing in a tesla, but would totally work in any car. Really strong magnet, it’s what we both use.

Conversation Starters – I love going through these with Braun. You can learn so much about your spouse from these cards, even after years of being together. It’s a lot of fun!

Yeti Cooler – We love Yeti coolers, this one is a great size for little adventures! Has a shoulder strap too for easy carrying.

Foot File – As gross as it is, this gets allll the dead skin off and calluses off. Leaves feet baby soft.

Le Labo Cologne – Santal 33 – Braun wears 5 colognes and this is one of the 5. Smells so good. Another great one is Meteore by LV.

Sleep Crown – I’ll promote this till the end of time. A pillow that goes over your head and blocks out sounds and light. It has changed mine and Braun’s sleeping game. If you’ve got someone who works nights + sleeps during the day, they’ll love this!

Peak System Phone Case– This is awesome! The case a square on the back that attaches into all of their products. They have car mounts, bike mounts (we use these on our bikes!), motorcycle mounts, wallets, tripods, wall mounts, charging stands… I’m telling you this thing is COOL.  Braun has used it for years and loves it.

Stanley Cups – I came home one day to about 20 of these in the kitchen.. Braun loves them. They’ve got that amazing Stanley quality, but in cup form, plus they have a lid!

Belt Organizer – Not super glamorous, but Braun had his belts on a hanger and hated that it wasn’t organized and the ones on the bottom of the pile were hard to get to. You can either have this out or put it in a drawer if you want!

Dome Dock – If your significant other owns a lot of baseball caps, but has nowhere to put them, this is for them. You drill it into the wall and are able to stack tons of hats up!

Slippers – Braun loves that these have a hard bottom so we can go outside in them in he needs. Super comfortable too.