Holiday Gift Guide for the Traveler – 2022

If you know me by now you know that I love to travel and I don’t pack light! These are my travel must haves this year.

  1. Goosebumps Blanket – A Thueson staple. Every person in our family has one (or multiple) of these. They are adult swaddles and the best things ever. They fold up small and are perfect for traveling. Code TARA saves 15%.
  2. Kindle – I’m all about making life easier and my Kindle does that. It’s better than reading on an phone or tablet because their isn’t a glare. If you are wanting to spend a bit less this one is great too!
  3. Clear Cosmetic Bag – I love this makeup bag! Really good quality and holds quite a bit!
  4. Travel Bottles – These are silicone squeeze bottles. Perfect for your liquids! They clean easily. I love these Kitsch ones too, they have bottles and bags that meet TSA requirements. Code TARA saves 25% site wide on Kitsch.
  5. Dagne Dover Backpack – I loveeee Dagne and Dover products. This backpack is technically a diaper bag, but I use it to travel and it’s the best. Super lightweight, so many compartments for organization, and it has a bit of stretch if you need to back that baby full.
  6. Apple Trio Charger – I love that I don’t have to worry about bringing every charger with me and that it’s all in one for my phone, watch, and AirPods.
  7. MZ Wallace Small Metro Tote – This bag can hold everything. The perfect personal item on the plain! I love that the outside it plastic and completely wipeable. There are different size options depending on what you like! The medium one linked here! This cosmetic case looks similar enough that it could match, too.
  8. Eye Massager – Every single person should have one of these.. whether you get migraines or not, this massager is fantastic and totally relaxes your eyes and reduces the pressure.
  9. Anker Portable Charger – This charges my phone about 10 times and by laptop about 1.5 times. So great to have an hand!
  10. Airfly – This is a lifesaver when you want to watch movies that the plane offers, but don’t want to use those corded ones headphones. Multiple devices can hook to it so my kids can watch the same movie and not have to share headphone. GENIUS.
  11. Air Tags – If your worried about loosing (or heaven forbid having something stolen) these are awesome and give me so much peace of mind.
  12. Pill Cases – I have a few favorites for traveling: THIS one is great for a day or two or if you have some throughout the day that you’ll need to take later in the day while you’re out and THIS one is great for week + , but it also breaks down smaller!! This one is great for travels, it holds SO much.
  13. Toiletries Bag – This can hold everything you needs. So many compartments and space. It folds up so nice, I take this on every trip.
  14. Shoe Organizer – I pack so much that I often times don’t have enough room for all the shoes that I want to bring. This is great because you can slide it on your suitcase handle OR put in your bag. Holds three pairs of shoes.
  15. Portable Apple Watch Charger – Travel days can be long and sometimes I don’t get time to charge my watch. This is perfect to take along.
  16. Carry on – Great, affordable option for a hard shell carry on. Love the color too.
  17. TULA Travel Set – I don’t go anywhere without my face stuff! It’s the easiest to buy this cute travel set and have all the best stuff, mini sized! My code: TARATHUESON works on their whole site.
  18. Outlet Adapter – This is awesome if you have to charge a lot of things! I take it anytime we travel with kids so they don’t have to fight over the outlets. haha
  19. AirPods – Can’t live without these headphones!
  20. Andar AirPods Case – The only case I use for my AirPods. Holds up so well and looks better as it ages.
  21. Makeup Brush Cover – Keep your brushes fluffy with this carrier. It’s silicone so it’s easy super to clean.
  22. Safety Alarm – If you are traveling alone or with kids, this is a must. It has a siren and a strobe light. Comes in lots of cute colors.
  23. Calpak Packing Cubes – Packing cubes are a must and I love these ones! I’m all about organization when I travel and these have been so helpful. Plus, I feel like I can pack way more when I use these.
  24. Jewelry Case – First off, the green color is so pretty! There are great compartments to keep all that jewelry safe and untangled.
  1. Headphones – I like the AirPod Max headphones and Braun likes the Bose ones! Both are amazing.
  2. Clear Travel Bags – I usually have one of these in my purse on a daily basis.. but these are TSA compliant and make it so easy to see what you need when they’re thrown in a big travel bag.
  3. Fleece Belt Bag – It’s nice to throw this in your suitcase to have while in a new place, that way you don’t have to lug around a big purse or bag.
  4. Small Wireless Charger – I swear my phone always dies on vacation. This is small and charges a phone fairly quickly!
  5. Large Pill Case – This one is great for week+, but it also breaks down smaller!! This one is great for travels, it holds SO much.
  6. Duffle Bag – This bag is huge. Braun takes this on most of trips. It also can be a backpack which is great for carrying it! I love the separate compartments to keep things organized. Code TARA saves you 15%!
  7. Laundry Bag – Keeping things organized on vacation and wondering what is clean or dirty can be tricky. This bag is perfect for keep things separated.
  8. Stanley – The IceFlow is the best cup to travel with. Code TARA20 will save you 20% on all drinkware except Quenchers.
  9. Travel Pillow – I’m all about comfort, especially on planes. This is probably the oddest looking travel pillow, but also the most comfortable!
  10. Dyson Airwrap Case – Let’s be real, if you want to travel with the Airwrap it could be quite the ordeal with how many attachments it comes with haha. This bag is perfect for it! Four compartments for the attachments to keep everything nice and organized.
  11. Clear Cosmetic Case – This is such a great size and the perfect travel makeup bag. I like that I can see everything in them without opening and digging for stuff.
  12. Closet Hanging Organization – You may have seen this hack floating around the internet, pack an outfit in each slot, collapse it down and throw it in your suitcase, when you get to your destination the easiest unpacking ever.
  13. Clear Elastics – I always have an extra pack of these in my travel bag. These are what I use to tie off my boxer braids! Code TARA saves 25% site wide!
  14. Pill Box – Another handy dandy pill box! This one has separate compartments so you can take all of them or just one, which is nice.
  15. Carry On – This is my actual carry on. If you travel often and love really nice luggage this is for you. It comes with a warranty that covers anything and everything.
  16. Hard Shell Carry On – If you’re needing a nice carry on, but don’t want to spend an arm and leg, this one is great! I love the hard shell! This one is a Target option that is more economically friendly!
  17. Pill Case – This is perfect to throw in your purse and go. It’s magnetic and has compartments are big enough to hold things other than medicine. I am grabbing one to put in my car too.
  18. Geometry Towels – The best towels to take ANYWHERE. They have huge ones that are great for the beach and amazing bath towels. Code TARA saves you!
  19. MZ Metro Bucket Bag – A great bag to throw everything into. I pack this bag and use it as my purse when we get to our destination.
  20. Kitsch Hair Towel – I will always take this with me where ever I go. The best hair towel ever. Code TARA saves 25% site wide!
  21. Toothbrush Covers – These work like clips which is super nice!
  22. Ear Plugs – These are wayyyy better than the marshmallow-ish ones that “mold to your ear”… they’ve definitely never worked that great for me, but these work AMAZINGLY.
  23. Sleep Mask -I love this one because it feel kind of weighted on your eyes. So relaxing. This silk one feels like your at a 5 star resort spa!
  24. Travel Mirror – Has a light and folds up! Super nice in terribly lit hotel rooms.