Holiday Gift Guide for the Traveler – 2023

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE being home.. but I catch the travel bug a few times a year. Here are my essentials + a few faves for traveling. If you’ve got people in your life who traveling is their thing, check out the HOMEBODY gift guide.

Calpak Water Bottle Holder – I think this is so nifty! Being hands free and hydrated? Sign me up!

Iceflow Stanley – I love my tumblers, but they leak if you’re not careful, the Iceflows are the way to go if you’re traveling. Code TARA20 saves you 20% on select products.

lululemon Crossbody – LOVE the muted colors this comes in, plus it looks a bit different then the original one we all have.

Tobiq Duffle – I’ve shared about this for a long time, it’s awesome for the ultra organized people because there’s a ton of separated compartments. OR if you’re traveling with kids/family you can put everyone’s stuff in the same bag without it getting jumbled up. Code TARA20 saves you 20%.

BEIS Cosmetic Case – Not only is this the most beautiful thing I’ve every seen, it mega functional. It’s got a firm shell too so nothing is going to be smooshed in it.

Neck Pillow – Thing airport neck pillow on steroids. This is a saving grace for those long plane rides!

Jewelry Case – I love this jewelry case because it’s small and has tons of compartments!

Airfly – You’ve heard me talk about this for ages.. Braun doesn’t travel without one (neither do I). It makes the headphone jack on your airplane screen bluetooth compatible so you don’t have to wear the uncomfortable airplane corded ones.

Air Tags – If your worried about loosing (or heaven forbid having something stolen) these are awesome and give me so much peace of mind.

MZ Wallace Tote – This is a new color that just launched and I’m obsessed with it. This bag is huge, which makes it the perfect carry on for someone who likes to take all the things (ME!). It’s completely wipeable, which is another major plus.

Dyson Airwrap Case – Let’s be real, if you want to travel with the Airwrap it could be quite the ordeal with how many attachments it comes with haha. This bag is perfect for it! Four compartments for the attachments to keep everything nice and organized.

Goosebumps Blanket – A Thueson staple. Every person in our family has one (or multiple) of these. They are adult swaddles and the best things ever. They fold up small and are perfect for traveling. Code TARA saves 15%.

3 in 1 Wireless Charger – How often have you forgotten a phone charger in a hotel? I know I have, this makes it a cord-free (well there’s one cord attached) enjoyable experience that can charge your phone, watch, and airpods all in one.

Hatch Sound Machine – I use the Hatch Restore when I’m at home, but love this when traveling because it blocks out an outside noise and it’s small. It comes with 12 different sound options, brown noise is my fave.

Baggu Go Pouches – When everything has a place it makes my heart happy and my mind a little less crazy. These are great for packing all sorts of things.

Hokas – The comfiest walking shoe I’ve found. Perfect for Disney, waltzing the streets of Europe, and whatever else you desire.

Pill Case – This is perfect to throw in your purse and go. It’s magnetic and has compartments are big enough to hold things other than medicine. I am grabbing one to put in my car too.

Kitsch Hair Towel – Call me crazy, but I don’t leave home without one of these and neither do my girls. It makes your hair way less frizzy than a normal towel would and sucks up a ton of water.

Sleep Crown – I have both the travel and regular size of this and prefer the regular, but if you’re tight on space, the travel is wonderful. It blocks out light and sound for the best nights sleep of your life.

Airpod Max – I’ve converted Braun to these. Super comfortable to wear and the sound is amazing.

Airpod Max Case – Can’t forget to protect the headphones! This case is mine and Braun’s fave.

Dyson Air Wrap – An all in one tool! Blow dry, curl, blow out, and use this diffuser attachment if ya need to diffuse!

Tumi Carry On – We swear by Tumi luggage! It’s so dang durable and will last you the rest of your life.

Kindle – I’m all about making life easier and my Kindle does that. It’s better than reading on an phone or tablet because their isn’t a glare. If you are wanting to spend a bit less this one is great too!

Fire Stick – I leave one of these in my luggage at all times, it makes a regular TV a smart TV, and when you unplug it, it keeps you logged in to all your accounts which is such a bonus.

Makeup Brush Cover – Keep your brushes fluffy with this carrier. It’s silicone so it’s easy super to clean.

Anker Charger – This bad boy can charge so freakin’ much. It’s insane. Braun’s had one for a long time and I finally got my own! It can charge laptops, phones, etc and it’s fast!

Calpak Packing Cubes – Packing cubes are a must and I love these ones! I’m all about organization when I travel and these have been so helpful. Plus, I feel like I can pack way more when I use these.

Pill Cases – I have a few favorites for traveling: THIS one is great for a day or two or if you have some throughout the day that you’ll need to take later in the day while you’re out and THIS one is great for week + , but it also breaks down smaller!! This one is great for long travels, it holds SO much.

TULA Essentials Kit – Comes with all the essentials! Comes with Cult Classic Purifying Cleanser, Brightening Treatment Drops, Triple Vitamin C Serum, 24-7 Moisture Hydrating Day & Night Cream, Beauty Sleep Overnight Repair Treatment, Filter Primer Blurring & Moisturizing Primer, Rose Glow + Get It Cooling & Brightening Eye Balm, Eye Feel Amazing Cooling, + Brightening Hydrogel Eye Masks. It’s a steal and my code TARA stacks on top of an already awesome deal.

Anker Lightning Charger – This is perfect for when you need to quickly charge your phone on the go. I bought it for the Taylor Swift concert and have used it all the time since. It’s so handy and love that no cords are involved.

Toothbrush Clips – We use this every time we travel and it’s nice because everyone has their own color so we don’t get confused. We use them on our Cocofloss toothbrushes.

Toiletry Bottles – Got these for Em and + Anisten and they love them. Super easy to put body wash, face wash, really anything you want. I like that it comes with a silicone case so they stay together.

Ear Plugs – Purchased these when we forgot Dash’s retainer at home while we were in Disney so these were a must with our teeth grinding boy. Super comfortable to wear and blocked out noise wonderfully.

TOBIQ Toiletry Bag – I fit so much stuff in this bag! It was sold out for a long time, but it’s back and I love it so much. Code TARA20 saves you 20%!

Portable Fan – This is tiny but mighty! Easy to throw in a purse of fanny pack.

Dagne Dover Indi Backpack – I love Dagne Dover bags because they are really comfortable to carry because of the neoprene fabric.

Dagne Dover Landon Carryall – Love this as an overnight bag! You can probably fit a lot more and just one night/day in here though! Comes in a few different sizes too.

Outlet Adapter – This is awesome if you have to charge a lot of things! I take it anytime we travel with kids so they don’t have to fight over the outlets. haha

Portable Compact Mirror – Not only great for traveling, but for keeping in your purse. Has lights on it too which is handy.

Sleep Mask -I love this one because it’s weighted. So relaxing. This silk one makes it feel like your at a 5 star resort spa!

Fold Down Toiletry Bag – This can hold everything you needs. 4 compartments so it holds a ton. It folds up so nice, I take this on every trip.