Holiday Gift Guide for Teen Girls – 2023

Em + Anisten are at the age where they are pretty hard to shop for.. haha Here’s what they either have or really want for Christmas! If you have girls that aren’t quite to the teenage stage yet, check out the TWEEN GIRLS gift guide.

Levi’s – Em got these for back to school and they’ve instantly become her faves.

Dae Styling Cream – This blew up on TikTok! It gives the prettiest slicked back looks without looking crunchy.

Brazilian Crush Cheirosa ’62 Bum Bum Hair & Body Fragrance Mist – Another great scent my girls love. I would describe and warm and cozy.

Waterproof Speaker – The girls love this for the pool, lake, and shower!

VS Pink Spray – Love the smell of this! Affordable too.

Airpod Max – You know my love for Apple… These are the best headphones, Em + Anisten agree!

SD Card Reader for your Phone – This is a lifesaver for me! I use it all the time to get photos from my camera to my phone instantly. If you have girls who love to use a camera this is a game changer.

Jovi Patch – My girls use these for period pain, but they are good for any type of pain! It dulls it out and has helped Em so much. I don’t understand the wizardry, but it works. Use code TARAGIFT!

Curling Iron – I’ve RAVED about this curling iron for a year now. I originally got it for Anisten for Christmas and has to go back and order myself some. It’s the best one I’ve found. On their site they typically have a 30% off coupon!

Disco Essential Oil Diffuser – How fun is this? Definitely adding to cart for the girls.

Airbrush for Nails – This is meant to be used for makeup, but my girls use it for cool effects on their gel nails. You just fill the canister with rubbing alcohol and a couple drops of the nail polish you want and spray it on.

Birdie Alarm – If you’re like me, you worry about your kids safety.. A LOT. This alarm can go on a keychain and sends out a really loud sound when pressed.

Ruffle Socks – My girls wear these with sneakers and it looks so cute! I also found some fun colored ones from Free People!

High Top Adidas – How cute are these?! Em + Anisten love them.

Sambas – The most popular shoes of the year! Em wears hers all the time.

Phone Case – Such a cute, basic one!

Skin Bae – Emery uses this as part of her skincare routine and it’s done wonders.

Hair Tinsel – A fun way to accessorize! Fun for concerts or girls night out.

Purple Pillow – I have this on the men’s gift guide too! Braun and the girls love them. It’s made from the same material as Purple mattresses and is self cooling. I’m thinking this will make the perfect gift for your kids headed of to college soon. Don’t forget to add this pillowcase too! We just got them and their stretchy + silky. Feels like HEAVEN.

CORSX Snail Mucus Masks – If you don’t think about the fact you’re putting SNAIL MUCUS on your face, it really is a great mask for a great price.

Charm Necklace – I feel like my girls would have loved my high school wardrobe and jewelry. This is on their lists!

Lola Blankets – Everyone used to steal mine in the house, so I had to get them all their own. They’ve quickly made there way to the top of the Thueson fam faves! The softest blankets we’ve come across. Code TARA will save you.

Satin Pillowcase – We love these, the benefits for your skin and hair are amazing.

Car Kit – This was one of Emery’s gifts last year. Comes with all the car essentials.. Jumper cables, gloves, etc.

Air Tags – Another peace of mind product. I have these on the dogs as well in case they get out. Perfect for a set of keys or on a wallet with this case!

Strawberry Air Tag Key Chain – Keys are something that are alwaysss lost around here, so this is perfect!

BAGGU Faves – My girls love, love, love Baggu here’s all their faves!

iPhone – I’m in Apple girl through and through, so are my girls!

Mirror – Okay this mirror is a great size! I use and love it every single day. It has different light settings and can be adjusted.

Anker Charger – Each person in our fam has their own color of charger because Braun was sick of his going missing. These are the 6 ft ones and come with a cord clip too. They’re the best.

Echo Show – We have these in all the kids rooms! They can look at the weather, set alarms, you can watch youtube/tv on it (my kids don’t know about that feature haha). My favorite this is the intercom where I can talk through my phone to the echo show!

Andi – So many cute accessories! Clips, bows, apple watch bands. Code TARA15 saves you!

Short Uggs – These were quite popular last year and have come back this year. Em loves hers.

Beaded and Bright – I may be biased, but this Etsy shop is the best and not because my daughters run it haha. If you’re girls loved beaded jewelry this is the shop. She does custom orders too!

Cute Car Air Fresheners – Emery is all about having her car look cute and these pass the test!

Amber Roller – I’m not good at describing perfume scents, but take my word for it that this one smells great! Perfect to throw in a backpack or purse.

Kindle – I LOVE my kindle, it’s so easy to just pack and read on the go.

Thread Wallet – My girls’ fave wallet. They have tons of color options and hold quite a few cards.

Henna – My girls have a BLAST with this. If you remember from my stories they did a Falcon on Braun’s back in Hawaii haha. It’s super fun!

Embroidery Kit – How cute is this? My girls love doing these, such a fun skill to have. Here’s a few more kits I like.. 3 PACK FLORAL PLANTS | 3 PACK WARM FLORALS | 4 PACK BRIGHT FLORALS

Jewelry Case – This one is compact, but has a lot of storage options. Plus, it has a little mirror which is awesome.

Craft Laser Cutter – Okay, this thing is so dang cool “It’s a powerful laser that precisely cuts, engraves, and scores hundreds of materials like wood, acrylic, leather, cardstock — even chocolate —“ AMAZING. If you’ve got crafty kids, this would be so fun.

St. Christopher Necklace – These are super popular among teens! Anisten and Em both have them.

Ugg Slippers – I want a pair of these for myself!

Tula – My girls favorite is the the gentle cleanser. Code TARA saves you 15%!

Anker Lighting Charger – I’ve been using this since July and LOVE them! It makes it so easy to get a quick charge on my phone. Perfect to throw in a backpack or purse.

First Aid Kit – A little place to keep the essentials! I’m gonna get Em one to put in her car. But it would also be great in a sports bag or backpack.

Metallic Converse – These are on Anisten’s wishlist. So cute!

Shark Watch – I’ve seen a ton of girls sporting these lately. They’ve recently come out with a lot of great colorways too. Code TARA10 saves you 10%.

Airpod Case – It’s all about the esthetic am I right? haha This case is simple and easy. Don’t forget to grab the actual airpods if they don’t have them haha.

Car Litter Bags – A great gift if you’ve got a new driver!

Got2B Eyebrow Gel – If your girls want their brows to stay put all day long, this is the product to get.

Glossier Roller – This perfume works with your body’s PH so it smells different on everyone. The full size is available too!

Camera – It’s pricey for a digital camera, but works so dang well.

AirPods – Just make sure they are super careful and don’t loose one of them! But these are a teen must!

Greenlight Card – We’ve been using these cards for all of our kids for YEARS. It’s the best way we’ve found to help teach them about being financially responsible. You can set up allowance, chore lists, and send money instantly from the app. It’s the best. You can earn $30 when you sign up!

Nomination Bracelet – I had one of these when I was in high school that Emery wears now. Besides your arm hair getting stuck in it 🥴… it’s super fun getting all the charms!

Lanolips – Love, love love this stuff. Super hydrating, us girls love it.

Compact Mirror – I keep this in my purse and one in my travel bag. It’s got lights all around it so it’s perfect for on the go.

Summer Friday Lip Mask – Emery’s favorite. It can be used as a gloss or as an overnight mask. Super hydrating and some great color options.

+Lux Unfiltered Gradual Tanning Lotion – This is a great option for a nice (and forgiving) tan. It also smells amazing.

Gel Nail Kit – Don’t get me wrong, Red Aspen is the best, but sometimes girls want to do their nails! This kit comes with everything to get started. Here are links to other fun colors. Chrome Powder | Gel Polish | Gel Polish

Candle Warmer – I love the idea of my kids’ room smelling good, but not burning the house down. This warmer makes that dream a reality!

Elvis Calendar – Every since my girls saw the Elvis movie, they’ve been obsessed!

Goosebumps Blanket – This blanket is on probably 80% of the gift guides this year because it’s that good. The perfect adult swaddle blanket. Code TARA for 15% off!

‘I Am Very Busy’ Notebook – Cute + simple, would make a great stocking stuffer!

Rhode Lip Tint – Em loves finding new lip glosses and this one is a fave. Buildable, glossy, and comes in the prettiest colors.

How to Win Friends and Influence People for Teen Girls – Braun made it a requirement that all of our kids have to read this book before they can get their license. It’s a good one that teaches so much, this one is specifically for teen girls too.

Suction Phone Mount – This handy little gadget sticks to the back of your phone and can suction to things like glass, tile, mirrors, etc. It’s nice too because you can take it off and clean it then restick to your phone when you want to use it again.

Hatch Restore – I’ve been using this for quite some time now and LOVE it. It has a lot of functions, but my favorite is the sound machine and the light alarm. It gradually gets brighter and brighter to wake you up gradually.

Vooray Duffle – If you’ve got girls in sports, this is a great duffle option! Super durable. Code TARA will save you 25%!

Stanley – You know I had to put this on here! Tons of cute colors are available right now too.

Toiletry Bags – These are very trendy right now and I can see why!

Glow Beauty Brush – Love, love, love this brush. The bristles are metal so it feels like a head massage every time you use it. Designed my cosmetologist too! Code TARA saves you 10%!

Fluffy Sandals – I ordered these for myself and love them. Super affordable and soft!