Holiday Gift Guide for Pre-Teen Girls – 2023

I’m still in shock that I don’t have a pre-teen girl, just two full on teenage girls! Here’s a few things I think your girls will love. After you’ve checked your kids off the list, make sure to grab gifts for your DOGS (or CATS)!

Lululemon Crossbody – We’ve all seen these by now.. they have a few different size options, I think the mini is perfect for preteens.

Kindle – If you’ve got an avid reader they’ll love a kindle. This one is compact too so it can go anywhere with them.

Kindle Case – What’s a Kindle without a cute case? Well, still a kindle, but not as fun to read.. haha kidding!

Red Aspen – If you’re girls are constantly asking to get there nails done, tell them these are the answer. $14-16 for a 2 week manicure that doesn’t chip.

Lola Blankets – When I got this for myself, everyone in my family tried to steal it. I eventually ended up getting everyone in the fam one because we all love them so much. Code TARA will save you!

Mini Clips – Hair accessories are all the rage right now and I love these little colorful ones, we get ours from Shop Andi. TARA saves you!

Bead Kit – If the Era’s Tour taught me anything it’s how fun it is to make friendship bracelets! This kit is super affordable and comes with everything you need. Love this clay bead set too.

Stanley – What’s a girl without her stanley? Kidding! But they truly are the best tumblers around.

Smiley Face Slippers – Super simple and trendy. They come in a bunch of colors too.

Gel Nail Kit – This is what Em and Anisten use for their nails. Comes with so many colors, the light, and tools too. Then you can just build their collection from there.

Cargo Pants – The trend of the season, love love love my cargo pants.

Hoops – Love these simple hoops!

Mini Uggs – These were mega popular last year and they’re back again! Just don’t let your cat poop on them in the car… totally not speaking from experience here 😉

Bloom + Bliss Affirmation Cards – Okay, these are seriously so cute and the PERFECT stocking stuffer. I’ve shared them before and love them for all of my kids. Code TARA will save you 20%!

Beaded and Bright – Emery has had a little jewelry making business for quite some time now and appreciates your support of her shop so much! She has all kinds of stuff you can purchase and even does custom orders!

Platform Crocs – I’ve been seeing these all over. Not sure I could see myself rocking them, but I’m sure your kids would love them!

Apple Watch – You can add cellular data to this so they can still call and text who they need without having a cell phone.

Nomination Bracelet – I had one of these when I was in high school that Emery wears now. Besides your arm hair getting stuck in it 🥴… it’s super fun getting all the charms!

Calligraphy Set – This is such a cool skill to have, and fun to learn.

Baggu Dopp Kit – Em + Anisten are obsessed with Baggu. They come out with different patterns + prints often, but sell out quick so if ya see one your girls like, grab it quick. My girls use this for traveling + in their school bags for after cheer.

Friendship Bracelet Maker – Takes me back to my days at camp! haha You can make some way cool designs with this gadget.

Troomi – A great starter phone if you’re wanting your kids to have some freedom. I love that the phone can grow with them, you can have as many or as little features available for them as you want. Code TARA will save ya.

Amazon Echo Dot – We have a smaller version of this in the kids room. Love that they can work as an intercom. This one has a great speaker to be able to play music from.

Puffer Vest – Another trendy style option, my girls love these!

Hair Tinsel – The little girls love this. It’s easy to put in and I like that it’s not hair dye, but still a fun hair thing.

Paint By Number Kit – These are so fun for all of us. It’s creative, but you won’t get frustrated with it not turning out because the instructions are so simple to follow that you get pretty art every time!

Shark Watch – Since my boys loved their watches so much last year, I decided to grab some for the girls too! They just launched the cutest neutral looking ones too. Code TARA10 for 10% off.

Lounge Littles Pajamas – You’re going to love these. They are so dang soft, comes in the cutest colors, and are made to last! They made them with the arms and legs longer so that your kids can wear them longer. Code TARA gets you 20% off (the highest discount they’ve ever offered)!

Glotion – This is a dupe for the drunk elephant sunshine drops! Works really well and is super affordable, under $15.

Fat Lip Oil – Another affordable option for a really great lip gloss. Lots of sheens, all are super subtle so you can’t go wrong with any of them.

Beddy’s – The perfect bedding, there is no excuse to leave the bed unmade! Also, the greatest invention for bunk beds! Code TARA saves you 20%!

Crescent Purse – Another one from Baggu! Em uses hers all the time and it comes is a variety of colors. It’s smaller too, which I think is perfect.

Letter Light Box – You can customize what this little box says, fun to decorate a room with.

Disco Ball Essential Oil Diffuser – I gasped when I saw this, it’s so cute! We love using oil diffusers in rooms because you don’t have to worry about flames from candles.

Suction Phone Mount – This handy little gadget sticks to the back of your phone and can suction to things like glass, tile, mirrors, etc. It’s nice too because you can take it off and clean it then restick to your phone when you want to use it again.

Converse – One of Anisten’s favorite shoes – she wears them all the time. There’s a lot of different styles to choose from that fit your girl’s personality.

Selfie Stick – To fulfill all their TikTok dance dreams. This one can be a tripod or a selfie stick and comes with a bluetooth remote so they don’t have to press their phone to record, they can just use the remote.

Brixley Bag – There are so many different ways to wear this bag. Cross body, fanny pack, backpack, purse. It has card slots and can fit the essentials. Perfect for a teen or preteen.

Jewelry Case – This one is super popular on amazon. Great reviews and lots of storage.

Greenlight Card – We’ve been using these cards for all of our kids for YEARS. It’s the best way we’ve found to help teach them about being financially responsible. You can set up allowance, chore lists, and send money instantly from the app. It’s the best.

Polaroid Camera – These have been super popular over the course of several years. Em + Anisten still use theirs too.

Mini Printer – If you’re girls aren’t into carrying a camera around, the printer is a great option. You can print right from your phone, that way you know the picture is going to turn out good too. haha

Toiletry Bags – These are very trendy right now and I can see why!

Goosebumps Blanket – My girls love these. They are the go to blanket for them, really the whole fam. The BEST travel blanket hands down. So many cute patterns and different sizes! Code TARA saves 15%!

Poppy + Co Bracelets – I’ve worn these bracelets for years. Amazing quality and the cutest options. You can stack or wear individually. Code TARA will save you 15%.

Vooray Duffle – My girls use these bags for cheer, it’s a smaller duffle so it’s perfect! Code TARA works for 25% off your order.