Holiday Gift Guide for the Cats – 2023

We’ve had Bruce and Frankie for ONE YEAR. It’s crazy.. I’ve learned a lot about their odd species haha. They are a pain a lot of the time, but I love the SO MUCH. My first animal loves were definitely dogs, so if you’ve got them for pets check out the DOG gift guide. I know we all love our animals, but another thing I love doing during the holidays is getting FAMILY GIFTS, things we can all enjoy together, so definitely check out that gift guide as well.

Tunnel – Love that this toy is able to fold up and not in the way all the time like a lot of their stuff is haha.

Catnip – There’s a reason that it’s called Cat Crack.. Bruce and Frankie went CRAZY for this stuff.

Litter Box – I haven’t been able to find an automatic litter box that I love yet, so we’ve just been using these and I think they’re great! Super simple and sleek design.

Litter Trapping Mat – I didn’t realize how messy around the litter box would get, this is an essential. Traps litter when they get in and out of the box.

Henry Clean – I love this spray for the dogs, and it’s AWESOME for the cats too. I didn’t realize how smelly sphynx would get, this is perfect for in between baths. Code TARA saves you 20% off your order!

Window Perch – Bruce’s favorite spot in the house is on this thing watching the birds. It’s held up super well.

Fresh Step Litter – This is one of my favorite litters, the gain helps with odor control a ton!!

Urine Destroyer – Unfortunately we’ve had to use this a lot in the last year…. dang cats! Luckily I think we’ve figured out what the problem was, but if you have the same problem this was a saving grace.

Cat Stroller – This was a shameless buy, I’m a cat mom and proud of it! haha for real though, Bruce and Frankie LOVE going on walks and this keeps them safe so they can’t run off.

Laser Toy – This one has amazing reviews. The laser automatically moves so the cats can keep themselves entertained.

Nail Covers – We used these when the cats were little so they couldn’t mess up the furniture. They have glitter ones, colored ones, and solid ones.

Pretty Litter – This stuff is probably my fave litter, doesn’t smell bad at all.

Gold Chain Collar – If you’re wanting your cat to match your boys, then get this gold chain. haha

Poop Bags – These are what I use to clean the litter box out, these trap the smell in GREAT.

Furniture Protectors – We have these on all our couches. Keeps them from scratching the heck out of the side of furniture. They’re sticky on one side, so super easy to apply.

Laser Pointer – So simple, but hours of entertainment for you and the cat!!

Spinning Toy – This toy has SO MANY amazing reviews. I got it for the cats when they were tiny and they have loved it.

Tower – I’ve been trying to find a cat tower that isn’t so, how do I say this nicely?? – Ugly! There I said it, I don’t like how big and bulky they are. This is the best one I could find! In all fairness, Bruce and Frankie love there tower.

Churu Treats – Bruce and Frankie’s fave treat!

Running Water Bowl – Did you know that a bowl of running water helps to stop bacteria growth compared to a bowl of sitting water? Crazy huh! I’ve found that both the cats and dogs drink out of this way more now then just a typical bowl.

Blanket Bed – When you have naked cats, warmth is essential and this is Frankie’s favorite thing.

Flopping Fish – I can just imagine how crazy the cats would go for this. Seriously.. it would be so fun for them.

Free Standing Bed – If you’re tight on space, this is great!

Probiotic – It’s so important to take care of your pets – we give a probiotic to all of our pets!

Beddy’s Blanket – You can get these personalized! The cats love there blankets so these are perfect. Code TARA saves you 20% site wide!

Sweaters.. I’m scared to admit how many of these I’ve actually bought. They’re SO FUN.

Green Sweater | Grey Sweater | Striped Sweater | Christmas Sweater