Gift Guide for Men – 2023

Alll the things Braun loves and the men in your life will love too! You can see more awesome finds over on the TEEN BOYS gift guide!

Tumi Crossbody – Braun loves his crossbody bags, and this one is high on the list. Lots of compartments and a great size.

Chirp Wheels – I bought this as a gift to myself last year for Christmas and I use them every single day. It gives you the best back stretch of your life.

Purple Pillow – This is made with the same stuff that their mattresses are, the honeycomb latex! It’s cooling and never falls flat either! We also just discovered THESE pillowcases and are obsessed with them. Stretchy and silky!

Stance Socks – Braun’s fave socks. They’re so comfortable and have so many styles and designs too. We all also really like the bombas no shows!

Cube Pillow – You know your old when you have 6 pillows you have to sleep with.. Braun and I both do. haha He’s a side sleeper and loves the cube pillow for that.

Bike Light – We’ve gotten into mountain biking within the last year and Braun’s purchased a ton of accessories.

Theragun – This really helps to loosen up those muscles and knots. We both like the mini one too because it’s compact enough to bring along anywhere.

Cuts Bomber Jacket – Braun has been eyeing this for a lonngggg time. Definitely a go with everything jacket and it’s so sleek.

Thread Wallet – If you’ve got a guy who like things simple, this is the best wallet for that!

Gun Safe – If you own a gun, it’s important to keep it locked away SAFELY. This has been the best safe and Braun is obsessed with it. It screws into the back of your nightstand, has a fingerprint and code option.

Le Labo Cologne Santal 33 – Braun wears 5 cologne’s and this is one of the 5. Smells so good.

Flip Flops – The arch support in these is great, Braun like the thicker strap look too.

Car Litter Bags – There are a ton of great patterns in stock right now! If the men if your life hate trash in their car, this is a mini trash can they can keep all the trash in one place.

Coconu – Merry Christmas to your significant other! If you’ve been searching for a lube, look no further. You’re husband will love you for this one. I prefer the oil based, but the water and hemp based are amazing too! Code TARA will save you.

The Intentional Father – One of the top books Braun recommends! He also love How to Win Friends and Influence People. More of his faves at the bottom of this post!

Rolex Book – A great coffee table book! If you’ve got someone in your life that loves watches it’s super cool.

Peak System Phone Case– This is awesome! The case a square on the back that attaches into all of their products. They have car mounts, bike mounts (we use these on our bikes!), motorcycle mounts, wallets, tripods, wall mounts, charging stands… I’m telling you this thing is COOL.  Braun has used it for years and loves it.

Black License Plate – This is a Utah specific one, but I got it for Braun for Father’s Day and he LOVES it. Such a sleek design.

Tommy John Pajamas – The only pajamas Braun and I wear. So soft and comfy. He like the second skin ones best because they keep him cool.

Apple Watch Ultra – This is the ultimate sports watch Apple has come out with. Water resistant and made with titanium.

lululemon Crossbody – Not only does lululemon have their classic crossbody’s that we all know and love, they came out with some other great designs too. This one has more of a “manly” feel. Plus it can hold quite a bit!

Air Tag – These are such a versatile gift! Braun has them all over the place, in his luggage, golf bag, etc. It’s great. THIS is the holder he likes to use!

Maui Jim Sunglasses – Braun’s fave sunglasses to wear golfing.

Airpods – Braun loves using these when he’s on calls and on the go!

Ooni Pizza Oven – This was the year of outdoor kitchen gadgets for Braun. We LOVE the Ooni oven. It can cook pizzas in 30 seconds. One of our favorite family nights is build your own pizza night. So much fun!

Stanley Cups – I came home one day to about 20 of these in the kitchen.. Braun loves them. They’ve got that amazing Stanley quality, but in cup form, plus they have a lid!

Sleep Crown – I’ll promote this till the end of time. A pillow that goes over your head and blocks out sounds and light. It has changed mine and Braun’s sleeping game. If you’ve got someone who works nights + sleeps during the day, they’ll love this!

Andar Wallet – I’ve gifted these to all the men in our family, they are the best wallets and have the coolest features! Code TARA for free shipping on orders over $59.

Hatch Restore – I’ve been using this for quite some time now and LOVE it. It has a lot of functions, but my favorite is the sound machine and the light alarm. It gradually gets brighter and brighter to wake you up gradually.

Airpod Max Headphones – I’m an apple product lover through and through, and got Braun hooked on these headphones. Super comfortable to wear and great sound.

Airpod Max Case – If your buying the headphones, ya need a good case! This is the one we love.

Phillips Trimmer – One of the top sellers of 2022 and for good reason! This bad boy is amazing at getting all the hair and a crisp line. I also use it to cute my boys’ hair, there’s tons of attachments that come with it.

Prada Cologne – Another one of Braun’s “signature scents”.. although can you only have one signature scent? He has about 5! haha

Slippers – Braun loves that these have a hard bottom so we can go outside in them in he needs. Super comfortable too.

Tee Toss – We played this in a sports store in Hawaii for about an hour, it’s so addicting! the ball is connected to a string and the goal is to swing it and try and get it on the tee.

Calpak Packing Cubes – Braun is the king of organization AND he travels A LOT. These help keep everything in their rightful place and makes it so easy to pack.

Melin Hat – Pretty much the only baseball caps Braun wears. Comes in 15 colors. It’s moisture wicking, floats in water, and has a thumbprint to keep the under of the visor clean.

Terracore – If you want to get a full body workout in, then this is the tool to do it. You can look up 100s of their workouts on Youtube too. We love it! Code TARA20 will save you 20%.

Travis Matthews T-shirt – Braun owns A LOT of these shirts. It’s his favorite t-ever. I’m sure you have seen him wear it in my stories.

Yurman Silver Chain – Braun bought this a few months back and loves the quality. He got the 20’’ and wishes he would have gotten the 22’’.

Cord Organizer – This sticks to the nightstands, desks, whatever you want really to keep cords from falling down. They’re awesome!

Pocket Knife with Scissors – A great pocket knife option and this one has scissors!

Groove Life Belt – We got there belts a few months ago and Braun loves them. They’re magnetic so you adjust them once and that’s it. The quality is amazing and super durable. They also have some really cool wallets. Code TARA30 saves you 30% off your entire order.

Blackstone Grill – This was a Father’s Day WIN. Braun has loved using it and it has so many functions. We ended up getting the one with the 2 air fryer baskets + warming station for an all in one cooking experience, but you could also get the one without the air fryers!

Here’s all the Blackstone accessories he’s bought since getting it:

  1. Grill Press
  2. Grill Caddy
  3. Grill Mat
  4. Wind Grill Guard
  5. Squeeze Bottles
  6. Seasoning Shakers
  7. Basting Cover


  1. Psychology of Money
  2. 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
  3. Psycho-Cybernetics
  4. The Compound Effect
  5. Why We Sleep
  6. The Happiness Advantage
  7. Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters
  8. Extreme Ownership
  9. The Five Love Languages
  10. How to Win Friends and Influence People