Holiday Gift Guide for Boys – 2023

Here’s some hits we’ve had with Dash + Jett currently and in the past! I also added some things that I think are just down right cool.

Troomi – If you’re looking for a kid safe phone to give your little dudes, this one is our fave. I like that it can grow with them.. you can add and adjust certain limits on it! Code TARA will save ya $$.

Walkie Talkies – We got these for the boys this Easter and they love them, fun to play with their friends too. I think Braun’s maybe even used them on the golf course!

Pokémon Card Book – Another Easter gift, Keep pokémon, football, or really any trading cards organized in this bad boy.

Name Pennant – Fun for their rooms, love the color and simplistic design.

Gabb Watch – I love these for my boys. Perfect for a kid who isn’t quite old (or responsible) enough for a phone. My code TARA gets you a free watch when you get a new line, no contract needed!

Gold Chain – My boys have been OBSESSED with gold chains since around this time last year, these ones have held up great for them.

Silver Chain – Gold or silver, I promise your boys will love these chains.

3D Printer – We got this for the boys a few years about that they still use it. You can get different materials delivered with instructions on how to build!

Motorcycle – A bunch of kids in our neighborhood zip around on these all the time, Jett wants one so bad! Definitely have to be wearing a helmet when they ride it.

Nintendo Switch – An expensive buy, but these are played with daily at our house. The clear case is a must have too to protect it!

Helmet – Speaking of helmets.. this one is cute!

Jordan High Tops – While the boys still love their flex runners, they are moving into wanting “cooler” shoes and high tops were at the top of their lists!

Tumbling Mat – If you’ve got a kid into doing tricks and flips, this inflatable tumble track has been awesome. We’ve used it indoors and outdoors for all the kids.

Bloom + Bliss Affirmation Cards – I’ve shared these before and LOVE them. It’s so good for kids to practice positive affirmation and these cards make it so easy and are the perfect reminders. Code TARA will save you 20%!

Oculus – You can get so many cool games with this. VR is crazyyyy.

Stanley Ice Flow – These are so great for school, sports, and travel. The handle makes them super easy to carry. TARA20 works for 20% off selects items.

Sunglasses – Got these for both the boys over the summer and they feel reallll cool wearing them, I’ve seen tons of boys wearing them too!

Slushee Cup – I don’t know how it works, but it makes a slushee! You put whatever liquid you want in it and then freeze it. Take it out and squeeze the cup a few times and VOILA, slushee magic.

SKYJO – Dash LOVES this game. Watch the youtube videos on how to play and it will make a lot more sense. Super fun for the whole fam.

Pindaloo – A fun game that almost anyone can play. It takes a lot of concentration.

Nerf Football – We never travel without this, the boys love it. So glad we brought it to Hawaii, it kept Dash entertained with his broken arm.

Stance Socks – So many fun designs on stance socks, my boys love how different they all are.

1001 Questions and Answers for Kids Book – A book full of fun facts! Maybe this will stop them from asking you a zillion questions haha.

Speed Cube Set – This set comes with 4 different variations of a rubix cube.

Tricking Board – Got this for Dash last year and he loved it! It makes it easy for them to practice tricks on the tramp.

Zip String – This is a fun little gadget that would go great in a stocking. The little device makes it so the string defies gravity, definitely getting these for the boys. They’ll love them!

Clip On Speaker – This is perfect to clip on backpacks for the boys to play their goofy fart song loud. 🥴

Madden – My boys love playing this on the Xbox!

Apple Watch – I linked one with cellular service, so if the Gabb watch isn’t your thing this is an awesome alternative!

Pop Darts – Such a fun game that WON’T dent your walls. My boys love it!

Microscope – I have a feeling Dash + Jett would love this. I love that it’s educational!

Shark Watch – The best gift I’ve gotten my boys EVER. They wear them every single day and love them so much!! Tons of colors + designs. Jett likes the velcro strap and Dash is cool with either! Code TARA10 gets you 10% off.

Nihao Dress Shirt – I’ve struggled to find dress shirts that my boys will actually wear/ be comfortable in. They LOVE these ones! Breathable and have a bit of stretch. Code TARA saves you 10%.

Nerf Gun – You’ll probably regret getting this when you find tiny little balls all around your house, but it’s so fun to play, doesn’t hurt when you get hit either.

Soccer Rebound Net – This helps practice getting those perfect soccer goals.

Hammock – My girls actually got these this past summer and have loved taking them to the mountains. My boys always want to steal it! Don’t forget to grab the straps as well.

3D Pen – If you’ve got a creative builder in your home this is awesome! You can create anything you want with it so let their imagination run wild. It’s a great intro to a 3D printer.

Lounge Littles Pajamas – These pajamas are so dang soft and stretchy. They’re built to last too, they made them with the arms and legs a bit longer than most pajamas so they’ll fit for awhile. My code TARA gets ya 20% off, which is the highest discount they’ve ever offered!

Bike – A classic! My boys love riding their bike around our neighborhood.

V-Bucks – For your fortnite lovers… I don’t even want to know how many times I get asked to buy v-bucks a week haha.

Flex Runners – Dash and Jett have worn these shoes for as long as I can remember. Super comfortable and have no laces. They slide on and off so dang easy.

Nike Socks – Shin high socks are all the rage – you can’t go wrong with Nike’s.

Glow in the Dark Soccer Ball – This would be super fun for night games outside or in a dark gym.

Beddy’s – The perfect bedding, there is no excuse to leave the bed unmade! Also, the greatest invention for bunk beds. Code TARA saves you 20%!

Stomp Rocket – I remember these from when I was a kid… Jett would love this so much. You put the rocket on the launcher and then stomp on a button and the rocket shoots super high in the air.

Galaxy Light – Both of my boys sleep with this on in their rooms. It displays on the wall which is cool.

Vooray Bag – We love these duffles for soccer games, keeps everything in place and the quality is amazing. Code works for TARA for 25% off.