Tech Tuesday: All things iPad

Since I shared my metal pencil tips, I have received a ton of questions on all my favorite iPad gadgets! I will start by prefacing with the fact that I do tend to reach for my laptop more if I know I will be on it for a long time working.. but there are things that I love about the iPad more than the laptop.


Let’s start with the obvious, the iPad itself.. We have multiple versions in the house.. Braun and I both have the iPad Pros, he has the biggest 12.9″ and I have the smaller 11″.. and the kids have the regular iPad minis. The iPad Pro basically has the same processor inside as the MacBooks and it’s a lot more functional for working vs. the kids primarily just playing with theirs if that makes sense!


There’s a bunch of options here.. ZAGG screen protectors are a solid choice because if you buy it one time and register it online, if it ever breaks they send you a new one for free. It’s a little more costly up front, but depending how hard you are on your device.. it might be worth it.

This is your basic glass screen protector from Amazon, I ordered this last month and it’s great! Installs super easily. If you’re pretty easy on your devices, this will be a good, inexpensive option for you. I’ve never had a screen break while having a glass screen protector installed!

Butttt… THIS, is my favorite screen protector of them all. It makes it feel like paper, and since I use the Apple Pencil (more on this next) to do anything on there, it feels like I’m taking actual notes and I love it so much. When I do want to doodle or do my Rad and Happy Color Happy pages (this is a MUST if you have an iPad FYI), it feels like I’m actually drawing/coloring with the little bit of textured resistance.

ALSO – this is a screen cleaning device.. I didn’t think I would care for it, but honestly it’s a fun little thing haha. You use the mister on it, and then wipe with the opposite side of it! It clears off all of the gunk on your screen.


I get the question alllll of the time on if I think the Apple Pencil is worth it. My answer for eternity will be YES, absolutely. I really dislike that the tips fade off and have to be replaced, but, replacement tips are really pretty inexpensive depending on what you get. You’ll notice a huge difference when you put on a new one I bet if you’re annoyed with your Apple Pencil currently. I am just barely trying out this Apple Pencil case.. It’s a little silicone sleeve basically but I like it so far!


Regular Tips – These are just regular tips like the ones that come on the Apple Pencil to begin with! $7.99 for a pack of two. They just twist on where the old one twists off.

Metal Tips – I only recommend these if you have a screen protector on your screen because they could potentially scratch your normal screen if you press down too hard, but I haven’t had any problems with them at all. The ends are still rounded so I don’t think that they will… but you never know. These make your lines very fine and make the Apple Pencil feel more like a pen, which I love. They are supposed to be ware resistant, so unlink the normal tips, you’ll never have to replace them.


Braun and I both have the Apple Magic Keyboard for our iPads.. they are a bit pricey, but they have been totally worth it, especially when we travel. It charges with the same charger USB-C charger that the iPad does and the keys are backlit. The iPad just magnetically connects to the Magic Keyboard and it holds it at the perfect angle. It does fold up, but doesn’t protect the sides of he iPad.

If you’re looking for just a keyboard, this one on amazon looks great and has good reviews! It won’t hold the iPad so you’ll need a stand, but it will bluetooth to it.


Of course, I love my favorite Anker chargers for my iPad.

Wall Block – this is a super quick wall charging block.. I use it for everything and it goes everywhere with me. This is the one I accidentally stole from Braun and forgot where I put it right before our Boston trip.. remember that?! Don’t tell him. Haha.

Portable Charger – this little guy is tiny but mighty. It’s all I need for a weekend away. It charges my iPad quite a few times from dead, and my laptop it’ll do a couple of times which is impressive for how small it is!! This is always in my purse.

Charging Cables – we buy the anker brand of these as well. They last forever. Their brand is such awesome quality.


iPad/iPhone Holder – I have more of these than I would like to admit.. haha. I use these near daily for filming! Also perfect for popping a show or recipe on the iPad while I cook dinner!

Pillow Stand – this one is the best if you’re hanging in bed scrolling through things. I also use it a lot for my kindle reading!