Current Amazon Reading Favorites

Anyone else a reader?! Gosh I try so hard to be. I truly love it. Sometimes it ends up being audio books, but reading is really one of my favorite things! Almost everything related to reading that I love comes directly from amazon.. whether it be my reading device and platform I’m reading on or just a basic bookmark – all my faves are from there!


Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my kindle oasis, but it’s unnecessary for just reading and a splurge for sure, although it does have more features.. like it’s waterproof, you can switch between reading/listening without losing your place, and it’s got the best of the best screen with so many warm light settings. The basic kindle is amazing and I actually really like the small size. There are days that I wish I still had the cheaper and smaller one because it’s 1. easier to hold + 2. convenient for throwing in even a wristlet/sling bag! Plus they just came out with a cute white one, if I didn’t have mine – I would 100% be buying it!! In either case, I really like THIS case or THIS case for the oasis + this one for the normal, small size kindle.

If you don’t want to carry around an additional device, you can get kindle or kindle unlimited on your phone OR audible!


We all know how much I love my AirPods.. Even if they don’t stay put 100% of the time, there’s really nothing else like them quality and fit wise. Plus they’re just so darn convenient. I really love these apple wireless headphones, though.. especially when we travel or if I know I’ll be listening for a longer stretch of time. They’re definitely a splurge, but the noise cancellation and sound is incredible.


For the kindle:

One thing that really elevated my kindle reading experience lately was adding a pop socket to the back of it. It’s something so simple, but makes holding it soooo much easier. No more face drops for me. Of course you can use absolutely any pop socket (amazon has a ton of options) – but I grabbed this cute one + the size is perfect. It’s a bit larger than a normal one, which is nice because the device is a little heavier. Also, if you do get the oasis – grab a screen protector! {here’s the pop socket pictured}

Another thing that works really well is this tablet pillow! I use it with kindles, iPads, etc. It’s great for when you’re in bed and don’t want to hold anything.

For your phone:

My first recommendation will always be to grab a loopy case. It’s a lifesaver for so many things, but it’s great for holding your phone without having to grip the whole thing when you read! I’ve had one on my phone since 2014.. it was actually one of my very first codes I ever had! 🙂 code: TARA10 if you’re just buying one, or TARA15 if you’re getting multiple! If you’re just looking for a fix for your current phone case, these phone strap kickstands look awesome and there are a lot of cute color options and attach right to your current case or directly to your phone!

For your eyes:

Another thing that had really helped is my blue light blocker glasses.. it takes a lot of strain off your eyes. I have them in tortoise, champagne + blue and I think they’re so cute! I use them all of the time, on screens or not! You can get them in magnification or just normal.

For your hard copy book:

I still love picking up a good hard copy and reading it through. It’s just not always convenient to pack up and bring multiple books. I catch myself mostly reading a physical copy at night.. Book lights like this one have helped the strain on my eyes so much when I’m up past Braun and don’t want to leave on an overhead light to bug him. It’s also great for times like family reunions – you saw our sleeping arrangements haha. If I left a light on there, it would have affected a lotttttttt more than just Braun!

I also don’t love folding ears over on pages to save my spot – so I have these cute magnetic bookmarks (comes in a pack of 10 for around $7!) — and these heart ones are super cute, too. Found this pack of 15 cute magnetic bookmarks for $5.99!


in no particular order.. this is what I’ve read/listened to recently:

The Golden Couple – most recent!

People We Meet on Vacation
Where the Crawdads Sing — stick it out for the first few chapters.. it’s worth it!
Warsaw Orphan
The Things We Cannot Say
Things We Never Got Over
Something in the Water
A Court of Thorns and Roses — the whole series!
November 9
It Ends With Us — ps. preorder It Starts With Us.
My Lovely Wife
Finlay Donavan is Killing it
The End of Her
The Tattooist of Auschwitz