July 2022 Amazon Purchases

This month was full of a lot of subscribe and save stuff, so I’m going to separate that out and show you what we buy on subscribe and save and how to do in in a separate blog post this month! Here’s the other stuff we bought, though 🙂

One of my favorite things was this magic milk tap! It works on lots of bottles, but I specifically got it for our milk! It’s perfect for letting the boys get their own bowls of cereal, cups of milk, etc. It’s been great. Occasionally it does have like one last drop fall.. I haven’t figured that part of it out, because so many of you said that didn’t happen to you.

Veggie slicer/dicer/spiralizer.. this thing is amazing. I don’t know if there’s anything it doesn’t do. It thin slices, shreds, spiralizes, dices, you name it!!

Ice Cream Scoop – we just needed a new one.. I laughed because it’s ergonomic + maybe it’ll save Braun a 9pm ice cream scooping wrist injury before bed 🤣

Containers – Got these for Emery to store her beads in!

Face Mask Spreaders – I grabbed this pack for the girls and I.. and Braun, although he won’t like to admit it, IG has seen how much he requests on his face at night.

Toe Spreaders – Part of Braun’s Birthday Gift.. hah.

This lotion has been awesome. It’s a bit spendy, but I really have loved it and have ordered it a few times now. I also grabbed the tanning lotion. It’s great for maintenance near the end of a tanning cycle, but definitely doesn’t replace a good tanning foam. It’s a lot more predictable in a suitcase, though.

Purple Pillows… These were a Braun purchase, I’ll have to ask him for a review! He’s still using it, so I’m going to assume he likes them. He got THIS one and THIS one.

Grabbed this shoe packing cube for our trip! It worked awesome.

Hello allergy season, we always have eye drops in stock here.

Toe spreaders – these ones have a couple spread distances and you can work up to the second size. Braun loves a good challenge, soooo these seemed fitting.

Braun is also testing out this off brand pillow. It’s supposed to be comparable and made of the same materials.. I’ll keep you all posted in our pillow saga haah.

Grabbed this brow wax and styling kit for the girls. It’s supposed to be an all day freeze!

Everyone loves some cute PJs right before a his and hers vacation.. right?! hah. These ran true to size and were very comfortable.

Painters tape.. you guys truly get it all. I don’t leave anything out! haha. this is a super boring one, sorry! This is supposed to be able to be left on for 14 days without ruining anything. That’s impressive.

Grabbed this center console organizer for the Tesla. Works awesome.

Headphone adapter for iPhones.. someone lost their original one.

Headphone storage case – this was a Braun buy!

Trash cans – again, not super exciting but we bought them 😂

Have you ever used velvet hangers?! It’s an experience elevator for sure. Clothing does not slip off!

Box Cutter – I’m guessing Braun ordered this, but I’m betting I’ll use it the most. I liked the handle on this one the best compared to the straight handled box cutter he bought

We have LOVED this bird feeder. So we got a second for more bird friends!! Maybe the cute Hawaii birds will visit now that we have two. Our cute Utah birds love THIS food.

I use these alcohol prep pads any time that I put on new nails. I also send them out with any canada or USA orders that I get!

Remember when Dash asked me for 2.5 lbs of dehydrated marshmallows? I was NOT expecting it to be the size of a giant cheeseball container but here we are.

Grabbed these glow in the dark golf balls for Braun and the boys! There is two different packages of colors.. this one and this one!