February 2024 Top Sellers

All the things you (+ me) were loving the most in February!!

Red Aspen Nails – So many cute summer colors dropped last month! Bye, bye are the days of spending time and money in the salon when these bad boys are $14-$16 and will last 2 weeks. They recently launched some super cute Spring designs.

Ninja Creami – We’ve been using our Creami nightly for a protein packed sweet treat! You can find the recipe we use HERE.

$9 Walmart Tee – Walmart does it again with an incredible cotton tee for only $9! I got both the medium and the small and you can see the size difference in this reel!

Pippa Pullover – I have a few of these pullovers and LOVE them. Super warm, yet lightweight and they fold up small so they’re great for traveling. This color is SO GOOD. I wear a small in them.

Rosemary + Castor Hair Oil – I’ve been using this the night before hair wash day and it’s HEAVENLY. Helps so much with breakage and dryness.

Curling Iron – The BioIonic curling iron is superior! Holds my curls so well.

Tartelette XL Tubing Mascara – I didn’t love Tarte’s old tubing mascara, but they recently came out with this one and it’s SO GOOD. If you hate when your mascara flakes off throughout the day, try a tubing mascara. It’s all I wear!

Face Tanning Mist – One of my all time favorite tanning products! I put my skincare on at night and spray this over the top and wake up with the prettiest glow.

Rael Zit Patches – These our Em’s current favorite zit patches! They are super subtle, you can barely tell when they are on your face, they’re affordable, and work so well!

Coconu – If you’ve been around for awhile you know that this is the go to lube and a lot of your husbands know me as the “lube lady” haha I’ll take it. Seriously, it’s the best. I prefer the oil based, but the water based is great too. Code TARA saves you 15%.

Drip Stick – Speaking of lube… is there anything worse then clean up after doing the deed? I swear women get the short end of the stick! haha This soaks up the mess after so quick!

Glow Beauty Brush – If I won the lottery I would gift every single one of you one of these brushes. It’s AMAZING. The bristles are metal so it feels like a mini scalp massage each time you use it. Code TARA saves you 10%.

Shark Mess Master – This is a mini shop vac on steroids. I reach for it all the time, especially when cleaning out the cat litter box. I love that you can put a garbage bag in it for easy clean up and it’s a wet/dry vac. Oh! And you can wash the parts in the dishwasher. GENIUS.

Laundry Bags – We take these with us on vacation so we can do laundry while we are there. It’s the best hack and then we don’t have loads and loads of laundry when we get home! The bags fold up super small so it makes them easy to pack.

Clear Organizers – I recently reorganized my bathroom cabinets and it makes me soooo happy! I linked everything I used HERE, HERE, + HERE

Nertz – To say that our family is obsessed would be an understatement. We play this game at least 4 times a week.. and I still lose every time haha. These cards make it easier to play!

AG1 – I’ve been taking AG1 for just over a year and cannot believe the difference it makes in my day! It’s AMAZING, the ingredients speak for themselves. It’s definitely an earthy taste, but you get used to it. I mix mine with juice too and that helps!

Toiletry Bottles – I bought the 4 pack for Em + Anisten when we went on a girls trip and they love them! Hold a perfect amount and are TSA approved. I also bought the 2 pack of them for my shampoo and conditioner and they’ve been great. Comes in the silicone case so they don’t spill!

Twinkle Beds – You won’t want to leave your bed if you get this.. seriously it’s so dang comfortable. We bought it for Emery’s bed and it was so good we got one for Dash and one for our bedroom in house down in St. George. Code TARA saves you 30%!

Wisps + Container – It’s kind of embarrassing how much joy I got from finding a case that fits these wisps PERFECTLY. I have them everywhere now! The wisps are perfect to freshen up your breath real quick on the go.

Dior Favorites – These are my tried and true Dior favorites. The lip glow leaves your lips hydrated and so glossy. The blush, while it looks scary is sooo pretty and I haven’t seen it look bad on any skin tone. The cuticle cream is one of my holy grail items. I use it every night and they don’t get dry or cracked anymore. The tiniest bit goes a long way too, one tub will last you years. Code TARA24 gets you a complimentary gift on purchases over $150+!

Sound Machine – When I sleep in hotels (especially with my teeth grinding kids) this is a must! It has 12 different sound options and is tiny to you can take it anywhere. I love the brown noise option.

Migraine Stick – Don’t get me wrong, I love past tense by doterra, but it is wayyy to strong! This is the perfect blend and helps with headaches to much.