Easter Gift Guide for Girls – 2024

I can’t believe how early Easter is this year! So crazy. Here’s a few ideas I rounded up for the girls in your life!

Stanley – At this point you should just know that a stanley is going to be on gift guides haha. I love these small ones for after school activities. The ice flows are great for travel + school. Use code TARA20 at checkout for 20% off select items!

Crocs – Whether you love them or hate them, kids definitely love them. While I’m not a fan of how they look, they are crazy comfortable and easy to get on and off. Plus, they can decorate them with cute jibbitz.

Hair Tinsel – This is super fun, especially if you don’t want to die your girls’ hair, not permanent but fun to add a little bling, bling!

Jibbitz – Did you those charms that go into crocs had a name? Neither did I until a few months ago haha. These ones are super cute.

Bead Set – I blame Taylor Swift for the beading bracelet phenomenon, but I’m not mad about it!

Pajamas – With it getting warmer outside, everyone needs a good pair of short pajamas. Thought these were cute for Spring.

Lip Gloss – I lived for Lip Smackers lip gloss when I was young! 😂 Smells so good and has so many fun flavors.

Bunny Ears – Because it’s Easter so why the heck not?! These one are glittery.

Goosebumps – The stretchiest blanket ever. Think a baby swaddle, but for kids and adults. All of my kids (and myself) LOVE them. They’re great to travel with because they fold up really small. Code TARA saves you 15% on them.

Camera – This is a tiny digital camera, has a memory card, you can do selfie mode or regular mode. So fun for little kids and you don’t have to worry about overuse with something like a polaroid camera!

Taylor Swift Coloring Book – We are all still obsessed at our house!

Gardening Kit – I always love getting outdoor stuff for Easter because we’ve been cooped up all winter, I thought this gardening kit was perfect!

Chalk – I love that these have cases on them to decrease the mess.. It would also be easier for me to use them because I hate the feeling of chalk. haha

Bunny Slippers – How fun are these?

Sunglasses – Another great item to prep for Spring/Summer! I love these ones too.

Swimsuits – Here’s the link to the orange two piece and the striped one piece. Cotton On Kids, Target, and H&M have a ton of cute ones.

Hooded Towel – These are so dang handy because you through them over their head and they can walk around without their towel falling to the floor.

Heart Goggles – Swimming is right up my kids’ alley and my girls would have loved these when they were little!

Books – It’s always good to remember why we celebrate Easter. Here’s a few great books The Donkey Who Carried a King and Seeds and Trees.

Rubber Birkenstocks – These are my most worn shoes during the summer, same with my girls. Waterproof and easy to throw on and go!

Shark Watches – My boys are obsessed with their Shark Watches! They’re tons of color combos/ designs. They’re waterproof, have timers, and are overall mega durable. I got them the regular size! Code 10TARA saves you 10%.