Anisten’s Bedroom Mood Board

If you can’t tell… Anisten is my neutral girl. We are working on redoing both girls rooms, but here’s the stuff she is loving:

Bed – this is the same daybed she has had forever and she still loves it

Laundry Basket – this is the exact match to the material on her bed

Mirror – my girls both requested a floor length mirror.. this one is super cute and matches the bed material! They also have a smaller one that looks the same!

Rug – absolutely love this creamy white checkerboard rug

Shell Wall Hanging – got this for above her bed.. isn’t it adorable??

Butterfly Wall Hanging – I can’t wait to see this in her room, impatiently stocking the tracking!!

Rainbow Arches Organizer – this is super cute for necklaces and jewelry

Moon Phases Wall Rack – this is perfect for hanging light sweaters or sweatshirts, or another jewelry organizer

Good Day Sign – a fun little reminder for her to see every day

Multi-purpose Cart – She loved this as a “rolling” desk type of thing!