Easter Gift Guide for Teen Boys – 2024

I rounded up a few gift for easter basket for your teen boys!

Anker Lighting Charger – I’ve been using this since July and LOVE them! It makes it so easy to get a quick charge on my phone. Perfect to throw in a backpack.

Crocs – Besides Nikes, these are the shoes I see kids in the most. I guess comfort is more important than style in some cases. 😜 Kidding!

Speaker – I shared about this on my Christmas gift guides! It’s the most durable speaker and has quality sound. My kids love it.

Kendama – My boys love this, keeps them entertained for a good while.

Amazon Fire Stick – This makes your TV a smart TV. It’s great because if you unplug it, it stays logged in to all of your apps.

Stanley – The IceFlow Stanleys are my boys’ favorites! They’re leakproof so they love to take them to school + soccer. Code TARA20 works for 20% off them too!

Swim Trunks – Found these at PacSun, they have tons of awesome designs.

Supergoop! Sunscreen – My girls use and love this. It lasts for quite awhile too.

Shoe Keychain – Not only do they need super cool shoes, the keys gotta match right?

Air Tag + Key Ring Case – These are super handy if your kids have a tendency to loose things.

Camelback – We use these all the time when we are hiking! Super convenient so you aren’t carrying a ton of water bottles. This smaller one is great for little kids!

Luminuex Teeth Whitening Strips – The only teeth whitening strips that don’t make my teeth mega sensitive. I used the 7 day kit everyday to get to the whiteness I wanted and then I just use them every so often for maintenance.

Sneakerasers – I originally saw these on TikTok and grabbed some for Dash for his birthday. They work well at getting your sneakers super clean.

Changing Poncho – My boys have had these for years! They are towel material so you can dry off with them and they are big enough to change clothes underneath too.

Rael Zit Patches – These are Em’s favorite zit patches because you can barely notice them when they are on! They are fairly inexpensive too.

Pickleball Set – We love playing as a family! It’s so fun to be able to get outside and active together. We have a few of these paddles and love them.

Car Litter Bag – There’s tons of great designs on the site right now!

Skip Ball – Such a fun game. This one is for the pool/ body of water.

Birkenstocks – I wear my birks all summer long and they will last your boys years, if they don’t grow out of them. They’re waterproof, so perfect for the pool!

Thread Wallet – This is the perfect wallet for teens. They don’t have a ton to carry around so this works great.

Rubix Cube – My boys love their rubix cubes, it’s such a fun, random skill to have.

&Collar – If you are needing button down shirts I can’t recommend &Collar shirts enough. My boys are super picks about texture and comfort and these pass their standards! Code TARA15 saves you 15% site wide!