Valentine’s Day Clothing 2023

Bringing you a lovely picture from Valentine’s day last year. I can’t believe how tiny my kids look. Also Jett’s face is cracking me up. Last year I did a roundup of all the Valentine’s clothes I could find that weren’t tacky.. and decided to do it again this year. You can shop my all my fave finds on this post!

  1. First and foremost, Pink Desert SLAYED their Valentine’s collection this year! So many cute options from sweaters, to t-shirts, to skirts. They have amazing options!
  2. Love crewneck – I love this style of sweatshirt. I’ve seen this type of font all over! Em and Anisten would totally steal this from em.
  3. Tye Dye Heart crewneck – If you want to be subtle but still be a bit festive this is perfect.
  4. Rose Shirt – Another subtle but festive shirt. I’m all about being able to wear stuff after the holiday!
  5. Checkered Sweats – I bought these in the Spring last year and love them. These with a heart shirt and sneaker and BOOM comfy valentines outfit complete. Plus they are under $30 right now with all the sales going on at GAP.
  6. Heart Socks – Grab a pair for the whole fam! They have them in grey too.
  7. Heart Sweater – If you want something thick this is it! They also have it in black and white which is fun!
  1. Pink and Red Heart Sweater – Tiny hearts for your tiny girls!
  2. Red with Pink Heart Sweater – The bright red is cute and spunky.
  3. Heart Cardigan – A more subtle vibe your girls can wear this with a cute top underneath too!
  4. Heart Zip Up Sherpa – A cozy and warm option.
  5. Love You Crewneck – This may be my favorite out of this graphic. It is darling!
  6. Sock Pack – Everyone can always use more sock right? Why not give them as a gift to your girls,
  7. Ruffle Neck Heart Sweater – I LOVE this one too, they actually have a bunch of different styles if you like it, but want a different color/ graphic.
  8. Brown and White Heart Onesie – A darling option for your baby girls!
  9. Valentine Fair Isle Sweater – Christmas vibes in February and I’m here for it!
  10. Jumper Set – The cute aggression is real with this set. I just imagine a newborn in it with knee high socks and I can’t even stand how adorable that would be.
  11. Heart Sweats – For your pre-teen girls who aren’t quite there in women’s size clothing!
  12. Ruffle Heart Onesie – Another baby option!
  13. Black Heart Baby Set – The ruffle detail on the sleeves is what got me. Has a matching bow too! Bows are the best on babies I swear.
  14. Floral Heart Dress – Looks like flowers, but has hearts and looks so comfortable for your active girls.
  15. Ankle Sock Pack – Another pack of socks you can’t go wrong with. Split them up and give em to all the girls in the fam!
  16. White Heart Black Crewneck – Love that this one is black. So cute!

  1. Heart Tie – This tie is so cute! I would get matching ones for the boys and Braun to wear!
  2. Feelin the Love Striped Set – Is it just me or is baby stuff just so dang cute?! I can’t get over this set.
  3. Pocket Tee – Valentine’s without being TOO Valentine’s ya know? Def something they can wear after!
  4. Love Onesie – The red detail along the sleeves and neck makes this so cute.
  5. Striped Button Down – Classic and good to wear in Spring!
  6. Fleece Pullover – I can picture Dash in this one. The color blocking on the pocket is nice too because the red isn’t so in your face with it.
  7. Striped Pocket Shirt – Another one that is Valentine’s-ish without being too Valentine’s-ish.
  8. Lover Boy Set – Again with the cute aggression. I swear they did not have this cute of stuff when my boys were teeny!
  9. Love You More Onesie – Another one that I would love to stick a baby in. So dang cute.
  10. Love You Crewneck – Okay hear me out, there are different colors of this one so all the kids in the family can wear one and match! Plus their from a small shop which is a huge plus!
  11. I Love You a Bot Shirt – I’ll be honest, not my fave in this graphic, but you wanna know who would like this shirt? My boys! So maybe yours would too?
  12. Grey Crewneck – This ones comes in adult and kids sizes if you want to match with your littles!
  13. Love You More Black Crewneck – A good option for boys and girls and it’s on Amazon which is always easier right?
  14. Suspender Set – The suspenders?! Are you kidding? I can’t, it almost makes me want another baby.. ALMOST. Buttt not quite haha.

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