2023 Home Refresh with The Home Depot

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The Home Depot has some awesome stuff when it comes to organization. After the Christmas decorations come down I typically feel like purging my house, organizing every nook and cranny, and getting a few new decor items. The basement kitchen needed some HELP in the organizing department, which I can easily do with all the amazing products The Home Depot offers! Now through 1/18, get up to 30% off of select bedding and bath linens, furniture, mattresses, and decor!

PYREX PANS (similar)

I already have a set of these pans, but needed another set because I swear I need multiple when I make dinner. They are the perfect size and love that they all stack together for easy storing. Let’s be real, I wouldn’t buy it if it was bulky and took up too much space. These also have lids so you can throw leftovers in the fridge with ease.


This isn’t the first time I’ve turned to The Home Depot in a time of need. Last year, I stocked up on allll the kitchen items in our St. George house. Check out that blog post HERE. Can I just tell you how nice it is to not have to pack every little thing to go down there? Life changing honestly! haha. This cast iron set is not only pretty, but functional. Don’t even get me started on this charcuterie board it is the coolest! It’s got a little drawer that pulls out with all the utensils you need to serve!


Have you guys used these air tight containers before? We have some from years ago that have held up so well that I wanted to get some for the basement too. The 20 piece set has every size you could possibly need. Plus, it keeps things fresh for sooo much longer too, this is one thing I need to get for the St. George house now! Keeping things organized in containers is so much easier for me. I love clear bins and am going to grab some for my bathroom storage too. They have a lid on the top that is attached (no more losing them! yay!) so they stack on top of each other. They will be holding allll the snacks in the basement!

I put together some of faves from their site! Check them out!

Shop more of my The Home Depot faves! Some are on sale for up to 30% off!

There are quite a few mirrors on sale and this one if so great! Love the round corners. I linked more that are on sale!

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These picture frames match my decor so well! I can’t wait to put individual pictures of the kids in them. I’m thinking that I’ll put a baby picture in each of the frames to remind me of how dang cute they were when they were small! Love the large white border too.

Peel and Stick wallpaper isn’t my jam, but that’s because I’m not big into DIY! This design is really cute if you are in the market for some! This would be so pretty as an accent wall!

I picked up this vase to go on my mantle. It’ll be so pretty with different foliage to match the seasons! I like it because the triangles break up the white!

If you are needing a new bed this one is so dang good! The caning detail is so pretty. My girls would love this. Wish we had seen it before we bought Anisten’s new bed.

The perfect desk for a small space. You could add a mirror above it and it could make a great get ready table for yourself or your kids.

I also pick this number up for one of the guest room’s in St. George! It’s simple enough for my taste, but still has a great pattern. It’s a quilt too so I’m planning to fold it down at the end of the bed!

I LOVE this tree! It is really hard to find fake trees that look real and I think this one is a winner. Add a big planter for it to sit in and boom you’ve got a lovely little corner of a room. I am wondering if the cats will climb it though haha.

You can never have too many baskets right? That’s what I like to tell myself, especially with these wicker ones! I linked some more that are on sale.

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I think this foliage artwork will look really amazing in the bathroom downstairs! Super timeless and will match with almost any accent colors.

These floating shelves are so, so cute! I like how thick they are compared to floating shelves that you normally see. The caning on the front is so cool too!

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The perfect gift for newlyweds, this utensil set. Or buy multiple for your kitchen, if you’ve had the same set since you were newlyweds!

When I saw these chairs I couldn’t believe that they were from The Home Depot! If only we didn’t put a full on arcade where we were going to put a kitchen table. haha

Okay, this sucker looks amazing. An electric powered whisk, immersion blender, and chopping attachment?! Sign me up, the less tools and clutter in my kitchen the better!

Marble Board – This is so versatile. Use as a charcuterie board, as part of decor on a table, or if you’re like me using it as a backdrop for photos of products! Hah But for real, I’m going to love having this in my home!

If things like pots, pans, containers, and bakeware don’t fit together I don’t buy them. I don’t have that kind of room in my precious kitchen space! These pyrex pans meet my criteria. Love that there is a lid too so I can throw it in the fridge if need be! The handles are also an added bones.

If you are in the organizing mood like I am these are amazing. I own several and this 20 piece set will help me get rid of the random boxes of food that seem to clutter up my pantry. PLUS, they are airtight to keep things fresh!

I’m thinking of putting all my all snacks in these clear bins so Jett has easy access to them. When purchasing organizing bins, clear is the way to go. That way you can see pretty much everything without digging through the bin. They have a lid that is attached so you can stack them too!

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They have a lot of mattresses on sale right now too!