2023 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Girls

Fidget Spinners – These are always a winner. We have so many laying around the house and we all play with them!

Scrunchies – Shop Andi has super cute Valentine’s Day scrunchies, clips, and scarves. You can use my code TARA.

Hershey’s Giant Kiss – You can’t go wrong with candy… As if they don’t get enough from class parties right? haha

Doodle Board – These are fairly inexpensive and so fun! You can draw on them and the hit a button and it erases.

Kadu Connectable Toys – You’ve heard me talk about these over and over. The boys will play with these for hours, you can build so many things with them! Code TARA for 15% off.

Nail Polish – If you’re feeling brave (or your girls are old enough) this pack has a ton of color options.

Hair Tinsel – If you get the nail polish you might as well get the hair tinsel too and make it a spa night. My girls have had lots of fun with these over the years. If you don’t want something permanent like hair dye, these are a great option.

Pink Temporary Hair Dye – This is so fun to do with your girls! I swear mine always LOVED when put stuff like this in their hair. Washes out in 5-30 washes.

Stanley – Did you really think we were going to have a gift guide without a Stanley? These 20 oz ones are perfect to take to school and after school activities. Use code TARA20 for 20% off the IceFlow ones!

Necklace – Simple and cute one! You can get one with their initial on it too.

Heart Sunglasses – Super cute and festive! You can also get a pack of them if you have lots of girls.

Valentine’s Book – You can never go wrong with a book. It’s fun to keep these over the years and read them as they grow up.

Lip Smackers – This brings me back to my middle schools days. The watermelon flavor? Forget about it, that was straight up candy in a tube!

Coloring Book – Such a great coloring book reminding them of how great they are! They could always use those reminders, right? Here and here are some other ones I found.

Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza – If you are looking for a fun game to add, our family loves this one. It’s easy to learn and all ages can play!

Glitter Gel Pens – Throw these in with the coloring book! Added bonus is that they are scented. When my girls were little they would have LOVED these.

Bloom + Bliss Affirmation Cards – I always want my kids to know for themselves that they are amazing. These affirmation cards remind them that they are. They can hang them in their room or you can read them together often. Code TARA saves you 20% sitewide.

Stuffed Animal – How cute is this unicorn?! You can’t go wrong with something plush and furry!

Butterfly clips – When I tell you I was STOKED that these are making a comeback.. I was STOKED. I remember having these in my hair allll growing up. They are adorable!

Poppy Lane and Co Mother Daughter Bracelets – Matching with my girls is the best. They are getting older now and won’t do it as often, but when they were little I loved it. These are simple enough that your daughter will love it for years to come. My code is TARA15 for 15% off sitewide!

Hair Glitter – I slap this in Anisten’s hair before cheer comps, but it’s to have just for fun too!

Painting Craft – This was a Target find. There’s a few on there for only $5. If you are going out for Valentine’s Day, they are the perfect craft to do with the sitter. They also make cute decorations for years to come.

Beading Kit – My girls and I picked up beading as a hobby during 2020 and never looked back. This type of jewelry is super trendy right now and fun to make.

Scratch Off Art – Do you remember these? You scratch the black and it’s colorful as you scratch it off.