2023 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Boys

Blink – If you need quick and easy card games this is a great one for all ages.

Bloom + Bliss Affirmation Cards – I always want my kids to know for themselves that they are amazing. These affirmation cards remind them that they are! They can hang them in their room or you can read them together often. I love that these ones are boy specific! Code TARA saves you 20% sitewide.

Retro Uno – Another fun classic game! Love the look of them too.

Fidget Spinners – These are always a winner. We have so many laying around the house and we all play with them!

Coloring Book – Such a great coloring book reminding them of how great they are! They could always use those reminders, right? Here and here are some other ones I found.

Stanley – Did you really think we were going to have a gift guide without a Stanley? These 20 oz ones are perfect to take to school and after school activities. Use code TARA20 for 20% off the IceFlow ones!

Candy – Dash and Jett love these heart shaped ones! Dash will be thrilled to receive the Reese’s one.

Pindaloo – I had this on the Christmas gift guide and it was a hit! Super fun skill game, my boys love it.

Paper Airplane Kit – This is awesome, it comes with all the supplies and teaches kids how to build different types of paper airplanes.

Kadu Connectable Toys – You’ve heard me talk about these over and over. The boys will play with these for hours, you can build so many things with them! Code TARA for 15% off.

Color Changing Markers – Throw in with the coloring books! Super fun.

Hair Gel – My go to for my boys, hold their hair all day long.

Doodle Board – These are fairly inexpensive and so fun! You can draw on them and the hit a button and it erases.

Gold Chain – I don’t understand the rage for these, but the boys love to wear them.

Table Tennis – A great one to keep the boys entertained. Have you seen the competitive table tennis matches on TV? Woah those are intense.

Valentine’s Book – You can never go wrong with a book. It’s fun to keep these over the years and read them as they grow up.

Bottle Bash – A frisbee game! I haven’t tried it, but it looks super fun and my boys would love it. Great for summer months.

Slippers – Both my boys have these and they have held up really well.

Gaming Headphones – These are a lifesaver for my sanity on roadtrips. Under $30 too!

Bounce Battle – There are a ton of ways to play this one trick shots, strategy, skill… we have loved playing it.

Hershey’s Giant Kiss – You can’t go wrong with candy… As if they don’t get enough from class parties right? haha

Pickle Ball Paddles – We love to play this game as a family in the spring and summer, it’s so much fun!

3D Printer – Okay, I know what you may be thinking with the price tag of $350 for a Valentine’s present.. BUTTTT my boys love using this and it’s super cool to build small stuff. You could give it as a gift to the whole fam.

Mother + Son Journal – A great way to slow down and connect with your sons. You’ll probably learn stuff you didn’t know about them too!

Hookey Ring Toss – Better then darts putting holes in your wall…. Same concept though!

Clip On Speaker – Super loud and easy to take on the go!

Whoopie Cushions – Will farts ever not be funny to a little boy? Keep the laughs rolling with this one.

Conversation Cards – I love talking with my kids and these cards make it easier to get into deeper convos.

Galaxy Light – Both of my boys sleep with this on in their room. It displays on the wall which is cool.

Chocolate Video Game Controllers – I found these on on Amazon and know Dash and Jett will love them!