2023 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Teens

I always feel sad as my kids get older because it means that there are no more class parties and fun Valentine’s Day activities! A few little gifts are sure to brighten their day. Here are some of my mine and my girls’ faves! I also separated the teen boy and girls out this year!

Free People Bag – This is the perfect bag. It can fit more then a belt bag, but is still small enough to carry around without being a full on purse!

+Lux Unfiltered Tanning Lotion – I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve purchased this. It’s so hydrating, perfect for the incredibly dry winter months. I love the gradual tan it gives and the SANTAL smells sooo good.

Perfume – My girls love this one! Smells great and is at a decent price point!

Charlotte Tillbury Highlighter – Simple to use and gives a great glow without being overbearing.

Nomination Bracelet – I had one of these when I was in high school that Emery wears now. Besides your arm hair getting stuck in it, it’s super fun getting all the charms!

Thread Crossbody – Similar to a belt bag and perfect for your minimalist gal. Fit a phone, wallet, keys, and a few more essentials. They have a ton of color options.

52 Moderns Manners for Today’s Teens – I shared this book a while back, it’s great! You can focus on a new one each week.

Jolly Rancher Hearts – Have you had these? They are so YUMMY I could eat the whole bag myself.

Lip Glow Oil – I’ve ranting and raved about this stuff for a long time. It is the best gloss. Comes in super pretty colors too.

Thread Wallet – This is the perfect wallet for teens. They don’t have a ton to carry around so this works great.

Goosebumps Blankets – I’ve shared about these a million times, and I’ll continue to share about them probably forever. The best lightweight blanket. Folds up super small and is perfect for traveling. Code TARA will save ya! I get the large size for my girls.

Summer Friday Lip Mask – This one is my girls’ fave! Sooo hydrating.

Tula Skincare – This is what my girls use and it’s fantastic. They love the deep exfoliating scrub, purifying face cleanser, and the daily gel sunscreen.

Kopari Body Scrub – This is for when you take the everything shower. The exfoliate, shave, wash your hair shower. It gets alll the dead skin off and leaves skin so soft!

Cozy Confidence Heatless Curls – I shared about this on my stories and quite a few of you bought it! I was hesitant that this would work, but I LOVED the results. It’s comfortable to sleep in and the results are amazing. Code TARA10 for 10% off.

Heart Jewelry Dish – How cute is this? It’s nice for my girls to be able to have a place for their jewelry.

Bloom + Bliss Affirmation Cards – I always want my kids to know for themselves that they are amazing. These affirmation cards remind them that they are! They can hang them in their room or you can read them together often. Code TARA saves you 20% sitewide.

Red Aspen Nails – My girls love the basic colors and minimal designs!

Baggu Go Pouch Set – These are all the rage and can be use for literally anything. Organization, travel, you name it. Comes with 3 so you can separate them out too! A little secret about me.. I love Hello Kitty, so I think this set is so fun.

Necklace – My girls love the jewelry from Madewell. There tons of simple pieces that you can layer.

Face Ice Roller – This feels so dang good + reduces inflammation. I’m sure there are more benefits too!

Gel Nail Kit – This was a Christmas win. Comes with everything you need!

Heart Trays – I want these for myself! Love the white and perfect for Valentine’s Day.

Overnight Lip Mask – I’m sure you’ve heard about this and for good reason, it works so well!

St. Christopher Necklace – Another early 2000s feel and I’m here for it! Under $20 too.

Stanley – How cute is the green color? My girls would love this one! And you can’t go wrong with the flip top lid. Code TARA20 for 20% off the iceflow tumblers.

Candle Warmer – If you don’t want your house burning down because your teenager forgot to blow the candle out this is perfect! No flame, but still releases the scent. Here’s a candle that I love to go along with it!

Curling Iron – We bought this for Anisten for Christmas, and if my curling iron every goes out, this is the one I am purchasing. It gives the prettiest curls!

Lip Balm – This stuff is gooood. Smells great too!

Thread Wallet – This is the perfect wallet for teens. They don’t have a ton to carry around so this works great.

Nike Blazers – I swear every teenager that walks into my house has a pair of these on. They are all the rage, I can understand why too. These ones just dropped and are so cute!

Sunglasses – An essential, these are amazing quality and a great price point.

Door Hoop – Some seriously intense games of basketball are to be had on this.

Stanley – Did you really think we were going to have a gift guide without a Stanley? These 20 oz ones are perfect to take to school and after school activities. Use code TARA20 for 20% off the IceFlow ones!

Cologne – Teen boys love to smell good right? This cologne is right up their alley! Has a lot of great reviews.

Stance Socks – These are all my boy’s faves. The no shows are fantastic as well.

Zit Patches – We go through these in the Thueson household like they are candy. They pull all the gunk out of zits, just slap one of these babies on before bed and boom it’s gone (or way smaller) by morning.

Pickle Ball Set – We love playing as a family! It’s so fun to be able to get outside and active together.

Gold Chain – Dash loves his gold chain. I’ve seen lots of boys sporting these bad boys.

Reese’s Heart Candy – There are a ton of options for these! Pick their favorite out. I always feel bad for my teenagers because they don’t get all the candy and fun class parties anymore!

Goosebumps Blankets – The best lightweight blanket. Folds up super small and is perfect for traveling. Code TARA to save! I get the large size for older kids.

Tablet Holder – This could work to hold a phone too! Let’s be real this’ll be used to watch shows, but with all the schoolwork kids have to do online, it could be helpful for that too.

Speaker – I shared about this on my Christmas gift guides! It’s the most durable speaker and has quality sound.

Nike Belt Bag – A “manlier” version of a belt bag.