2023 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Women

If you’re feeling like you significant other may be little bit stumped on what to get ya, might I suggest sending this link to them! A lot of my tried and true faves are on here.

Goosebumps Blankets – The stretchiest, softest blanket. We have to many of these around our house! My kids and I travel with them too because they fold up small. My code is TARA.

Kindle – I’ve had mine for about 5 years and love it! Wayyy better than lugging books around. Now I just need a beach cabana and I’ll be set to read! haha

Eye Massager – So many of you have gotten this and tell me how much it has changed your lives. If you get migraines, this has helped me so much! Even if you don’t, it feels so dang good on the ole eyeballs.

Necklace – Jewelry is such a classic Valentine’s gift, so if you are going to get it, make sure it’s good! This piece is so pretty! I wear mine all the time.

+Lux Unfiltered Tanning Lotion – I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve purchased this. It’s so hydrating, perfect for the incredibly dry winter months. I love the gradual tan it gives and the SANTAL smells sooo good.

Loopy Case – I’ve had one of these on my phone since 2014. It’s my favorite case ever! Code TARA10 saves 10% on one case and TARA15 will save you 15% on two or more!

Dime Perfume – Dan Le Bois is my fave, but they are all so good! All clean ingredients too. Code TARA20 saves you 20% site wide!

Red Aspen Nails – I’ve worn these nails for 3 years now. A manicure for $14? Sign me up! Super easy to apply and so. many. designs to choose from! They last upwards of 2 weeks too.

Stanley Tumbler – If your significant other doesn’t have one of these bad boys, it’s time to give in and get them one! There’s a reason almost everyone has them, they are a dang good tumbler! I don’t leave the house without mine.

Shower Body Oil – “L’Occitane Almond Shower Oil transforms, when in contact with water, into a sheer, milky lotion that gently cleanses the body.” Ummm can you say amazing? I love this stuff!

Addison Pack – I bought this as a gift for someone for Christmas and wish I would have bought one for myself. The quality is amazing and it’s such a great size! For reference, it can snuggly fit a laptop in it. Code TARA gets you free shipping on orders over $59.

Chirp Wheels – These were the best Christmas gift I could have given myself. I use them daily the stretch feels amazing and relieves so much tension.

Red Aspen Tanning Mousse – I’ve tried a lot of tanning stuff in my day and Red Aspen has nailed it! It’s super forgiving and beginner friendly. It also gives the prettiest glow. There are a variety of bundles you can get to suit your needs.

Dior Cuticle Cream – This stuff that changed my cuticles. I use a tiny bit every night and it keeps them so hydrated. I’ve had the same tub for over a year, so it lasts forever too!

Tommy John Pajamas – The only pajamas Braun and I will wear. There are so many different style options to fit what you like. Personally I like the second skin ones.

New Balance 327 Sneakers – If these are in stock and you want them, you better hurry and grab them! They sell out fast. I love mine and they are so dang comfy.

Dior Lip Glow – My favorite lip gloss! It’s super hydrating and has the prettiest sheen.

Neck Massager – I’ve shared about this one for years. We have one and have gifted many of them! It gets the neck kinks out + is heated.

Clhei Wallet – I’ve shared about Clhei for years! They have so many amazing products, but their wallets are my fave! The quality is unbeatable, if you buy one you’ll have it for a lifetime.

Curling Iron – We bought this for Anisten for Christmas, and if my curling iron every goes out, this is the one I am purchasing. It gives the prettiest curls!

Coconu – They don’t call it “love day” for nothing! If you’ve been searching for a lube, look no further. I prefer the oil based, but the water and hemp based are amazing too! Code TARA will save you.

MZ Wallace Metro Tote – This is my personal item when I fly because it can fit so much stuff! Even the small one is a decent size.

Purple Pillow – This is made with the same stuff that their mattresses are, the honeycomb latex! It’s cooling and never falls flat either! Our whole family has these and we love them.

Chinese Checkers – This is played at our house multiple times a day. I get schooled by my kids all the time. Not to mention, it’s pretty to leave out!

Geometry Towels – The most absorbent towels I’ve ever used. The cutest Valentine’s prints just dropped! BUT, the every day designs are amazing as well. Code TARA will save ya!s

Poppy + Lane Co. Bracelets – I get asked all the time where these bracelets are from! They are great for every day wear. My code is TARA15 for 15% off site wide!

Bearby Weighted Blanket – You know how some weighted blankets are an eye sore? Well this one is not! I have the Tencel one so it’s not hot and love it.

Perfume – If you’re wanting to get a really nice perfume I love the Byredo, J’adore Parfum D’eau, and Baccarat Rouge 540.

Cozy Confidence Heatless Curls – I shared about this on my stories and quite a few of you bought it! I was hesitant that this would work, but I LOVED the results. It’s comfortable to sleep in and the results are amazing. Code TARA10 for 10% off.

Dyson Airwrap – It is as good as people say it is! I love the brush attachment that come with it and use it every day… well when I wash and dry my hair hah!

Shine Lip Gloss – Another one where there are lots of colors to choose from, but my personal faves are ‘Goals’ and ‘Bloom’ because I helped design them! Code TARA for 10% off sitewide.

Robe – The softest robe! I feel like I’m at a 5 star spa when I wear this bad boy.

Kopari Body Scrub – This is for when you take the everything shower. The exfoliate, shave, wash your hair shower. It gets alll the dead skin off and leaves skin so soft!

Glamorous Wash – It may seem insulting to get the woman you love some laundry detergent, but once she smells this she’ll change her mind. It is heavenly. I never use a full cap, I use a little bit mixed with my regular detergent to make it last longer!

Oura Ring – Not only does this look great, but it tracks so many things! Sleep, breathing, heart rate. It’s insane to me that something so small can do that.

Heated Mug – I’ll be drinking my Perk out of this from here on out. You can control the temperature from an app too!

Dime Body Oil – This just launched and I’m obsessed. It’s gives ultra hydration. One of my friends said using it would help make a spray tan last longer and I totally agree! Code TARA20 for 20% off.

AirPod Max – I love these. Great for travel and to block the noise of your kids out. haha

Weighted Eye Mask – I wear this just about every night. It help relax me and shut my brain off!